VOOT sticks for 360?

Question: do you guys know if anyone makes, or made such a thing, either commercial or homebrew?

I want to get into this again, and I doubt the 360 pad is going to cut it.

Probably not but…


for a mere 80 bucks per stick you could get these and mount them in some wood.

or just follow the pad hacking threads and hack a pair of DC or saturn sticks.

I expect the XBLA VOOT will probably be hard coded to use the analogs in place of the original digital sticks. Using that Sanwa joystick is still possible, but requires a little extra hacking compared to fight sticks that use all digital inputs of a hacked pad.

Is it possible? Yup. Is it easy or cheap? Nope.

If you’re lucky and the XBLA version allows you to use dpad for left stick, face buttons for right stick, and triggers and bumpers for the buttons, then it won’t be too bad, just spendy. But that would be putting a lot of faith into the developers, which seems in very short supply for XBLA games.

VOOT stick = stick with button on top? The cheapo Mad Catz arcade stick has a button on top.

It doesn’t have two of them that could easily be used as dual analogs though.

The VOOT sticks actually have two buttons on the front of the stick as well as the ones on top.

I’ve got a set of the proper DC twin sticks which if what you said turns into fruition, I am tempted to get into some modding action! :pleased:

This is the default layout, but you can also set it to D-pad + ABXY for movement.

In fact, there is full customization for all inputs.

How do you know this? :confused:

config options can be seen here

Dont you dare hurt those babies!
If you mod those, you HAVE to, I mean HAVE to send me the original pcb from inside. Its the only controller I know of that implements the second digital dpad, and I want to know how it talk to the DC.

Doesn’t really show anything definate, but looks promising.

Haha, that comment was a liitle tongue-in-cheek. I’m not about to start ripping the thing apart anytime soon. Sorry, you might have to wait a little longer for a PCB. :razzy:

Though I’m thinking of building a set of custom twin sticks if I can find suitable sticks.

For a moment there Dreamcazman, I thought you were about to commmit sacrilege!

hugglez his DC Twin Sticks

Yeah at Sega event they had VO:OT on show and yes you can set movement to d-pad and buttons. Might be time to start looking for a set of twin sticks to mod folks.

Has anybody ever tried any of these sticks? Are they 2, 4, 8 direction or 360 analog?

They’d suit just well my new project but I haven’t been able to find any info on them…being VOOT-like joysticks they should be regular 8 directions ones that don’t spin, with huge throw, a different handle and a button on top though.

Btw, does anybody know if there’s a Seimitsu counterpart?

Okay, thats hot. :hitit:

Have to design something now.

I’m getting mine ready for 360 use!!!

Do share when ready so the rest of us can drool and/or be inspired by (without pissing off Toodles :wink: ) to do the same …

I was looking at using the same type of stick, but what I found so far was that they’re not that easy to get, very expensive, and you need two of them!

In my head, I was contemplating using a regular JLF (or similar), a hollow shaft and making a custom top (in the same shape at the DC twin sticks) that had a couple of buttons in it. Only problem I’ve snagged was that by using such a stick would spin around (could cause wires for buttons to eventually break). I haven’t as yet come up with a way of locking the shaft so it won’t spin around.

This is something that’s very doable and once I/we find a suitable solution, I bet there will be a plethora of “Show your VO:OT stick here” threads popping up. :rofl:

Oh yeah, 360 twin sticks would own. I have a DC set and love them to death!

DC twin sticks are usually UNPOSSIBLE to find, even if you’re willing to pay good money. Saturn ones on the other hand are less expensive and a bit easier to find, but shipping them is usually a killer… I do have a couple funky PSX twin analog sticks that might be at least a good housing.

DC Twin Sticks

I’ve got two of these for the Dreamcast:

I’m not sure if I should try to mod them or not though.