Waiting for a tier 7 opponent

been staring at the screen and it occured to me that I have watched 3 episodes of anime and a solid 45 mins have passed and nothing…

near instantaneous matches before this dreaded tier 7 crap

they really should add an"all skill" option for match making…

anyone else having this problem?

Make an alt psn account

Play unranked? Not enough people do this.

wait until tier 8…

I have that waiting for tier 7 opponent too on my ps3, but what does that mean?

It’s basically a rough division on where your skill level is placed. I vagulely recall it having to do with your win ratio (tier 7 = 70% win maybe). Anyway, Mike Z said he might make it either more lax or put a time cap on it before branching into other tiers. Until then, consider it your bragging right lol.

^Sweet. I’d love to go back and get my 360 version up there, but i hate that version cus that shit is so slow at loading everything.

PS3 right now doesn’t match you outside your own tier. 360 will. One of the most important PS3 fixes, don’t worry too much.

wait until tier 9…

I just realized how lame tier 8 and 9 must be I hit top 10 on the leaderboards and I’m still tier 7 does that basically mean you cant play ranked AT ALL once you hit tier 8? seems kinda rediculous

I can’t find anybody in Tier 8 heh.

First time being trash at a game has benefitted me.

Try tier 5 in japan region. I let it sit for 40 min and thought it i did it agaon i would get a game… so i exited and started again… and still no game!

I hate this tier bs…

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Still waiting in tier 7. I haven’t had a ranked match in days

I think changing this matchmaking system should be a top priority for Reverge. I hope they don’t use the same thing for the PC version.

We don’t have to change the overall system, we just have to make it search for people outside your own tier.

I said something about it a week ago - on PS3 we wrote the matchmaking, and we made a mistake in assuming there would be enough people at each ranking level. On 360 it’s done by MS. It’s harder than you think, since when we write it we can’t search everyone in the world at once, but since MS has matchmaking on the server side they can do that. It’s our top PS3 priority and will be addressed in the first patch on PS3, but complaining right now doesn’t change anything. >.<

Thats great news!

Any luck on finding a japanese publisher?

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Mike, the easy fix is:
Searching tier 7 opponent… No found…Search any tier? Yes/No.

oh look, we got a bunch of bad asses here

how about waiting for a tournament near you!

I thought tier 7 was the bottom of the barrel and everyone was better than me. >_>