Video game characters that you HATE!

Waluigi. That shit is so fucking lame.


Cause he’s in every game I play and it’s get old.

Tingle from LOZ?

Ken, cause everyone just spams his shoryuken, and cross up combo. And just runs away with jump back FK like every scrub online

Any female that plays a supporting role to a main character/hero.

That one chick in DMC 2 for example…

Dmitri Rascalov from Grand Theft Auto IV. Backstabbing punk.

ditto on the balrog.

Cloud and Sephiroth.

So lame. They’re the My Chemical Romance of RPG characters. Fruitcakes laden with makeup and hair product fully self-absorbed in their ridiculous, hipster-angst attitudes.

Their background stories and “character” development are the most generic, paint-by-numbers emo bullshit I’ve ever heard. Basically, Cloud is a nihilistic soldier (That, get this, used to be in SOLDIER!) and Seph is a loser with mother issues. Yet fanboys swing off their nuts like so many chimps from chandeliers.

And let’s not even get into the whole “I’m clearly Asian so I need a ridiculously large or ridiculously long sword” thing.


zzz. i dont really hate any game characters. hate is too strong a emotion for me to feel for a inanimate object.

chun li in SF3

Continued from the previous list:

  • Terra in FFVI. Locke should have been the main character.
  • Cray in Breath of Fire IV.
  • Marina in Wild Arms 2.
  • Shion in Xenosaga. I really, REALLY fucking hate her.

hated jade from umk3

Cloud was never even in SOLDIER, you fail sir. :rofl:

Anyways, don’t really hate these people necessarily, but they do things that piss me off:

-Anise (Tales of the Abyss)
-Raine/Refill (Tales of Symphonia)
-Elle (Terranigma)
-Lance and Lilly (Illusion of Gaia)
-Yuna (FFX-2 version only, indifferent about FFX one)
-Rikku (also FFX-2 version, liked FFX one a lot)
-Adray (Star Ocean 3)
-Sophia (Star Ocean 3)
-Reimi (Star Ocean 4)
-Alfina (Grandia 3)
-Yuki (Grandia 3)
-Vilena Donton (The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion)
-Shion (Xenosaga Ep III, I liked her in I and II)
-Vayne (Final Fantasy XII)
-Gongora (Lost Odyssey)
-Cooke (Lost Odyssey)
-Everybody that isn’t Guy or Luke in Tales of the Abyss at Akzeriuth (People who played this know what I mean).
-Rita (Tales of Vesperia)

Kind of a big list, and it’s not even complete. Some characters annoy me I guess. :rofl:

Everyone from FFXIII except Scaz or whatever (the black guy) and Lightning. NO ONE SERVICES THE STORY. They’re all just sort of carried around and have annoying voices in every language.

Pretty much every loli in existence, because people who like lolis are creepy and so are the people who draw them.

The Apprentice from Force Unleashed. Not to mention that game is fucking garbage.

Dimitri(GTA IV)
Jin Kisaragi
Ky Kiske

This thread needs more hate for Nero from DMC4

  • lol

-Those young metrosexual looking heroes seem to irk me to no end. Espcially in RPGs. What is Japan trying to say, exactly? You have to dress nice, be emotional, and look weak, to qualify as a saviour to a dying world? I wouldn’t want the fate of my existence to soley rely on a supposed *man *that can’t even run his own emotions and changes his vibe like he changes his shoes on Labour Day to not be criticized for not complying to a social norm rule. They’re just too pretty to be a real hero. Give me Haohmaru, Terry, Ryu, or someone who looks like they ACTUALLY BEEN in battles/wars. Not some High School student who thought it’d be a good idea to win a tournament because he’s got nothing better to do that isn’t homework.

  • the cliche wrestler/mixed martial artist character who has to eclipse the original protagonist.** That’s getting tired now because they feel the same. Especially with Capcom. Sure, it’s fun to be different, but does he always have to be blonde and more troubled than anything?

** - the good guy who’s really supposed to be bad.** I hate these guys. They’re not complex: they’re just ridiculous. I’m glad that SNK killed off Ash in XIII. Story-wise, I wasn’t going to go through another arc with him at the helm. I hate Rock Howard in a sense, too - thanks to this. He’s got Geese’s blood, so he’ll have to end up turning bad. GTFO. The idea, behind it, feels as if it’s the new thing-to-do for 2000s. It’s as if these companies are paid to shit on creativity but not afraid to make sales by conforming to some cliche idea to do it. Even if it means doing something that our TV Shows are regurgitating constantly. We don’t need any more Angels.

- the female love interest who can’t get whatever the hell they want to say, to the main character, even after the world is saved. It’s like Come on, bitch! You’re really going to let this guy walk out of your life forever? You want to fuck him. You want to be around him. Heck, you are around him. You saved his life. You let him save your life several times. You idolize him. You drop hints that he may/may not pick up. You sleep in the same black screen as him. For god’s sakes, just say what the fuck is on your mind and let fate happen? Stop wasting my game play time. Stop wasting my save files and get on with it!

  • **the best man for the job or mentor, that you get on your squad as an awesome NPC, who ends up getting nerfed by the time you get to control him. **I can name plenty of these guys. Most recently, Cid from FFTA-2. He’s Bodyslamming and slashing every beast imaginable without fear or low batting averages. The moment he gets put down and brought back to serve my ranks, he can’t do half of the cool stuff that he was doing as an NPC. Could he be optional now? he’s just not fighting up to scratch as he should be. It’s like he’s the shit. He should still be the shit. So why isn’t he the shit now? Then again, there are also **those who get nerfed by promoting them too soon after you see them beasting and killing things in their original stance/form. **Zylo in *Shining Force. *You’re telling me that if I give this guy a stronger name and character sprite, too EARLY, he’s not going to be performing better? GTFO again. They don’t even tell you WHEN you should promote him.

Alex is supposed to be the main character. karate has passed on from being the dominant martial arts style now Mixed Martial Arts is. With some of the more prominent fighters in the world having a strong base in Pro Wrestling (Sakuraba, Lesnar, Minowa,) .I mean Ryu and Ken have perfected there styles in 3s and they are the best of the best. Alex and Sean were supposed to be the new protagonist of the series. No other series puts an emphasis on mixed martial artist taking the forefront beyond this series. A troubled wandering fighter is much more interesting to write a story for and create a series behind .SO AT EASE LOSER

Blanka and Yukari from P3

SF4 Ryu: Because even the Pros mash df,df+P, Have they no Shame!!!

Abraham Reyes (Red Dead Redemption): Drunk asshole who didn’t even remember the name of the stupid girl who fell in love with him and died for him.

Louisa Fortuna (Red Dead Redemption): See Abraham Reyes

Edgar Ross (Red Dead Redemption): What he did to the Marstons was unforgivable!

Tsukasa (.Hack): if there one character I like to punch in the face, its that emo Tsukasa.