Viscant won Evo and new game is coming out so the question is

Just read the bold if you’re lazy. If you still don’t get it just read this post under this sentence instead.



Here’s why Viscant won Evo…

1. He’s cheap
2. He’s old
3. He’s cheap and old

(I was going to list other things but they basically revolve around being cheap or old)

Now this may seem like a bunch of trolling based on the fact that he’s old enough to be some of you guys’ father and he picks cheap concept characters like Phoenix and characters that spam a gun all day like Wesker, but not quite. The wording I use is more in context of gaming itself than how he is as a person.

Being cheap basically revolves around not caring what tier your point characters/assists are and generally not giving a shit about the cheesy things your character can do. You got some character with 1.1 million health and can spam a gun faster than most projectiles ive seen in fighting games cuz that shit is good. You got an assist that comes out even if you get hit as long as you called him first and he’s invincible for 60 frames on both sides cuz that shit is good. You got a character that basically comes back for free if you hold on to your XF and get 5 meters cuz that shit is good. You’re not limited by what you think is too good or too cheesy. You don’t make funny 3 point man teams with no assists like Magz/Zero/Chris. You set up your team so they DHC well and have powerful assists protecting the points like Doom (any), Akuma (tatsu), Haggar (lariat), Tron (fire), Iron Man (any), Task(hori arrows), Felicia (rolling buckler) etc. or at least characters with decent assists like Dante/Mags/Dorm etc. If the character doesn’t have strong assists and you need them to be in the back make sure they’re powerful as anchor like Wesker, Spencer or Dorm. If you’re trying to win Evo…get Phoenix in the back.

Being old generally revolves around having the mentality of playing to win. You don’t play to make other people happy, you don’t play to make random stream monsters go “oh man that shit u did with Thor was cool dude”. You play to make people throw their stick on the ground at Evo when they finally get in on Wesker and then Haggar says “NO ZERKER SLASHES IN MY CITY!!!” You use your general analysis, reactions, technologies and traps to put your opponent in bad situations as often as possible.

You’re playing for this…

He’s playing for this…

Viscant built his team from the ground up to be as cheap and old as possible and deal with every possible scenario you could throw at him in some cheap way. Not to mention extra insurance if things go bad. When you think about it it’s more like “how was he not going to get the money at Evo?”

When you look at the game in an overall sense it’s just…old and cheap. Combos that either do a lot of damage to one of your characters or just flat out kill them, assists that come out even when you hit the person as long as they called it first, c.L’s that anti air, a comeback mechanic that basically doesn’t do anything but make your team really fucking cheap instead of just cheap, sword based characters with invincible normals, supers that start up 2 frames after a flash that reach the entire fucking screen across and lock your button inputs (ST style OLD MAN SUPERS), old man game style left right cross ups that you get just for being in a certain position against your opponent, block strings that last forever that are only beaten by advance guard and if you time that at the wrong time you throw out a normal and die, throws with one frame start up and a 7 frame tech window before they animate and you have to throw out a hard normal to tech them which sets up cheap mix ups, old man chip damage especially in XF, I could go on and on and on.

Long story short you’re basically playing a more balanced 2011 version of this…


(Hidden missles has nothing on Gold War Machine infinite kick super)

Now the jist of all of this is that this is an old game. You don’t get shitty block strings, invincible backdashes, shitty throws or burst mechanics to save you from damage. You take the damage you receive, you get blown up with BS mix ups and traps when people get close without the right instant counter reaction, and you must take it unless you call the mayor to save you first. Being old and cheap doesn’t necessarily mean stacking your team exactly the way Viscant does but it’s generally about making a team that covers a lot of bases and makes the opponent angry when you win. In a game like this the only way to win is to have a team that pisses people off. If you somehow have a team that doesn’t piss people off…it’s probably not good enough. You gotta be cheap to hang in a game like this.

