Video Game General v8.01D : PC Gaming Golden Age, Big Box (Part 2)

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@chadouken just pasting my reply here too…

I played a bit last night right after I beat it because I wanted to level up with the 120k souls I had from beating it, and I guess I can’t level up until after beating the first boss and going back to the Nexus.

I may play it a bit. The first level is super easy lol and last night I got like 1/2 through it and just called it quits since it was late.


I’ll probably start playing some games on XSX now though. I am like 1/2 through with Gears 5 so I’ll finish that up. Then I also got Halo 5 and Doom Eternal that I’ve never played so I’ll check those out next probably. And been playing some Super Mario 3D World and Bowsers Fury with my son too. So I’ll see if I have time to mess with Demon’s Souls more. I feel like going through NG+ would be a lot quicker though since I know what to actually do now and where to go.


So hold up, in Demon’s Souls after I beat the game it threw me back in the Nexus like similar to when the game first starts. Does that mean it starts NG+ immediately? Or is this just a continuation of the normal game and it just keeps on going?

If it’s anything like OG Demon"s Souls then welcome to NG+.

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It starts NG+, you’ll have to rescue Sage, Saint Urbain and Yuria again, you lost all your keys, you also have to give Ed the blacksmith the Searing Demon Soul again if you want to craft boss weapons.

Well maybe I didn’t give the blacksmith a searing demon soul in the first go around which was why I didn’t really see any upgrades with the boss demon souls.

Yea that’s basically why lol. It’s why he asks for a red hot demons soul.

Yeah I think when he asked for that it’s when I still had absolutely no clue wtf I was doing in the game and how it worked. And then I guess I just forgot possibly. Initially I consumed the boss souls because I wanted more souls to upgrade and then realized I could use them for magic and stuff after a bit and was like uh oh.

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Heh yea. Next time you play (If you do) give him Flame Lurkers Soul. Will make a big difference for you.

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Oh dang it!

Well, looks like I’ll need to get ready. Even if we live in pandemic times, I’d like to see an option for some sort of local split screen multiplayer in this one. For when we can freely associate with friends again.

Be nice, but I highly doubt it happen.
Days of Split screen multi player is no more

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The poster boy…


Ain’t no N64 Starcraft session, but still fun.


This is the most odious, anti-consumer aspect of modern console gaming.

  • Put online multiplayer behind a pay wall.
  • Remove local multiplayer.
  • Sell more copies of games.
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Wait so that means Kyo, Joe and Iori are NOT a team?

That kinda ruins THAT dynamic

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I agree whole heartedly


Got salty as shit last night because I lost 120k souls in Demon’s Souls. That would have gotten me nearly 3 levels at where I’m at now. I got overwhelmed by those spear dudes right after I opened the f’ing front door on 1-1 in NG+. Then I didn’t make it back there before dying next time…

After that though, I then beat the Phalanx and then beat the Tower Knight with super ease. Like I don’t think I got hit at all by the Tower Knight and my enchanted sword took care of the guys surrounding the Phalanx with like 1 hit.

But after that I was like “I just did all of this, why would I do all of this over again?” so I don’t know if I will play through NG+ after all.

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So it’s official…


R.I.P. Codemasters
October 1986 to February 2021