Vergil combo thread 2.0

[INDENT=2]Shoutouts to Acekilla for the permission to make this thread, I’m remaking the thread to cut down on the fat from the other thread to make it quicker to find the stuff for ya’ll[/INDENT]
I’m kinda busy but if ya’ll help with the assisted BnBs you guys do, I’ll make sure they’ll get on the OP
Layout stolen from Momo/Dino


:l: ~ Light Attack
:m: ~ Medium Attack
:h: ~ Heavy Attack
:s: ~ Launcher/Special Button
:a1: ~ Assist Button 1
:a2: ~ Assist Button 2
:atk::atk: ~ Two Attacks
cr. ~ Crouching
j. ~ Airborne
sj. ~ Airborne Via Superjump
nj. ~ Airborne Via Neutral Jump
XF ~ X-Factor Cancel
DHC ~ Delayed Hyper Combo
adf ~ Air Dash Forward
addf ~ Air Dash Downforward
add ~ Air Dash Down

Solo BnBs according to Soviet
OG Ramza Non Looped
:l:(hold):m::d::h::f:+:h:xx :qcb::m: :m::h::s::h: release round trip :s::h:xx:qcf::l:(hold :l: )
cr.:h:xx:dp::m: :df::h: ( :qcf::atk::atk: )
Builds 1.3 meters
does 465k before dimension slash
OR Looped
cr.:h:xx:dp::atk::atk: :dp::m: release round trip cr.:h: xx :qcf::l: cr.:h: into next sword rep or :dp::m: :df::h: (optional :qcf::atk::atk: )
Builds 1.4 meters in total
does 670k after one Sword loop
840k~ for 2
980k~ for 3

Rising Sun Confirm
:l::m::h::f:+:h: xx :dp::l:~:h: trick(hold :l: for roundtrip charge), sj. :m::m::h::s:

** Rising sun Finisher 1:Day 1**
cr.:h::f:+:h: xx :qcb::m: cr.:h::s: sj.:m::m::h::d:+:h: :df::h:
Does 455K and Builds 1.2 bars before super
does around 625k after the first Dimension Slash

RS Finisher 2: Cr. :h: -> Spiral Sword ender (This requires you to start with 10% meter and can be done ANYWHERE on the screen)
(land from jump :s:) cr.:m::h::f:+:h: xx :qcb::m: cr.:h: xx :dp::atk::atk: :dp::m: release :l: cr.:h:xx:qcf::l: cr.:h: into next sword rep or :dp::m: to :df::h:
does 650k after 1 sword rep, building 1.3 bars for the full combo.
2 reps does 830k
3 reps 965k and full corner carry off of a relatively safe starter…

Intermediate enders
RS Corner Combo AKA the Acekillah
(land from Jump S in the corner) :m::h::f:+:h: (slight delay) Release Round Trip cr.:h: xx :qcf::l: (hold :l: ) cr.:h: :dp::atk::atk: :dp::m: release round trip cr.:h:xx :qcf::l: cr.:h: Next loop or :dp::m: :df::h:
Builds 1.1 bar (1.8 for 2 reps)
Does 660~675k for one loop
Does 860~900K for 2

Advanced Midscreen Finisher
(during jump S fall) Release Round trip close to the ground cr.:h: xx :qcf::l: cr.:h: :f:+:h: xx :qcb::m: cr.:h: (or not) :dp::atk::atk: :dp::m: release round trip cr.:h: xx :qcf::l: (hold) cr.:h: next loop or :dp::m: :df::h: ( :qcf::atk::atk: ender option )
Builds 1.5 bars for 1 rep
does 685k for one SS rep
890k for 2
breaks a mil for 3

Assisted combos:
The “Standard” by Ramza works with all OTG assists
:l::m::h::f:+:h: xx :dp::l:(hold :l: )~:h: sj.:m::h::s: (land) :h::f:+:h: xx :qcb::m: :h::s: superjump :m::h::d:+:h: (assist call) Release Round Trip cr.:h: xx :qcf::l: xx :dp::atk::atk:~spiral sword loops ad infinium
2 loops does 970~ 1 million damage
Using Doom you call the assist on your :h::s: as calltoarms’s Vergil/doom team has shown

DHC Ender from characters that don’t use a wall or groundbounce (usually cornered)(Like Magneto, C.Viper Dr.Doom in the corner, and from a short Dante Combo from just about anywhere on the screen)
{DHC into Spiral Swords}Holding L :dp::m: :dp::m: cr.:h: :f:+:h: Late release :l: (they wallbounce over your head) cr.:h: xx :qcf::l: cr.:h: xx :dp::m: :df::h: or (next sword loop) [media=youtube]Bcdiyt8keyI[/media] (sorry for the crap quality)

“Buster Swap” ender (Transcription by Cjaycr… awesome find)
:dp:* + :l::m:** (Hold L), :s::h:** Release RT*, :s::h::qcf: + :l: ,:qcf:** + :l: , cr.:h::f:+:h: Release RT, cr.:h::qcf:** + :l:, cr.:h::dp:** + :atk::atk:, :dp: + :m: Release RT, cr.:h::qcf: + :l: cr.:h::dp:** + *:m:
*[media=youtube]Ftjaio_XyM8[/media] *

