Viper Option Selects

I’m trying to incorporate OS in my game to improve my overall skill. I’m not sure if there’s a specific thread that contains all of this information so I figured I would go ahead and try and knock two question’s out really quick.

  1. Which OS is a good idea to buffer if your going for a jump in to attempt a basic block string such as,,, m. Thunder Knuckle?

  2. What is the most common meaty OS that can be done after a knock down while next to your opponent on wake up?

I know shes a lot more complex than this I just want a general idea to create my own options.

jump ins typical OS sweep, os seismo for teleports, OS ex seismo to beat some reversals like rose ex drill. OS throw on abel and rog with no ex meter.

best normal to OS out of is st lk i believe, hard timing since its slow and not active long.

Overall its super situational, she doesnt have universal stuff like ryu dp os. I’ll actually compile a list of my most common used ones when i’m not feeling lazy.

EX burning kick can be an OS to people trying to grab you. Only problem is if it gets blocked or they duck under it, you’re pretty much fucked. If I jump or super jump toward someone, I might throw out a medium punch on the way down. If it connects, the air mp cancels and combos into EX bk, If its blocked, I’ll wait until I land because people like to try for grabs when you land right in front of them sometimes.

Its just a once in a while thing, I probably wouldnt use it against REALLY good opponents.


The post above helped me a lot. :smiley:

I have got to say, even though all the option selects in that video are possible, I really feel like they are not very probable. Given that you can do the feint really fast, which I do, its very easy to fetch up the option select and instead option select into jab (which dosent help you catch backdashes). Also if you try to wait a little longer to feint so you can get the sweep you end up not feinting. Its a really strict timing. Its not worth using unless you have it at least 80% on top of that people are already very reversal happy against viper since they are trying to nail BK’s and escape pressure.


^^ this one is really good. :confused: nice one huu

So I have gotten this setup to work a few times, but I have noticed that quite frequently my clk will get hit by the exhb. Am I doing it wrong? It seems like its kind of random whether this setup works or not. :confused:

You pretty much just have to time the lk right when rog does headbutt so that you duck under it. In the video rog is doing headbutt on reversal timing but if he delays it a bit so its not reversal timing it will beat the lk, its not random. You also don’t have to OS you can just react with a FFF.

at that point I feel like although its possible, its not reliable. Might as well just bait it out at that point.

Pretty much or you can just go for a safe jump.

shes got some good safe jump OS’s, I just posted a usable one against bison in subzero’s everything thread.

ill post it here too since people might look for OS’s in this thread:

the set-up is:

F-throw >> 2 dashes >> jump in with Fierce(OS RH.burnkick)

If Bison does a backward teleport, burnkick comes out and hits him.
If Bison does EX.Psycho Crusher, he whiffs, and you recover from bk in time to pressure with Fierce Seismo.
If Bison does Head Press it whiffs and you recover at about the same time as him.
If he does Devil Reverse he can hit you, but if you expect him to do this you can not do the OS and get a free Focus dash forward into throw and do another safe jump setup.

You can also do this set up off pretty much any of her safe jump set ups. I think this is really good to learn against bison since he mostly has the advantage in footsies and it is hard to pressure him while he has bar. This kind of helps alleviate some of that.

Yeah I do that OS all the time against him, you can also OS a SJ back bk if you know hes going to do a ex.psycho crusher to beat it clean.
OS is jump in FP(OS :qcb::ub:hk)

I can only do that OS like almost 0% of the time lol I find it very hard but then again I just suck at bks in generally so idk

wow OS with a sj? I havent tried that yet… seems a little scary lol.

you can OS their backdash if you input mp tk while jumping on there wakeup, also OS mp seismo for teleport wakeups.

There’s a FT 10 that latif did against Sabre last year where Sabre (I’m assuming by the YouTube account) claims latif was nailing him with tons of option selects.
Does anyone spot the specific OS’s Sabre is referring to? Most of the stuff I see in the video looks like reaction to me. I can spot the safe jumps and a possible corner specific OS of but that’s mostly it.


I saw no OS at all and I’m pretty sure the ST.LK, ST.HP was meant to be a frame trap but it could be an OS.
Did Sabre say that just to cushion the ass kicking he received? Lol, Went for the same setups every time he was predictable as hell.

Yea, I figured. He never replied either so I’m guessing he was just salty and needed an excuse for being exposed.

Latif showed a pretty nice OS in his recent games against seth. Did cr. or OS Ex TK. Works against Seth Teleport on Wakeup and gives u a free crumple - Cr.Hp xx ex seismo xx whatever. Against seth its pretty much the round.