Want to sue because my card declined. Due to the Target situation

Can I sue? Not that I’m sue happy, but without warning my card was declined, and not only do you look like a broke ass, you cant access your money when you need it. It would have been fine had I known before hand, but no warning; got me out here looking like a jackass getting fucking declined at a movie. I am pissed about it. The person I was with stepped up and paid, but I said I didnt even want to see the shit, gave her what she paid, in cash I already had(forgot about) and here I am, back at home, steamed… wasted time, and money. Only after calling and cussing them out do I even find the reason. They closed it because it was used at Target. THANKS for the fucking warning.

I could have been in a tight spot, such as about to run out of gas, and then what? I want some compensation for being made to look like an ass in public.

You should contact a no win no fee laywer. Somehow I dont think GD is the best of places to ask.

They closed your card because you used it at Target?


HA! You shop at Target!

Also, Find yourself a lawyer and ask them.

…an annoyance, but sue?

I don’t get that

Check your card’s terms and conditions. Then, if you think you have a case, complain to the card company.

If it’s not resolved…see a fucking lawyer, asshole.

It’s my money, and I need it NOW!!!

Srk’ers can afford lawyers? I always thought fgc people had no paper.

Read your contract. :coffee:

I can. If he legitimately received no warning, when other financial institutions are just lowering your limits and at least notifying you about it, he really got the bum deal.

You know, think about it, what if he had been at a restaurant, had already eaten, just gave them his credit card and got it declined. Has no money, now has no way to pull money from his account, and has no way to pay for the food he’s already eaten?

Luckily, it wasn’t that extreme, but yeah, that’s BS. If your card is getting cancelled by your institution without your consent, you should receive due notice. Period.

I had the similar happen. My bank sent me a new debit card. I lived out of state from my bank, and couldn’t go to the state it was located in at the time (local CU). They had told me I could activate it at any ATM machine, and so I tried that, and it was confirmed. That night, I went to use it at McDonald’s, and it was declined, despite my having money in the bank. I called them, “Oh, we had a security breach with all of our debit cards, and cancelled all of our debit cards. We’ll send you a new one.” They never did, and when I called them about it, “Oh, we need to process a new piece of paperwork that is retroactive on all existing accounts. We can’t send it through the mail, you’ll have to come into a branch to fill it out yourself.”

So I just pulled all but like a dollar out via EFT to Paypal, and opened a new bank account locally, and put all my money there. When I could make it to one of their branches again, I fixed everything up so I could use it again.

Still prefer that CU despite the trouble. Aside from that DC fiasco, they’ve always been very good, and have the best customer service of any financial institution that I’ve ever used. My dad’s entire family uses them. I wasn’t even gonna bother, i was just going to use a federal institution, and he said, “No, this CU is better. You’re my son, our family uses them, and I’ll set you up.” Turns out, he was right.

I’m not following the card-got-canceled-because-you-shopped-at-Target thing. How is that an excuse? Especially when probably a lot of their cardholders shop at Target. Did they all their cards canceled too? Or is there something else you’re not telling us?

get a new card and stop being a tool

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Always carry two different kinds of card (Visa, MC, Amex, Discover) issued by two completely different banks.

Banks reserve the right to decline transactions against your cards at any time; it helps protect you and them both from getting robbed. Really sucks that happened when you were on a date though, my condolences.

lol he had to have his teenage date pay for his movie, as if it wasn’t already awkward enough.

This is why I always carry cash.

Next time don’t go over the limit of what you actually have in the bank. They call that some type of rich, but I always forget.

Kinda acting like a teenager with

card declined -> end of the world -> my life is over -> can’t even enjoy the G movie -> fuck target I’ll never shop there again!!! -> I know, I’ll sue for my “pain and suffering”

Probably should explain at least who told you it was because you shopped at Target recently. Or did you come up with that conclusion in your blind rage yourself.

You should stalk the employees and one by one, kidnap them and torture them to death.
See how THEY like the pain and humiliation.
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I find it hard to believe the word “hood” could ever escape you.

this is GD and there is plenty of paper in my spiral notebook thank you very much