Don’t expect the nerf of Phoenix and Wolverine for you to make the game more happy and fun for you. SFIV is down the corner if you want a game that doesn’t make you mad. You’re still going to lose characters in one combo and you’re still going to get hit by bullshit mixups and take retarded chip from anything.** If you wanna have fun as in…win matches consistently and not be getting BS’d all the time (unless losing to BS regularly is fun for you) you gotta be cool with making sure the other person doesn’t have fun and building your team so that is possible. You don’t have to have Phoenix to have a cheap team but you won’t have a cheap team putting 3 ok or really good points together like you might be doing now.** (<<<<<someone is not having fun)

**PS: If you watched the video that Gold War Machine character is like what would happen if Sentinel had infinite hyper armor even if he’s doing simple things like walking towards you. How would you like to fight a character that has infinite Hsien Ko armor all the time just because? Yeah it’s actually a character YOU CANT COMBO with his only downside being not being able to actually block. Which is fine because that means he can always hit you and put you in a combo whenever he wants. **

PSS: Colossus assist is basically flying haggar assist that runs after you (has super armor i think they whole way through) and you can run after to start combos. Of course GWM on point counters Colossus assist.

Sounds like salt and trolling to me ? you call 30 old man ? lmao grow up kiddie.

Tissue? :yawn:

honestly u sound real mad about this game/him he must have dominated you or something lol

if he made his team so it can handle every scenario it just makes him smart i think phoenix is cheap but its not like he was the only one using her just like wolverine prob the 2 best players in marvel but you deal with the game the way it is weather he is good or not next evo for umvc or whatever version they have out by then don’t matter he won evo 2011 so dont be mad it wasn’t u or some one u were rooting for :slight_smile:

Way to miss the point everybody. He isn’t bashing the game, he’s showing you the mentality needed to pull out the win in a game where such tools are given to you.

Wow there are some slow kids in here.

People want to see good matches, is all it comes down to. PR Rog vs Viscant was a really good match, despite lolphoenix. I don’t see the problem and point of this thread.

Wow, serious lack of reading comprehension in this thread.


Deviljin isn’t being salty lol.

DJ looking made salty. Win that Major yet?

Refer to my AV

No, I see what he is saying. “If you want to have fun, be cheap and make the other player salty.” When it is a giant lie. You can play solid “non-cheesey characters” (this is a very loose term cause everyone calls every character cheap in some way :P), do well, get respect, have fun, and not make other people salty.

Good matches are more fun than terrible ones for everyone. But good matches entirely depends on the player behind the pad/joystick/hitbox.

Nah DevilJin is showing respect in a funny kind of way. He’s not saying old or cheap is bad - he’s pointing out that Viscant’s a winner no matter what it takes, which is something that’s admirable.

Viscant comes from a poker background. Put it this way - in fighting games, you get to pick your hand before you play it out. Can you really fault someone for picking Ace-Ace instead of 2-7 offsuit?

He’s telling everyone the secret to being good at MvC3 and soon to be UMvC3: Be so cheap no one will want to play with you.

Most of these idiots probably read the first 5 lines and are like “OMG OMG U SO SALTY FUKN NUB”


I have utmost respect for people who roll with low tier chars like Cap but low tier chars are low tier for a reason, and top tier chars are top tier for a reason. if you wanna make it big in a game like marvel 3 you gotta play to win, which means bringing out the cheap shit. granted, it gets frustrating to see the same thing dominate tourneys all over but in a tournament environment, you gotta have that “old man” mentality of not giving a rat’s ass about what others think, so long as you win with the tools you got.

Honestly I was expecting phoenix being the definitive factor in that last fight but I was surprised to find out how well thought out Viscants team was. He controlled the match even before phoenix entered the equation(A lot of phoenix players I see have their first 2 characters blown up while barely doing any damage and then use dark phoenix + XFC to win). He played well with all of his characters and deserved the win.

Yea I can’t stand how people cheat and be cheap to others online just to have fun. It ruins other peoples enjoyment and it makes them hate the actual game itself.

You also got to remember DJ is someone that thinks Hulk is cheap.

No, he’s saying that Viscant has the old school mentality of playing to win no matter what it takes and not give a fuck if it is entertaining to anyone else. If there were thousands of dollars and a title on the line, I would pick the most retarded shit in the game too.

Hulk is cheap. How else would Noah have gotten that far through the brackets?

He had Hulk with dash H/throw OS, Sent assist and XF3 Wesker in the back.

He was abusing armor normals and doing combos within his level of execution and using up TAC to extend his combos.

People look at Noah like “lol 8 year old kid mashing” and didn’t notice his team construction of minimum taps for big damage and using armored moves that eat other moves with XF3 Wesker in the back who’s teleport mixup is hard to react to with that speed boost, kills with ABCS BBCS in that strength boost and has the worlds easiest XF infinite in f.H xN.