Video game characters that you HATE!

Who are your most hated characters? What is your reasoning?

I hate Ryu. Because fuck Ryu.

I hate mgs 2 raiden only mgs 2 though. I fucking hate the main girl in star ocean 2 so much I wiped her name from my brain memory banks. I also hate Japanese trap characters for making me second guess my masculinity.

Rena, her name is Rena


Balrog comes immediately to mind, as do Neku from The World Ends with You and Auron from Final Fantasy X. Varian Wrynn from World of Warcraft is up there, but I recognize that every story needs an evil son of a bitch to make things interesting, and I know no son of a bitch eviler.

Final fantasy characters and most comedic side kicks.

I hate the players, not the game.

SF4 series:
Balrog: Mr easy mode.
Dhalsim: Stretch-armstrong.

Tekken 6:
Alisa: She doesn’t belong in tekken. She belongs in some anime rpg. Or fan fiction.
Bob. The token top-tier fat-boy.

The summons. All of them.

Now that I think about it, there’s not actually that many I hate.

Every character in Sonic, yo yo yo, because they’re rad and stoked, bro. Ironically, I love DMC3 Dante.

Pretty much 80% of characters made by the Japanese.
I have to agree that most, if not all Sonic characters, all completely annoying.
All characters in DOA except for Hayabusa, Ayane, and Bayman.
Nero from DMC4.

Why boel why?! Now I can remember her whining about things she caused. Now that I remember I also hate tidus for being whiny and also for the most fake laugh scene ever.

Vaan from FF12 because he looks like a ******. Thus making me not play the game.

Jrpgs characters.

most nintendo characters just because of gamefaqs/smash/the internet

Fuck E Honda. Every iteration of him.

Oh, I forgot to mention that any character from the Mega Man series whose name doesn’t end with “ron Bonne” can eat a dick. Especially Zero.


Sorry Yuna (poster above me) nothing against you, I just don’t like her.

  • Anise in Tales of the Abyss.
  • Rita in Tales of Vesperia.
  • Everyone in Mass Effect. Matter of fact, fuck that game entirely.
  • Tifa Lockheart.

There’s more, but I have to go.

EDIT: Yuna (the character) is love. I hear the SRK Yuna is alright, too. :stuck_out_tongue:

lol I hate all the characters from Final Fantasy X with the exception of Bruce Will… I mean Auron. I don’t know the reason I just don’t like them.

I’ve never liked Kirby at all. I never saw the appeal.

I also hate omega weapon from FFVIII. Too much work.

I also hate Yuffie from FFVII because she was always stealing my shit.

u guys all mad salty. balrog is the best char in the whole video game world.