Wallpaper Request from someone who isn't a douche

Yeah I need nice wallpaper please, just match the colors on this. Not the current wallpaper because it sucks, but the 3 things in the corners.

I’ll do it, if you want.

Well show me something man.

TG i would do it for ya bro but i don’t quite understand what chu want done :frowning:

Anything that doesn’t suck and coordinates/looks good with those 3 things that are in the corners of that screen shot.


To those that would like to undertake this task and are not quite sure how to view it properly, save that screenshot, open it in Photoshop. Mask off everything but the three corners objects then put it on top of your creation to see how it looks.

So remove the middle shiet, and leave the 4 things in each corner right?

If you feel like seeing how it comes together, yes.

Okay, it’ll be done in a bit.

Well, here it is. Hope you like it, but if not then that’s cool.


Its great, thanks I like abstracts.

Hey can you take the things out of the corners? I just meant to put those on there for your personal use so you could see if it looks good or not when you made it.

Original background idea: Arkade Nemesis
Edit: Hybrid Fury


Wow…Hybrid Fury’s is frickin’ awesome. But it kinda doesn’t match the border TG was trying to use, IMO.

Anyways, Alpha said he’d take the things out, if you want. :slight_smile:

nero= douche

sorry TG i have been hella busy with a new job and everything, but ive been trying to get some certain things down before i went on a did your wallpaper, i promise you shall receive it as soon as i get a few hours of spare time

Hey thanks guys, yeah I didnt want you to keep those in, I was just saying to use them as a reference because they are what stays constant on my desktop. Just use them to guage the wallpaper for compatibilty/matching, so yes if you could please take them off I would appreciate it much. See those bars change and when I was using alphas wallpaper I kept trying to click the icons that were on the wallpaper and not really there.

Nero dont worry about it.

Here you go.


You guys need better hosting sites. :confused:


Ya fuckin myimgs.com decided it wanted to just exceed bandwidth or something, on me too like everyone else.

Does this site you linked, allow for images over 120kb?

Maximum size: 1,024.00 kB



It’s hype.