Wallpaper Request from someone who isn't a douche

Dope, thanks man.

can some make me a wallpape of the pic i have do watever u want with it just make it hot size should be 1024x768.

edit/ didnt want to make another thread so i reguest on this 1 thanks whoever does it

That pic reminds me of someone in the fanart section … SFMC?

Hey, I’ll take it. Check back later.

thank alot man ya its sfmc he is good at this shit


I’ll do ONE bg request.


AlphaDragoon02 u still doing the wallpaper?

Yeah, sorry. I got sidetracked by my shiny new 007 game…I’ll have it for you later today. :lol:

word thanks

SmoothCat: Here it is.


me like it :cool: