Virginia thread: 804, 757, 434, 540

Virginia thread: 804, 757, 434, 540. Epicenter is Richmond.

Hey everybody. Just recently I’ve started getting back into Street Fighter. An internet buddy of mine gave me this site and said this is the place he goes to for meeting up with Street Fighter players around his area. I’d like to meet hardcore Street Fighter players like myself around. Made me think of my glory days of this game and how much fun it was. If you’re from any of these cities: Richmond, Mechanicsville, Ashland, Glen Allen, Chesterfield, Midlothian, please hit me up.

People from a few hours driving distance post on here too.


I don’t think anyone serious plays in Richmond plays anymore, which is kinda sad. Some good players came out of RVA. Moose doesn’t play, but Robin is still around. He lives in RVA and sets up monthly tourney’s in NOVA at a LAN cafe called c3.

Consider posting in the MD/VA 3s thread… That’s pretty much the VA thread these days. G’luck.

Sadly i live 20-30mins away from richmond and theres a handful of streetfighter players down here…we play everything

that nigga beatface is a scrub. Ima scrub him this c3 .Va far from me but if i got money and gass ill def show up

Its on…im not driving to this thourny thou but i’ll be there and its your rouge/domm team vs team :annoy: fuck yo couch

hey i play seriously god damn it! 804 represent!

Yeah, I love me some fighting games, but I find myself asking the same question. Where the bloody hell are you Richmond people? I’ve never met anyone in real life that can beat me, probably cause I can’t find any of you!

Also I would just like to add that Richmond sucks ass as a city, I’ve lived here most of my life, we’ve got nothing, and what we do have closes at like 7PM (9 if you’re lucky.) There’s like one arcade here, it has Tekken 5… (I’ve never been to the one in VCU, that MIGHT still have some fighters…) and if I ever do wander in to VCC on a saturday afternoon to play T5 there’s nobody in there.

Screw going to NOVA, I know there’s good competition there but I ain’t driving 2 hours in unbelievable traffic to get some competition, not when I know there’s people here.

Damnit Richmond, we need to get something going!

I’ll drive to RVA to own all of you.

Ummm… dude. I’ve been on this site from Richmond for 6 years. Heavilly posting in MD/VA regional threads and tourney threads. Only person you have to blame is yourself.

That being said i’d happily own you in any SF game. I’m currently training the original poster of this thread in 3S. Perhaps you’d like to tag along? Email me @ or IM me @ ownzjoo4free.

yeah i’ve been playing for awhile and i’ve met plenty of people in driving distnace from going to tourny’s and what not and just getting gatherings together. and i love richmond there is tons of shit to do. i dont know what you do other than try fighting games because there is a ton of shit to do here…

but, more to the point i’ll take you on. IM me at whoa debaser

i’m more of a gg and kof man though. i might even break down and learn 3s again. since robin and the rest of the kids i played the other day didn’t play anthing fun :cough: :cough: something other than capcom :arazz:

shit im rdy to play you anytime any place…doit dooooooooooo it. i live 30mins away from richmond so just let a broham know

Why Dont You Worry About Actually Coming Out To Play!

Yeah, Richmond needs to have a fighting game party or something, but it ain’t happening at my house, I can barely fit myself in here.

I’m not much for 3s either sadly, since it’s the only game people play. Having said that, I am way better at capcom fighters, but I’ll play anything, I own over 70 fighters for christ’s sake.

do you play gg?

Not well enough, and not on the X-Box, but it’s a game I reallly want to get better in.

well… what do you play?

Well, I’ll play anything with the exception of MVC and SC.

But I’m probably only worth a damn competitively in A3, T5, CVS2, 3s, SS, and most KOFs, in that order. I’d be glad to play some GG but I wouldn’t expect to win, especially not against people who take it seriously enough to have GG avatars like a lot of the VA people seem to have. I also love some Last Blade 2 and Rival Schools but I can’t really use the Dreamcast controller and I don’t have a stick or adapter for it.

Well, this thread has accomplished something, lets see if anymore from around the area will join.

The SOVA thread [Seven Cities, RVA]

I’m creating this thread for a couple reasons. One, we seem to be an entity seperate from MD/VA area. Two, we got some new players (me, charged, maybe others?) Three, that other seven cities thread sucks and is dead.

I see potential in this area. Seven Cities has a decent arcade (Play Around Golf in Newport News) with three major games, 3s, TekkenDR, and Marvel and we have a good ammount of players. RVA, has good players, Robin, Moose (when he plays) and is not too far from us. Now, if we communicate more and set up days of the month to gather, the whole scene can advance in skill level. In short, Seven Cities and RVA in general needs to unify and become more of a scene instead of just a collection of players. We need atleast Monthlies at Play Around, someone’s house, where ever…). Charged and I have been talking about doing this, but we don’t know too many really involved in the scene down here. I will invest my time into making this scene what it can be.

Also, I’m willing to teach anybody any game. I can help most with 3s, as it is my main and I know that people have become interested. I’ve been playing 3s with Syberninja, SMP, and Video but I know there are more of you closet 3s fans out there. I also play ST, CVS2, and GGXX/. Just hit me up on aim (spammination) and we’ll set something up.

So anyway, post up players! Seriously, introduce yourselves, OGs and newbies alike.


P.S. Play Around Golf N’ Games is located at:
89 Neslon Dr.
Newport News Va.

DevilJin sucks, 2nd!!!