VNA: The Official Visalia Nickel Arcade believe

VNA: The Official Visalia Nickel Arcade Thread…best believe…bitch.

Alright since a lot of the Visalians have decided against posting on the other thread due to various reasons, Ive decided to create a new official thread for the VNA.
Anyhow let me get things going, anyone, your thoughts on how the nick is currently good/bad pads buttons joys your thoughts?


Good… Finally a REAL thread for the VNA as well as Visalia. This is great. I cant wait to see some of the better people post in here!

  • I live by the Rage System:mad: :mad: :mad:

Hopefully the regulars will jump on as well. Well maybe except for Ceasar I dont think Orosi has internet access :lol:
I’ll probably stop by the VNA on Thursday to have a talk with the technical about the CvS2 joys. I was getting a little frustrating trying to buffer moves at times. :frowning:

thas fucked up hahhaahahahha, but anyways sent/storm/com>>>>>mag/sent/im??? i think sooo BWAHAHHA j/k see yall next mon

telly tel


Yeah… I’ve decided to go ahead and get an Xrcade pad for myself as well as competition push buttons… but what colors?

Always open for suggestions.

So you all showing up at the arcade this Thursday. Then I think Ill have to show up:D

The uh…“Bringer of Chorizo” I need some practice… FREE practice so until I get My X… bring yours … shit I really need the practice for this upcoming tourny. Its just that I dont want to get smoked that first round like last time:bluu: name a date…

That sounds too good

That sounds too good of an idea… I really like it!!!

But… Does Kaioshin dig this idea? Input when you have time would be killer 'sama…

Remember…Dont roll, parry or even dodge… just Just Defend that Motha Fucka:mad: :mad: :mad: !!!

Well, perhaps…, but I guess well just have to see how I perform with the new team I’ve been fucking around with( I think you know which one I’m talking about.):evil:

PGeese=>You’ve decided to get an x-arcade? well thats all good and all but I suggest you wait for Lao Emo to get his joystick(If he ever gets it :lol: ) before trying to get anything. Who knows you might like his fight stick more than mine.
As for another “Fight Club”, well have to see when the entire crew has time for that.

Friday is not good cus I have to work the following morning. I think I’ll just stop in tommorrow.

im down for wutever day, jus lemme know ahead of time!!! and lao is gettin his stick on the weekend of the 22nd for sure…x arcade is whack unless you fix it up like kaio…stick to korean sticks!!!

telly tel

wassup wassup wassup…yep yep yep…I’m finally gettin off mah sorrie azz and postin up in this biatch…now its gonna get kinda wierd cause I dont realleh play fightin gamez.:cool: :cool: now this may come as a big :eek: :wtf: but its all good…jes recognize dat bemani is takin ova…PERCUSSION FREAKS RULES…aite…datz it ahm outtiez…laaaaaaaaatez:cool: :cool:

Haha Bemani player! Theres a name.
Welcome to the thread mi neazy. (f’sho) :stuck_out_tongue:
Well anyhow the damn 360z on MvC2 are in dier need of cleaning and CvS2 joys need to be redone altogether.
Theres the whole fuckin status report for now, I just hope the repairs can be done b4 the tourney.

oh and Perc freaks@VNA=keep dreamin behotch. laterz:)


ur wrong son!! Its not impossible jes more than likely not gonna happen…but its all good…I’m tha best and that settles that…mebbe we should start a petition and take it straight to black beards…cause I’m sick of not getting any really good games to play. ah well…theres alwayz 2 day…gotta head to class now…its almost noon …laaaaaaaatez:cool:

Well I’ll probably end up going to the nick on Sat. Hopefully you guys esp. PGeese and Lao-Emo can join in on the savegry. :evil:

I feel like a party

How are you Kaio… Lao… yeah lao knows but I gave Hector the chorizo… big time Friday… it was hilarious

They have this ignorant little thing they do with their fingers and i did it to hector and got cussed out… just tryin to be friendly… oh well!!!


“Too easy…” - Geese

WTF? Hector 21 wins? You guys are in dire need of practice cuz you all got owned 4 free.:frowning:


telly tel

Hectoreazy sed he went eazy on you in the last few matches. I still can’t believe you allowed him to do the Ruby glitch on you!:lame:

wtf, I LET HIM THAT ONE TIME TO SHOW ME, and every other time i killed r heart before he could do it hahaaaha… owned up team scrub too w00t w00t=)

telly tel

PGeese sorry I couldn’t play you I have school monday. So tell me did you deliver the goods? Pgroove style? :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok what we need is another Fight Club @ where ever the Fuck.
I’m free on both Friday and monday evenings. Tells and Davids are the two locals I’m assuming wee can run this at. Your opinions? Holla back.:slight_smile: