Warhammer 40k: Space Marine or OOOOOHHH S%(^: The Game

Alright so I got this game right here and I’ve been playing all day. Let me fill you guys in on how sick this shit is. First I gotta explain the systems going on behind the scenes for you to fully grasp it ok.

Alright so you got your Health. That goes down when you get hit right. It goes up when you bust up orks and shit though ok? There’s no regenerating health though so go play gears of war or something, fuckin pussies. No cover system either, real men stand and fight. Fuck that duck and shoot shit.

You also get your ammo. You shoot and it goes down, pick up guns and it goes up, standard fare.

Now that bottom left? that’s goin HAM ok. It builds when you straight son all these orks. Like this

See I adopted and disowned that ork with my chainsword. He’s done and I’m ready to go Ham.

BOOOM goin HAM. Your health goes up, everything is all slow motion. It’s OVER a WRAP FINITO.

That’s pretty much the game.

There’s multiplayer too but I haven’t touched it yet

dont you have super powers too?

I’m pretty sure goin ham is a super power

Game is awesome. Level 23 in multiplayer on 360.

hows the MP like in this game?

Picking this and Dead Island up on Thursday, the waiting hurts.

Heh we’ve had this game here for a few days now but didn’t get it yet since I’m waiting for a price drop on it ^_^;

It reminds me of WFC, but without the cars/planes. Or maybe a faster Gears of War, but without a cover mechanic. The main MP is capture point, but there is also a deathmatch mode.

You level up and earn class perks and weapons. The weapons have different playstyles, and aren’t just better versions of the old weapons. You earn weapon perks by completing challenges (such as 50 kills with the weapon, or 30 killstreaks with the weapon). There are no killstreak rewards, just an exp bonus.

Relic is going to release two FREE “horde” maps (called Exterminus in this game) near the first of October.

Woah just got out of MP, that was almost a little too much fun

I got the game on the way home from work yesterday… this game is a gift from God, folks. The level of Machismo™ that radiates from it is legendary… I’ve only been playing the campaign so far, no multiplayer yet.

Heh, I should’ve taken a day off just for more quality time with this.

Going to pick this up soon. Fuck the Emperor, it’s Black Legion for me!

Raven Guard represent.

Now where the FUCK are my Grey Knights?

I still prefer the Tau… Space Marine are $#%^ing sweet though.

Obligatory Lefftenant.

Anybody on PSN hit me up, KimuraLOX, it took me awhile to get into a groove, but once I did…ARPE! This game is awesome, haven’t touched the campaign mode yet.

Just played the demo a couple of days ago. God I love this already. Gonna wait 'til it’s dirt cheap though. Most of my game time is taken up with fighters.

Can you ‘paint’ your character models? I played the demo and was 100% underwhelmed by it. Was expecting so much, too. Been painting the models my whole life so this was some what of a childhood dream that failed horribly.

On an other note: Where be the Eldarz? :sweat:

Yes you can. Complete armor customization. If you want different pauldrons on each shoulder you can. Different armor on each leg and arm too. Can paint each part individually

I like the first post review (or whatever you wanna call it). That shit made me laugh.

I would like to get this game as I had a good time with the demo but I wont be getting it any time soon. I told The Wife that I would only be buying two more games this year. If it drops to 20 bucks in the future im sure I can talk her into letting me get it though.

Uhhhh oh…

i guess they aren’t involved, unless that’s what those sneaky space elves want you to think!

i know orks and chaos are good “standard” enemies but i hope there’s some Tyranids in the future of this series. like a Hive Tyrant boss fight or something crazy.