Vewlix layout sucks

Hi. like 3 weeks ago i bought a madcatz TE. And i must say, they did a very good job installing everything, and designing the case etc. But I’m using it about 100 times less than my mayflash for one major reason. I can’t stand that terrible button layout! Like seriously who’s terrible idea was it to design the vewlix panel the way it is.


So let’s get this straight. If you want to use the first 6 buttons, you have to deal with this weird ass design. while your right arm is reaching to hit the buttons it is facing on a up-left angle naturally (or at least for me). So you have to bend your hand to the right just so your fingers fit nicely to the buttons which is extremely uncomfortable. The top row of buttons is shifted off to the right, so i have to completely readjust my hand placement for focus attacks and grabs. if you want to have all 4 fingers on the buttons (i don’t use the last 2, i just like having them there), you have to deal with this weird-completely un-ergonomical row, so instead of having your fingers naturally be in a curved line like hori or my mayflash, you (while already bending your hand to the right) have to readjust your ring and pinky fingers, which is hella uncomfortable. And if you want to use the last 6 buttons plugging the first 2, than you have to deal with a huge dip in the middle, which is COMPLETELY unnatural and i couldnt imagine how bad that would be. You must be on drugs to enjoy this. Like, EVEN IF my arm was naturally protruding from my right hip, or the joystick or buttons were much wider spaced, you would still have to constantly readjust your fingers for the weird ass layout. Can someone who likes this layout please explain why, because to me its absolute trash. not to say that i wont keep using my TE, but i just cant stand this.

Its one thing to say you don’t like the Vewlix layout, but to say the mayflash layout is better you just made yourself sound like an idiot when you mentioned “ergonomic”.


I’m a six button user so using the first six on a vewlix wouldn’t take all that much adjusting from an astro city layout, which I use now. Using the last six is reminiscent of the classic capcom 6 layout so I can see why they did the 8 button layout (something for both sides of the preference pond).

The space between the last 6 and the joystick isn’t all that bad. Some prefer more space between the buttons and stick. They’re so close in arcade layouts because of the control panels they’re designed for. I like the 95mm spacing over the typical 59mm spacing (spacing referring to the distance between the center points of the joystick and LK button). I have to say my favorite spacing is 85mm though; extremely close to the namco layout and identical to the hori ex2 layout. One of my prototypes is going to be a vewlix layout.

Have you tried an astro city layout? There’s a reason they’re a standard…

Really though, I think you should just try to adjust some.

Wow. First time I’ve seen something like this…

Coming from playing on a straight layout all my life. it wasn’t too hard to get used to either a viewlix setup or an astro city setup. I use an 8 button layout, but my fingers can adjust to either of the three I mentioned with little adjustment time.

Now that mayflash setup? Just seems odd to play with your wrist turned inward. I’ve got an empty mayflash case I need to finish modding, but I don’t see getting much use out of it because of that layout. I"m sure I could get used to it, but why?

Coming from playing the straight 6 layout (ever since SFII came out) and all of a sudden playing on the vewlix one on my TE, I found it easy to play on. Heck I didn’t have to adjust at all, and I personally found it more comfortable to use. I was hesitant to try this “new” layout before buying a TE since I couldn’t find one to twiddle my fingers on.

Basically it’s just a matter of taste.

^^ hmm, jinx! sort of.

Maybe it’s your tiny child hands that are the problem and not the ‘unergonomicalness’ of the stick…

Joystick Controller - Panel Layout

I hate Hori “transitioning layout” for SFIV, but love the last 6 for 3rd Strike.
Sega layout (P1, P2) are godlike.
Viewlix is shit for everything EXCEPT SFIV IMO.

Thread of the year.

No i havent tried astro city. And i’m adjusting, but it doesnt fit my hands at all its weird.

This blew up a hella fast jesus christ. But no i’m not trolling, i cant stand the vewlix. And I like the mayflash, because the way i like to play(at least on tiny cases like it) is to have my wrist in the bottom right corner, pointing in, while my fingers fit perfectly snug on every button on every row; like in my mayflash. and on a TE, if i try that, even knowing it isnt very smart on a big case, my wrist hits a screw, and the buttons feel all wonky. as i said, maybe i would like it if my my arm was coming out of my right hip, but it doesnt work like that.

Reminds me of this thread. lol.

CM Punk will save you from poor Vewlix arcade joystick layouts!

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Okay, seriously I think we can all agree that whatever your used to is the best for you.

That point withstanding, however, I have played on Viewlix, Astro city, and now I prefer to play on the first six buttons of the original HRAP 1 layout.

For those unfamiliar, it’s this:

It was originally intended that people use the right 6 buttons, with the left 2 buttons mapped to L1 and L2. I think this was done so that the joystick to button spacing would be more arcade-perfect.

Anyways, you might notice that it closely resembles the mayflash layout, so I would guess that the OP and I both like the same layout. The reason I prefer it is that I play chun and do cr.fierce to LL by sliding my index across the HP->HK->MK->LK->MK->HK buttons rapidly. With the increased angle it’s just easier for me to lay my finger down and slide. I play without glove, btw.

However, I do prefer the old astro city layout when playing footsies. Something about the positioning and spacing make it easier to pick the right button at the right time, but my combo execution suffers. I and personally not a big fan of viewlix unless the stick is slightly elevated on a hard surface. This is because when you lay your hands on a stick in this way, slightly away from your body, your elbows naturally come more together, which gives your fingers and hands the correct angle that you need. I personally do not recommend the TE for lap play because of this; your elbows are spread apart naturally. If given the choice, I would much prefer an astro city layout because of how I generally sit when playing.

If you don’t like it, you can get Plexi replacement panel from Arthong. Then you can make the button layout in any way you like! You like Hori. So try Astro City. You should Astro city 2 player layout use.

no no… that would mean modding the metal faceplate and the start of another interesting thread. Stop giving the boy ideas Nerrage the trolling will get outta hand

He won’t do it, Nerrage… Unless Art agrees to do it for free and pay shipping!

I don’t care if somebody posts their opinion, myself, but there are definitely better ways to express yourself than make such a universal declarative introduction like “This sucks!”

Gets annoying after a while… A bunch of people do this when you try to convince that their comfort zone SHOULD be yours. It’s all a matter of opinion and comfort. I’m not going to tell someone else they have to play with Happ parts or Seimitsu clear buttons any more than someone’s going to convince me I should dig up joysticks from 25 years ago and play all my games with them!

I’m comfortable with what I’ve got… I actually haven’t found that 100% perfect joystick with 100% tuned parts but that’s part of what modding is about.