Vs. Ryu tips

I consider myself a decent Chun-Li user but no matter how many times I fight Ryu I constantly find myself at a disadvantage. My biggest problem comes from the fact that his J.HK has ridiculous power and priority and most of Ryu’s jump-in attempts on me result in trading hits with whatever AA I use (usually S.HK, sometimes S.HP or Vertical-Jump HK depending on distance) or misjudging the timing completely and eating a foot sweep combo with Ryu standing over me ready to mess me up when I wake.

I’ve fought more Ryus than I care to know but I’ve never been able to develop a good anti-Ryu game. Can anybody offer some tips for J.HK-happy Ryus?

have you tried EX SBK? im pretty sure that beats out his j.RH. i like to mix up df. RH after a knock down with cr.RH or just crouch and block to bait a shoryuken. the LP kikouken and following it trick helps too, but watch out for EX hadoukens. i forget if dash back cr.RH beats his j.RH though…

Try c.mp, it’ll lower your hit box and make his j.hk whiff

^ It’ll also hit him when he lands if you time it right. What helps for me is the record feature of the training mode. That record/playback is so useful if I ever need to double check something for a certain match up.

Thanks for the tips. I haven’t fought any Ryus in XBL yet but I tried this against a recorded dummy in training mode and c.mp works amazingly well. Hopefully it will work just as well in practice as it does on paper.

If crouching is too predictable a s. mk mid or slightly close while hes in the air will knock him out of it, so will s.HK just mind your distance when performing it, try it on training.

Another thing that works is focus -> dash back. More times than not they’ll try to follow up their jumping attack as soon as they land to hit you out of it, and you can tag them with a cr. HK.

c,hK work magic on shoto chars when they jump in at u with a hardkick. the only thing is that u gotta take a step back and do c,hK… so the key here is to constantly walk back and forth to keep a good distance so u can react. in my experience, for chun to be most effective against shoto chars is to stay at a distance where her s,hP can hit them. chun’s pokes can poke them out of their fireball animation; so basicly if u can react fast enough u would get free pokes.

i know how to play a good defence against shotos but im having trouble going on offence against them. when i try any of the jump in combos (which i believe are the most effective) i would always get shoryukened, so if anyone has a solid gound offensive game for chun vs shotos plz help!

If I suspect Ryu will jump at me I will either jump straight up with a HK or do an ex SBK. My favorite move to do is the ex SBK either way ryu won’t be able to jump at me consistently. Focus attack can be risky if they do dragon punch, c HK or some other linkable move after it to beat the focus attack so I would rather hit him out of the air instead

Can she counter with a jump throw? Usually jumpers are pretty predictable.

Yeah, online anti airing with Chun is free since people aren’t that good.

In offline tournaments…I have players around here that will sit around in the poking range and footsie a bit, then psychicly jump over my poke which isn’t too cool for me…but that’s how the game goes.

It isn’t easy to anti air, you just gotta make the best of situations sometimes.

To the OP: Try the match-up thread…I asked for help in it a while back, Azrael knows the match-up better. Too bad the newcomers spammed the thread with useless shit…it’s buried in there now…

I find myself repeating previous posts a lot…

Other things to do against J.HK…

– FA absorb, dash backwards.

– Jump backwards MK/RH. MK if Ryu’s further away and RH if he’s closer in.

– Air throw.

Oh yeah dude, don’t forget we have an entire topic devoted to working on Chun-li’s anti-air options right here. Hope that helps.

I’m having trouble with jump-ins as well and It’s making me terribly angry because I get beat by jumping shoto scrubs all the time. I guess that makes me a scrub too (which I am, but I thought I was at least better than a shoto scrub), but I just find it very hard to find out a good counter when using Chun Li to their close jump ins and I end up getting pressured in the corner if I just block all the time.

I’m kinda having problems like the TC. Sometimes when I counter with a s.MK or s.HK I’ll just trade blows, sometimes for the worse.

I think it’s overall just a problem with me, though it’s one heightened by Chun’s lack of solid anti-air. It takes quick response to deal with jump-ins and she has a plethora of counters all based on positioning. So not only am I lacking reaction skill, but I’m also lacking spacing knowledge, which doubly screws me with Chun.

Practice practice practice. But boy is it disheartening to get beat by some of these people that I can tell aren’t that great.

