Vega in Vegas! EVO Vega players sound off

So as we’re getting down to the wire to one of the biggest tournaments of the fighting game community. I’d like to see how many fellow narcissists are repping the mask and claw at EVO!

I’ll be there, Wednesday afternoon, staying at Caesars Palace. I’m in Pool E (Tokido’s pool). What about everyone else? I know Jozhear is going to be there for sure, and of course Tatsu.

Also, I hear rumors that the El Fuerte players are going out for tacos, in Vegas, “team Vega” should do something too!

i’m judging pool a on friday. i’ll be there thursday around noonish (if mapquest is right). i dunno if i’m actually playing in pool n in the pm or pool a in the am yet tho. send me a PM if you wanna link up in my place. i’m bringing a ps3 and a monitor.

Going out for… Nail polish?!?

^ no, we should go out and do what vega does best, get some beautiful bitches :tup:

But yea i’ll see you guys at EVO

Arriving on Thursday at around 9:00 PM or something.

I’m down for hanging out. I’m only 20 though. We should all get super fucked up, I know that that is certainly on the agenda. Yeahhhhhhhhhhh dat alcoholism.

Maybe next year… =\

I’ll be there. Gonna hang out with Wolfkrone, and Cuban Ace on Thursday night. My pool is in the morning, so no partying for me. As it is, I would never let that slop known as alcohol touch my beautiful lips.

Yea sorry I can’t go either. Also I share the same opinion as Rugalitarian towards alcohol lol.

I have high hopes for the Vega community for this tourney though. I bet some of you guys might make it to the top. Good luck.

if i made it outta pools… i’d be amazed

Yeah im there.
Gonna hang with cuban :smiley: hope all goes well checking in the hotel thursday.
Im in new york now and leaving for vegas today :smiley:

Im in Poule C early Poule… Supposedly Marn is in that poule as well… god i hope i dont have to fight his Rufus :stuck_out_tongue: i frigging hate rufus.

Go to a fancy, spanish-based restaurant. Vega wouldn’t have it any other way.

practice, practice, practice and known the match up especially against the usual vega to Win Evo

I’m in the same pool as Ryan Hart, and Chris Hu. Not gonna be very pretty, but I’ll do my best regardless. Oh, Mike Watson too. ^______^ At least I’m not in the death pool A.

Flash Metroid, Fubarduck, Dr. Chaos, and Juicebox abel, pool G.

@ joz : Hope you’re ready for flash, he’s a beast. Played him in ECT2 in team tourney, I got the first round off of him but then got destroyed in the 2 others. He adapts very well so if you play him, you better have good okizeme… because if you can’t adapt to him, it’s over. Anyhow, good luck and learn as much as you can over there.

I also hope your match-up knowledge vs guile is strong. Because I found that it was only that match-up that gave me most problems in tourneys because they can be more lame then you…

Wishing I could too but am far too short on funds and job opportunities here…here’s hoping I’m good and ready for EVO 2011.

Wish you Vegas the best of luck, give em hell guys! :smiley:

Hey guys. Wish i could go but will be ready by next year for sure x)

Make sure you guys stick together and if you all fail terribly, do it with grace. Be charismatic, leave our man’s fingerprint on this event…Throw a kickass party if that’s what it takes. Make sure people are aware of how dangerous Vega can be. In other words: Make Valreg proud…

Arriving tomorrow. I have high hopes fellow Vega players are representing for handsome fighters and are not actually pitiful, loathsome beasts. :stuck_out_tongue:

Pool K, with Damdai, Laugh and Shady K. Haven’t played nearly enough to do well, but should be fun. Messed around with that awesome Makoto corner drop -> corpse hop RH ST -> Xup EX FBA tonight, better late than never.

Can’t wait to see videos from the post-EVO Vega party.

Godspeed to everyone. Can’t wait to see some familar names on the stream. :slight_smile:

oo oo, when and where is the stream Pop? I gotta see it xP