VNA: The Official Visalia Nickel Arcade believe

Legal hottie???

well…wuz she legal skizziez??:lol: or is she underage like ur boi said? I mean…dayum wit a body lyke dat she could use sum DESTRUCTION ALA NOBLE:cool: :cool: so if u were chekin her out then ur bitn mah style…son…newayz…holla bak youngin…she wouldve been legal in mexico or the phillipines…:evil: :evil: …laaaaaaaaaaaaatez

…im sorry but i own visa’s nickel arcade for $0.01…tourney sounds good!!! …ohhh yeah telly is a bitch!! and thas all hahahah CEN~CAL WOOT

Really Shoryu Blanka…
… well how do you do against fresno?
Oh and Lao-Emo I think ill make a visit to the Nick on thursday.

damn 23!

need help

i need help with my third player what do you guys think who will be good with this team

Sagat, Yamakasi, ??? who else


yall need 2 get into DDR Extreme more often…I mean hey, we need all the best players in tha valley right here in visalia. Oh well…I’m not sure if I’m gonna b @ tha nik 2 day. but if i do go then I’m still gonna b dreamin of a percussion freaks machine. I wont b happeh till we get at least a 3rd mix. Oh well…I needa go bak 2 fresno and merced realleh soon…:bluu: :bluu: :frowning: ah well…I’m out…laaaaaaaaaaaaatez…btw…dont know who u should uz iori…mebbe…ionno …IORI!!! aite…ja ne

who is that ?

if u dont kno who iam u better ask lao emo who i am…oh yeah and i still own visa nickel until u guys prove meeh wrong!!

Kaioshin_Sama: Really Shoryu Blanka…
… well how do you do against fresno?

i havent played in fresno lately but i las tyme i was there i did pretty damn good! so ask lao about meeh he knows thas my cen~cal brother

yeah it wont be the same without juilus…hey lao hit me up pm so meeh and eschaton can plan to come down there!!!

bring it!

men shoryublanka any time im here on mondays, frydays and saturdays just come i will make sure that you are wrong

Fuckin a…

CvS2 is fucked up f’sho :frowning:
{fucked GD rom} so much for delivering the fuckin ch…er …goods :frowning:


shit man cvs2 is broken now what im i going to play when i go to the nick fucking ddr killed it man :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

BWAHAHHAHA, i guess its mvc2 for everyone now haha, fuckin nick, they should move the effin fighting games already if they havetn goten the picture =\ first t4 now cvs2 :lame: what a shame…

kaio: sup with the fight club? fri night or what?

telly tel


Since CVS2 is broken…does that mean there wont be a tourney for it march 8? Also, is there only 1 cabinet for MVC2? Is there anyway you could make this a console tourney so there can be more monitors and games going at the same time? I dont really want to be out in the vis too long since its more than a 3 hr drive from up in the bay area.

the tournament is still good

no we are still doing the tournament dudes so dont trip it will be fix by thursday


there is only 1 cabinet for each, and console is outta the question, but say if we started at 1, the tourney should not last more then abotu 5-6 hrs tops, well im talkin abotu mvc2, dunno about cvs2…if i help run the mvc2 tourney it SHOULD run smoothly…last tiem it did =)

telly tel

lets have a friendly mach

yea shoryublanka i want to have a friendly mach with you and when you came down you did event play me so dont say that you own visalia because you need to play me or efrain if he wants to play so come on bring it on dude!!!

Shoryu-blanka Vs Hectoreazy I ?

Oh shit…, aside from the tourney how would the two of you like to play fo money? I propose a friendly $10 bet.
Now Shoryublanka Lao emo told me who you were. That sed your R4 Blanka was killer, would you be down to play Iori559 aka Hectoreazy 4 a little bling? :smiley:


aight then let do it 10 bucks best out of 7 cool

this cominng monday, 18, 2003 cool


uhhhh lemme say something for my friend T, he doesnt have a car so setting a date like that isnt gonna do anything cuz he cant come, earliest he is gonna come is tourney day IF THAT…so dun set up a date, wait till he posts about comin =) thankie

telly tel

Oh, so its on? Shoryublanka agreed? If so this ill be interesting…
On another note, I like the sound of a console tourney perhaps Telly we will have to throw something like this in the future{summer or something}…

As for a Fc well I think at the moment there is just too much BS and dispute over a location… I start off by suggesting we go here but someone disagrees…, I suggest another area and no “i’LL get bored watching this shit…” so 4 this week at least I don’t believe well be able to throw one. What we really need Is a local residence with a phat television, enough room 4 a group that is owned by a guy who doesn’t give a fuck, bitch, or moan as to what game is played.
A hard task? Fuck…, definately.

Shoryublanka will own all of you for free… give it to ya raw, no lube or anything!

Lao:: thanks for the mention, hahaha

Telly:: i own you at mvc2 biatch. just like i own every other person in this thread…