Victory: the salvation of Marvel, the Street Fighter Community, Gamers, and

Victory: Reflections on Marvel, the Street Fighter Community, Gamers, and more

For the past year or so many said Marvel was DEAD, and that the SF community was fading away.

I refuse to let it pass silently into the night.

Bottom line, it’s not going to happen.

I’m an aspiring director, and I plan on making a documentary. Some of you may have seen the preview for it awhile back:


This ongoing project will be one the most ambitious, innovative, RANDOM (yes I said it), wonderful, fulfilling experience for anyone who enjoys fighting games, games in general, life, or anything at all.

It’s more than just a documentary, it’s more than a case study of Gamers, it’s more than just a look at meta game as it relates to MARVEL, it’s LIFE. This is how WE define ourselves

Listen to the audio introduction, and if you are intrigued then perhaps you can contribute to the film. Or if you have any suggestions, just let me know and I’ll take them into consideration.

The link is down, you think you can re-upload?


yes… sounds intersting… fix the link or upload it elsewhere

hahahaha most anticlimatic replies ever

Dude spelled ‘world’ wrong. Man, thats just a turn off when it comes to advertising.

this guy is 16

Reasons not to take this seriously:

  1. Shin raven join date.
  2. Shinraven-“fuck marvel”
  3. If it’s true he is 16… then were all doomed.
  4. Shinraven “Im a director.”
  5. Broken link.

I wish it were true though… I’d be fully behind it but I doubt it is.

I’ve seen the preview, I have high expectations of whats to come

A little late for april first.

Na i know him, hes cool…and hes 21 not 16 =p

Sounds kinda ghey.

Bang the Machine 2: Rocky’s Revenge.

what he said.

hi brett.

I think MTV beat you to it a few years ago with their special.

“We didn’t land on Capcom! Capcom landed on us!”


I think it sounds interesting

So true

thats a good sign

Nobody likes a smartass…

this is what made me stop taking the post seriously

I was actually being serious…