Vega: SSF4 2012: Apology Edition

Vega Changes

-cr.HK damage increased to 110, same as Super.
-1 more frame of stun on the opponent after cosmic heel, making it -3 at worst.
-Sky High Claw causes blowback when it hits a grounded opponent (same words as the blanka ball change)
-U1 hitbox after it hits on the way up increased drastically so that it doesn’t unexpectedly miss.
-U2 startup changed to 8f.
Sky High Claw does “blowback” damage on a grounded opponent.

So discuss it here :slight_smile:

施Shimashita controlling for the details that might be considered slightly better then want to use more Balrog.

Will be up to 110 damage crouching strong kick]], Damage as well as spa became the IV.
? Revert to c.HK’s Super damage? This is just a bad moment of a bad translation engine colliding with fighting game terms

1F stiffness extended if the other side of the [Cosmic smart guard] Up against the side of the frame is shorter and the Balrog-3F.
-Looks like some sort of frame reduction to cosmic heel?

If you hit against the ground] [Sky High Claw is now吹Ki飛Bi damage.
-Damage change if SHC hits a grounded opponent?

Ultra combo, the decision to expand significantly higher attack damage if you hit a high knee]
-Damage increase if BHC startup hits?

Bloody Claw] Was adjusted to reduce missed in the middle.
-Less chance to miss BHC if the startup hits.

[Crow] was adjusted Splendid 8F generation.

Bloody High Claw whiffs less
Splendid Claw is 1f faster
Cr. Mk or Hk (i see strong which makes me think mk is 110 damage)
i have no idea about cosmic heel

That’s what I was thinking at first. “Strong” would be the name of MP, but it implies medium, but 110 damage on a medium? It can’t be. Gotta be HK I feel.

True 110 damage on would be a big buff considering it does 70 now. Cr.hp does 110 so 110 for seems more likely

Where are my anti-airs!!!

AA’s are still the same as they’ve always been man, if this first dev blog will be the final 2012 Vega of course

Currently I don’t know…seems like most of the considerable suggestions at the CU board have been overlooked by the developers :frowning:

ah well

We are never going to get a decent AA. I guess that is in line with their design principals for vega. Forever free to rushdown.

We’ll never have a decent AA at close range, but cr.hp, do alright

Updated the first post with actual information. So what do we think of the changes thus far?

Fucking garbage.

They did however get one thing right which is improve his specials. Im assuming blowback on shc means its safer.

We got our old sweep back.

Overall fucking garbage and addresses none of his major problems.

So does this mean that SHC puts Vega in a safe retreat if he hits a crouching opponent with it? (Isn’t SHC on crouchers character specific though?)
Overall seems like some decent buffs, although the cosmic heel change is definitely making smile.

We thought that Claw players would only want a few more improvements, so we change a couple of small things.
Crouching roundhouse’s damage was increased to 110, the same as in SFIV (Vanilla)
-Cosmic Heel’s frame disadvantage on block has been reduced by 1. So when blocked, the maximum frame disadvantage for Cosmis Heel is now shortened to -3.
-Sky High Claw now knocks down grounded opponents too.
If the knee hits in Bloody High Claw (U1), the hitbox of the subsequent hits will be larger, decreasing the changes of the opponent dropping out of the ultra combo.
Splendid Claw’s (U2) start up has been changed to 8F.

edited for clarification.

lol, bangmango. just because Vega got no invincible moves doesn’t mean he can’t anti-air. Step up your game son.

I’m game, it’s all buffs. Clearly they never intended to listen to us, but whatever - should have known.

I’m glad that Sky High Claw is no longer unsafe on hit, apparently.

they didn’t buff him enough from his Super Vega he’s still nerfed overall… D:

Same old vega really. Glad U1 got improved, the few occasions i ever used it (choosing random and getting U1 vega), it was so annoying to hit them out of the air and then the next part missing.

Sky High Claw was unsafe on hit in AE?

yeah, super unsafe. like -9 or something incredible.

edit: lol, even worse than i thought. -16.
what were they thinking with that move anyway? the only thing it accomplishes is beating ppl who hold up to punish wall dives after you dive through them

wow really? I only ever used the EX version anyway.

They could do more for Vega.
[]Invincibility frames for Scarlet Terror.
]Revert the cr.MP damage nerf from 60 back to 70.
[*]Ability to chain jab. Cr.LP > cr.LP is a 1 frame link. We can’t even mash jab to get the opponent off our backs like everyone else can. This could help a lot.