Video up! How to turn brawl into a TRADITIONAL FIGHTER! Alternate mode of play

So me and my friend had an idea with Stamina mode today, so we gave it a shot and played a few rounds in our new format and were pleasantly surprised to stumble onto this great new way of playing the game. So without further introduction, let me introduce to you:

Version 1:**

First you’re going to need a custom level. Go to the level editor and pick the largest field size possible. Then, maximize the block size. Starting at the top in the middle, place 5 of the spike rows. Then switch to the square building blocks and place one on each side of the spike blocks, then place 4 more below each of those. Once that’s done, fill in the middle with more normal building blocks at the very bottom, you should have room for three.

Basically you want it to be 4 blocks tall by 5 blocks wide, and you’ll have a fighting area of 2x3. This is going by the BIGGEST SIZE POSSIBLE ON THE BLOCKS.

Ok now that that’s done, go to special brawl and set the match type to stamina. Pick your characters and set their HP to 300. Most standard brawl matches are 3 lives and usually, most lives end around 100%, so 300 HP = 3 lives about. Pick your custom map and when the match starts, you’ll be inside the arena ready to fight.

This room is ABOUT the normal dimensions of a standard fighting game screen, it’s small enough that the person can’t run away all day, but also big enough to give you some room to work with. We were trying to recreate a normal fighting game screen so this should be perfect.

Another thing of note about this mode is that knock back is not increased with damage. Combos are always possible. This makes the game a lot more fun, but this also means that low % infinites will always work here, so in order to make things fair, you must ban certain things. Here’s a rule list for “fair play” to keep from breaking the game:

*- No Chain Grab infinites. If you do your initial grab for the chain grab, you may only follow it up with a different grab. For example with dedede, you can only do down throw into up, left, or right throw. For Ice Climbers, you may only do 1 of each throw in a combo, IE: forward throw into down throw into up throw or whatever.

  • No laser / jab locking.
  • No inescapable attack infinites.
  • If the person can DI out of your infinite or tech, it’s legal, IE neutral A against a wall with a lot of characters. *

Version 2

This version requires NO RULES. The level design is different, as it requires a pit at the end to disrupt chain grabs and laser locks, but, that also adds to the fun of it. I’ve made 2 versions of the level, one with a spring at the end and one with spikes at the end. I think the spikes make it more intense and rewards corner pressure better, as the springs allow for an easy escape from the corner, but you can still do some fun stuff with the springs.

There is a problem with this version, being that Lucario has an EXTREMELY long chain grab which is virtually an infinite on the heavy characters. This can be counteracted by setting the damage ratio to 1.2, but it also takes away from the combo-ness. It’s yet to be decided if 1.2 damage ratio would be the standard format for this.


Version 1 Map Layout
Version 2 Spike Layout
Version 2 Spring Layout


I’m not sure which is which, but the 3 stages are the Version 1 level, and the Version 2 levels with spikes and with springs.



Until I get some replays uploaded to youtube, if you’d like to transfer these replay files to your game and watch them, feel free.

So far that’s about it. Now go give it a whirl, it’s extremely fun and fast paced since combos are always possible, and it really makes smash feel like an actual fighter.

Lemme know what you guys think.

Wow jon. You’ve really out done yourself. I love the idea. But we still gotta make this somewhat like smash. But I wouldn’t mind playing this style as well. This puts a whole other view at who would be good.

Yeah, like this mode actually makes sonic really good since you don’t have to worry about KOs. He’s actually good as far as racking up damage goes. I bet it helps a lot of other characters out as well.

MK is still a beast in it though since he does so much damage x_x

wow… just wow…

evo should just drop smash from their roster… you guys dont know how to play the game without gay ass maps, rules, or items. BAN SMASH FROM EVO BEFORE SRK RUINS THE RULESETS!

Actually, looks pretty fun. Maybe we could try that out for one of the weeklies for shits and giggles?

This is for fun you douche bag. Calm down.

I thought about that, but you can’t use custom rules or custom maps online x_x

Sounds cool but you might have to trust the other players a bit too much, lol. Maybe you could do that with a custom stage with some platforms REALLY high up and elevators going up to them. And then if the person wants to tag out, they have to actually make it up to the person, giving the other guy a chance to knock them down.

Oh also, I came up with a way to do this without the falling blocks, all you have to do is replace the top row of blocks with the largest possible spike things, instead of falling blocks, because the game won’t spawn you on top of spikes. This way, you always spawn right in the middle.

Cool for Lucario.

Fun little idea, but I don’t like the banning of techniques you proposed.

You’re a moron.

I hear a lot of mixed opinions on that. I’ve already discussed it a ton though on SWFthough, so tell me what you think after you read all the arguments for and against banning infinites:

Lol, youre hilarious.:lol:

And the whole banning of techniques thing is a great idea, because Falco could just chain grab forever.
It’d be crazy.
It would be like playing a pro team of Cable, Magneto, and Psylocke with a team of all servbots in MVC2.

Get some match vids up. You should also give this game a name.

Jon you’re my hero. Next time I’m up there we’re trying this shit out. Speaking of, what’re you doing next Thursday?

Edit: What about the IC infinite grabs? They can be done with like 3 different throws, so dependent on your rule interpretation they’re perfectly legal.

Thursdays are usually the days we do GG / Arcana gatherings here, so I dunno. We could play online sometime though, but I’m totally up for chilling if you’re in raleigh on a non-thursday day. Or maybe I could skip out on the gathering. You ever free any other day?

For the IC infinite, I think the rules said “no infinite chain grabs” so that should cover ice climbers infinites, but I’m not sure what a fair way of ruling what they can and can’t do would be. How does the IC chain grab work anyway?

Make it so that IC can’t do one specific grab more than once. This way, IC would at maximum have a combo consisting of three grabs.

Sounds like a nifty distraction. I think a lot of people on SWF were totally missing the point, with their, “I’d rather play a traditional fighting game,” responses. But that’s SWF for you.

Has anyone discovered any really broken ass shit, aside from the banned stuff?

Yeroc and myself were trying to figure out how we could make the map so that the infinites and laser locks are still legal but prevent them from truly being infinites, and we found that putting a small spike pit or a spring at the ends of the level make it impossible to chain grab forever / laser lock into the wall. The spikes make it really fun because you can pressure them into a corner then spike them into the spikes. It’s pretty fun actually. I’ll post up some vids and map screen shots tomorrow hopefully.

You’re a genius. It’s like a steel cage match. This mode really should have a name.

I’m terrible at names, any suggestions? >_<

Brawl Fighter 2 X turbo hyper champion edition?