Viewtiful Joe: Six Machine Cannon

Has anyone found any good uses for this? The only thing I’ve thought of (and haven’t gotten down since I can’t land it that well at all) is Alex’s Stun Gun Headbut super cancelled into Six Machine Cannon. The delay is so long on it.

I main Joe and still have not found a way to link it. But man dose damage when i dose hits. :amazed:

I have at least seen that the backfire from the cannon can also hit them too. Still not exactly like it’s goinna help or anything…

The only way I’ve seen it used is in team-up supers (NOT a DHC). If he does it alongside ryu’s hadouken super, they’re locked down in the beam long enough for joe to warm up and blast them with it. Outside of that, yeah it seems pretty bad.

It’s good for chip damage vs the Giants.

Also, team up super with Megaman, and if you have a Karas partner, you can use it to bait an attack for his counter super.

ive been using Jun to DHC super to make it connect, one of my teams is Jun/Joe.

With Jun, do launcher into air combo canceled into :qcf:+:2p:super
DHC with Joe’s cannon right after the last hit (not the bombs exploding)

Joe’s cannon will hit plus the bombs from Jun’s super will stay on the opponent so when u tag her back in u kan still suprise them.

I did find something fun last night with Joe. It doesn’t work all the time and works better with characters that have unblockable/throw supers, but do an aireal rave combo and switch into the six machine cannon. it of course cancels out the combo and causes them to fall to the ground, but (I think I’ve seen some supers treat a cancel like that as an air super and only switch into other air supers) cancel six machine cannon and you can switch into your other characters super on the ground right next to them.

You can DHC into it after Souki’s Oni Magic super (:dp:+:2p:) for some solid damage.

Wow. some very nice strategies here.

Is it possible to DHC into it after the last hit of Alex’s stun gun headbutt? I’m thinking you could dizzy the opponent, then have Joe use six cannon to blast them while they’re dizzy.

still haven’t tried that yet. I have a hard enough time trying to land SG HB.

cant dhc stungun

aww too bad then.

This can be comboed into via Polymer assist as seen in this vid:

Very nice indeed. X3

The way i usuallly set up for the cannon (which is never gonna be 100% i do it for the lulz) is set a bomb with “C” then thorw a voomerang then use assit then the cannon.

Polymar assist seems so much easier and more successful lol

it looks like there might also be a weakness in the Aerial Rave Six Machine Cannon cancel. They might be able to air control far enough away to escape even grabs, making the hitbox you need to get them bigger (Polymor for example). Saw it happen once, wonder if anyone else wants to verify since I only get to play at my friends?

PS: Do not use Morrigan. Her super team up with him is horrible. Best way to make someone take block damage from a super and that’s all.

80% double team damage with Casshern:

I mean wow, sets Casshern properly.
Only on small characters though.


Casshern is like the ultimate assist character to me so far jesus christ. Neo good shit.

i use the 6 machine cannon to beat the final boss…
he cand block…
all i do is jump high
and use it
it also works on stupid Cpu arcade mode
they think by crouching will miss them…but they will never learn that doesnt work

yea I don’t think anyone takes CPUs seriously.

but shit that Casshern combo is deadly

I wonder if, you could do this:


combo into, charge :l: :r: :snka: canceled into tank super and then D to call joe.

My guessing is that, polymar will reach the opp with the tank, joe will be chargin the cannon while polymar is reaching and hitting the opp with the tank. Joe will finally shot and then polymar will comeback for more damage.

If anyone could test this for me, it will be much appreciated. thanks