Any tips on what to do with practicing on how to deal with people jumping in on you? It’s probably my biggest weakness right now.

EDIT: Since I don’t have a 2P to help me practice, I went back online and tried some thing. Seems like jumping HK (forward or straight) seems to be the most reliable answer for me so far. More practice…more practice.

If you wanna move forward with chun-li against turtley shoto’s that are just begging you to jump into their shoryukens you have to play with their head a bit first. Play the fireball game for a bit then mix it up. Choose a non-Ex hadouken and fa->dash through it, most of the time ryu/ken are barely out of recovery by the time your jump-in fierce is hitting… and if they are sat in the corner and you have metre there’s alot of damage options there.

I find slowly moving forward between fireballs and then mk. hasanshu over a fireball when you are in range to hit works well against typical shoto’s. When they are knocked down most don’t know what to do against chun’s wakeup mixup game. You could straight block if you think they are shoryuken-happy. df.hk for the crossup, although don’t rely too heavily on it, reversal shoryuken’s get turned into the correct direction :rolleyes:. d.hk at max poke range catches them offguard alot too, and mixes well with hasanshu the next time they try to get up. If you’ve punished them expect a block, so stand just out of wake-up punish range, then walk in and throw.

To the poster above about jump-in’s… if you don’t want to burn metre on ex-hbk when you are already stood up a few things can stuff ryu/ken’s j.rh. lp.kikkoken if they are towards the outer end of poke distance works cleanly, but if they are deeper it will probably trade. As you say, meeting them mid-air with a fierce works, if you can catch them early enough. Jumping straight up and roundhouse is a pretty good reset too, and sometimes you can catch them with cr.rh at the bottom, or mix up with hasanshu.

Typically i like to use metre when meeting them in the air isn’t working. If an Ex-SBK can convince them its a bad idea to straight jump-in on you, you won’t have to deal with chun’s biggest weakness so much.

If corner pressure is too much jump off the wall out of the corner should work too, though i don’t use it much at all myself. Maybe you can get a shoryuken to whiff like that -.-.

Good advice. Reading this thread and the matchup thread basically summarizes all the key tips. Typically Chun will not be able to cleanly knock a shoto out of a j.HK… dashing back typically is the best tactic so that she can land s.HK, FP, or c.HK…

This actually annoys the hell out of me seeing as this was her bread/butter in past editions of SF. I concur about the EX SBK… extremely helpful. Sometimes I execute the move late upon their jump-in attack to ensure I land more than 2 or 3 hits.

Lufia: Don’t jump if you don’t have too as this will limit their ability to get DPs off you so often. This will force them to change up their approach (which usually ends up with tons of FPs or the hope of jumping in cleanly to get a throw).

If you have meter, I recommend EX Hazanshu since the standard version only "stuns’ them. I don’t jump off the wall too much unless I catch them with the j.FP -> headstomp combo, if she’s near the wall, Chun can cleanly get away after knocking them down using this move. :smiley:

The best thing any Chun player can do is constantly mix things up to keep 'em guessing.

I love playing Chun-Li thanks guys for the tips, these will come in helpful against a good Ryu.

One question I do have -

At any time is it really worth blocking a fireball (in any situation) and taing chip damage - just that I do that a fair bit because I don’t want to take a risk.

Thanks in advance …

Chip damage is really nothing. I take it all the time. I think chip damage is more critical to avoid vs Sagat than Ryu, but that’s just my opinion.

In this match, I can easily walk and block, then when I get just outside of poking range, I either neutral jump, or focus absorb and dash in and see how they react. This is because if you are in blockstun of a previous fireball, if you try to jump over the next, they will uppercut you, that is a shoto fireball -> uppercut setup.

The blockstun will not allow you to jump soon enough to hit him when you jump. A clean jump would be something like

Ryu fireball ; Chun neutral jump
Ryu fireballs again whenever he can ; Chun jumps forward and attack

^ That’s a clean jump and will hit him, Sagat too, but for Sagat you have to 100% guess and he has more chances to uppercut you than Ryu, since the recovery and speed of his projectile even outclasses Ryu’s already great one.


Awesome info mate - lets get married - I love you for this

Seriously though, I tried it and it came in very useful so thank you.

Maybe we can spar one day