Wartech: Senko no Ronde. Released in America. Only $10!

Well, it technically isn’t new (was relased in Japan in 2005), and you could argue that it isn’t a fighting game (although it has some fighting game mechanics in it); think of it as a crossover between Psychic Force and Virtual On, or playing Ikaruga, but against another person. This game is actually good (has a good amount of depth); there aren’t many fighting games released in North America nowadays that aren’t sequels, or collections, this game is very unique compared to traditional fighters.

Here are some videos of the game, scroll down to see some Japanese match videos.


Edit: Forgot to mention that it was relased for the Xbox 360

Holy shit that is amazing.

thats pretty trippy

Oh wow, so its coming to America! Nice… :wgrin:

So not worth $60.

Iam going to get this album when the price drops.

Defenitely not worth $60, but realitively fun.

Its kinda old, they had that in chinatownfair like 4+ months ago now x-men vs street fighter is there… Fun game tho. =]

So is this actually out in the US now? it 's been delayed in the UK and I’ve been waiting for it since the arcade release! grrrr!

$60? hahahahahahahaha, no

let me know when the price drops

So it was finally released outside Japan? Fun game, but indeed so unsoldable with a $60 price tag.

sorry i cant hear you im playing twinkle star sprites

Original or La Petite Princesse ?

both at the same time

We’re looking at roughly $85 here in the UK, as much as I like the look of the game, I can’t see my self spending 40 on it…

Luckily, I’ve got entirely too many games that are just begging to be traded in, so the price tag doesn’t bother me as much

Looks more like an awesome fighting game, than a good shoot’em up that goes absolutely nowhere with an overpress of graphics, to me. A true 1942 killer if I have ever seen one. Why are all the weak points exposed so quickly and effortlessly?

…that went well.

I imported the game on Japanese release, nearly a year back.
Its very good, however the controls are very tight (in a clunky way).

If you want similar games, get Psychic Force 2012 for Dreamcast and Cho aniki Bakuretsu Rantouden on the Super Famicom.

psychic force 2012 has ZERO replay value.

Just play Senko No Ronde…