Oh lawd… please don’t give Soviet any more combos to whoop my ass with -.-

Edit 5/3/12: Another ass-whoopin laden with trenchcoats and crying devils…

Edit 5/23/12: FT10 set whenever I get enough liquor to prevent becoming salty and playing random teams

Any tips on using crystal to set round trip lunar phase loops with Vergil his my Dante’s dch partner and meter whore and it would take my verg up a notch to be able to confirm standing heavys and jump s in to spiral sword loops. When it dose work for me is when I get the round trip out early as possible allowing the crouching heavy and judgment cut light to catch them as they’re being poped up

[media=youtube]FE0yAeWba-0[/media] you mean this?
The timing on hitting crystal is kind of tight overall, but not too bad. just call the assist and learn to adjust to the timing of the crouching H.
When I use Crystal I usually jump and release round trip (Like the doom Missiles extension sort of) land and hit a standing :h: into a :l: judgement cut

really simple extended combo
:l::m::h::s: sj. :m::h::d::h: (land) ( hold:l: ) :a1: (OTG assist call) :h: :f:+:h: xx :qcf::m: :h::s::h: release round trip cr.:h: xx :qcf::l: (hold :l: ) :dp::atk::atk: :dp::m: cr.:h: xx :qcf::l: (hold :l: ) cr.:h: xx :dp::m: :df::h:
Thats as simple as it gets for a spiral sword loop as far as i know

Dante/Vergil BnB for ya’ll that play the Brothers
Works almost anywhere
{dante} :m::h: Stinger (bold cancel) :dp::m: j.:m::h: xx :qcf::l: Dash :s:~:h: tk’d :qcf::l::l: :qcf::l::l: :s: jump :qcf::h: Million Dollars (630k builds 1 solid bar)… on spin shot DHC into vergil
{vergil with Spiral Sword DHC} (holding :l: for round trip) Dash :dp::m: :dp::m: cr.:h: :f:+:h: (bounces character out of corner) Release :l: cr.:h: xx :qcf::l: cr.:h: xx :dp::m: :df::h:
Combo does around 950k with 1 sword loop, and with 2 bars starting you outright kill thor… :slight_smile: just some Brotherly Sinergy for ToDs

The Vergil DHC ender works with Everyone who doesn’t have to use a wall or ground bounce, so get them close to a corner (like 1/3 screen confirms into the wallbounce delay roundtrip) and finish your plate… its too good not to do IMHO

Thanks for the knowledge here’s a dante/vergil bnb I use for mid screen with my squad. {dante} :m: :h: stinger (bold move) volcano j :m: j :h: :h: :s: ~ :h: prop shredder (now jump cancel air trick if your back is against the corner if not jump after them) hammer call Vergil rapid slash and quickly cold shower 2 hits only wait for dante to holster his guns trick and j :s: out of the rapid slash now dash up cold shower stinger you should have em in the corner carries from 3.5/4 to corner I have doom on my team so I do volcano beehive Stinger + doom hidden missiles jet stream fireworks missiles hit Sky dance reverb shock fire works million dollars dch to spiral swords Vergil lunar phase times 3. On some characters you’ll get the hard knock down so you’ll have to do acid rain volcano TK skydance to get the the ground bounce reset. This will kill most of the cast for 2 meters all of the cast for 3 and leaves you in a very nice welcome position

Bump for interest and sticky

Just broken 1 mil with Vergil off a raw rapid slash starting with 1 bar and ending with 0.8.

Fucking love this character. Rewards execution and practice. I’ll try and upload it tomorrow.

do want

I Approve good sir… Looking Forward to that video

edit: gotta fix the video

Let’s try this again…


^ God damn.

Have you guys ever gotten Dimention Slash as a DHC when you’re clearly inputting Spiral Swords? I’ve noticed other Vergil’s get the wrong super too so I’m not sure if it’s just me. I’m not Sakonoko, but I’m pretty sure I can do a DP motion.

Happens to me too some times, but i found that i was inputing the 236 motion too late after the forward input. The buffer window isnt as big a i think at times :stuck_out_tongue:

What is the optimal combo to go into off of a random launcher with an OTG assist available (Deadpool in my case)? Sometimes in the heat of a match the mentally programmed ground magic series comes out, or H, S as an anti air. I am pretty sure you can still produce big damage from this situation but I am unsure of what is the best thing to do.

When I hit an ABCS string and end with helm splitter I usually go with something like
(holding L from magic series) release :l: stand :h: xx :qcf::l: (hold :l: ) crouching :h: :f:+:h: :qcb::m: :s::h: xx release :l: :s::h: xx :qcf::l: cr.:h: ( :dp::m: or :dp::atk::atk:~loops )
if you’re using deadpool I’m not sure how the early ground bounce affects the rest of the combo TBH, I’ll test it sometime later today

So what is the most damaging but practical combo?
I’m guessing the ramza’s are still the best for assistless and otg assist?

The Ramza is the Best for being solo and short on meter
you should always try to aim for having a Rising sun combo if you have the bar due to safety of the blocked Rising sun~trick down being only negitive 2 or 3 on block