Wallcade tourny Sept5th BB,kof12,HDR,sf4team,SF4(150$ added)cause its about f'n time

252 East Main st
Fall River, MA 02724
Pics: http://s573.photobucket.com/albums/s...lace_function/

Tournament Schedule & Games:

  • Sept 5th
  • bar hours are 8am-2am
  • 12pm sign ups will begin
  • 2:45pm sign ups will end
  • 3pm we will begin with the following games:

3 pm start:

  • blazblue
  • KOF12
  • Super Street Fighter II HD Remix
  • Street Fighter 4 Teams 2v2

8 pm start:
singles sign up then
-Street Fighter 4 ($150 added to the pot)


once again it will be held at my family bar on the function side . There is a wall in bewtween the bar so noone will bother us(im the manager). yes you can drink if you show some ID or soda water redbull and u can order food if u like (anything from steaks to burgers to seafood). There are bathrooms in the function space so I think that pretty much covers it.

Entry fee & prize structure:

$10 dollars for everything, teams is $20 a team

Tournament Rules:
-Seeding will be based on your past tournament places.
-Minimum number of players needed for each game: 8

  • Teams is waseda style so one guy dont do all the work for a team.
  • Winners, losers finals are 3/5 finals are 3/5

Match-up and Game Rules:
-If you lose, you can change your team/character. Winner must stick with the same character until he loses.

-There are to be NO GAME FREEZING GLITCHES IN ANY GAME. GOUKI is banned in HD.

Money will be split depending how many ppl show 70/20/10. Im not going to split of there is only 8 ppl winner will take all.

any questions? POST

you can come and have fun and win/ lose and get wasted or be a bitch and stay home while we have all the fun.

PS: Im not holding up tournies for late players get here on time. If your not here when sign ups end for that game your not playing period.

I’ll be back for SF4.

Can’t pass up a Wallcade event.


Team G(k)en Masters, Round 2!


I should be there again. EL FUERTE!!!

damn wall…i work that weekend end but i can make the sf4 singles:bgrin:

ill bring the t.v and ps3 the day before

Last time was hot, I’m gonna try my damndest to make this one. This time we’ll have crowd sound and all that shit too on the recording.

Yea hopefully i can get one of the speakers from the bar and get the mic going for matches and commentary.

In there for KOFXII and SF4.

aright i missed the last one but this time im coming, yo wall if you need help running tourney’s let me know.

If Gonz is in, I should be in too.

i’ll be there for sure this time. i might need to crash at your place paul but ill let you know

i’ll be there. probably crash there too.

Time to step up for my first wallcade

Wall youre too god like. Will probably do the same things like last time. This time there wont be any missing bud.

Ima def have to come thru again, being that its PS3 maybe ill bring my 360 and a tv ill let you know soon cause im weak on stick lol Last tourney was off the chain though even if I was just a spectator!

The last installment in the Hate TV 2 series…

Hate TV 2: Wallcade Special


Also I noticed Wall you don’t have MvC2 up in the lineup… if you don’t mind Will Bergo and I would like to run one officially since last time shit had to go single match cause it wasn’t organized properly, and I know B is salty that Blackheart gave him an illegal anal cavity search… so we have to run it back!

Here’s the specs:

MvC 2 Tourney (PS3)
$5 Entry Fee
Sign ups @ 6:30pm
Start time @ 7pm
Minimum players 8 (If only 8 people, winner takes all… if more then 8 it would be 70/20/10)
2/3 Double Elim and 3/5 finals

Planet Asia
"Super Heroes" (MvC 2 Theme)

The Last Emperor
"Secret Wars" (Marvel vs Hip Hop)

Alright, I missed it the last time, but I’ll def be there this time. I gotta let my boy LB know about this shit too. Coming for that Blazblue/KOF shit son!

Yea ill take you up on that offer and let you run something especially since there are brand new games that I dont need to seed.

see you here

Good bring skill too.

Thats fine with me we usually play the night before. Hey I might actually play and not get drunk and sing kareoke, low chance of that though.

Rob fukin Stevens always welcome to stay anytime hopefully I have to get you a burger or should I say burgers.

man youve been missing out but ill let it go.

man dont get my head swollin but yea ill see you on the 4th ill have the wraps and some mids.

you need to learn how to use a stick, controllers limit you. As for the tv we can use it that would be great but the 360 I wouldnt use for tourny maybe for casuals but the timing is deifferent.

H8 tv is great tv, and yea mvc2 is fine as long as you bring me a couple jars of your fines chiba.

Yea I been fucking up. Need a stick too, repping that 360. Hope someone will let me borrow. Going to make a good showing though.