Viper Option Selects

that’s actually easy to do, I’ve done it so many times on accident trying to s. or to fierce tk feint. You throw out the lk, then the feint part of the fierce tk causes an ex to come out. Works with a slower normal on Akumas teleport.

Yes I get annoyed when that happens but I get a free crumple so I can’t complain lol. Also this OS is universal as many characters can perform it as long as they have some far traveling attack also its possible to even OS ultra, Ryu U1, Ken U2, Sagat U2, Cammy U1 etc.

was doing some random reading when i came across this thread! good stuff!

i use something similar to an OS sj against some akuma’s (well not really an OS but a buffer?). if you know which way they’re going to teleport on wakeup, you can jump in with j. roundhouse and buffer-in a “clean” sj motion (i.e. do the down-up+forward/backward motion with the stick at neutral) to follow them as they teleport. i haven’t tested it very much but when done correctly, if it hits or is blocked you land and can continue combo/pressure, and if it whiffs, you sj in the direction you input. it’s pretty nifty to get around akuma’s who use U2 which destroys OS Ex TK.


I was trying to get OS throw against bisons ex psycho crusher to work but it didnt work. EX PC would beat it clean every single time. Was doing it off backthrow, jump in HK. What am I doing wrong here?

As far as I know it’s impossible to throw him out of ex physco since it’s invincible on startup. HP tk trades if used as an OS and burn kick will make him go under you as she is airborne. Decent?

^^^ Had to log in for the first time in HELLA long to say:

I REALLY like the vid in the above post. I ESPECIALLY like the cr.forward F OS… really strong since whiffing that move with viper is seriously dangerous sometimes (fei).

Hey guys any tips on this OS can’t get it at all. Motion looks the same, is the input just stupid tight? I haven’t been able to record it once where the st. LK’s combo and the MK knuckle comes out. Also get a burnkick a lot since the buffer for the QCB stick around for a bit.