Vega in Vegas! EVO Vega players sound off

9:00 AM, Friday. :slight_smile:
As for where, I’m not sure. A link on the homepage is of course guaranteed when the stream goes up though.

Yeah thanks man, I was playing good in some casuals today. Anti-airing really well and playing amazing footsies, if I carry that in I’ll be solid. Thanks for the well-wishing.

Good luck joz, just go in without expectations and pressure free. Easier said than done eh? Haha. Remember, you can’t spell Vegas without Vega x) Has that been used already? Lulz

On a seperate note; can nobody get Makoto a round trip to Evo? ._. The man must be showcased!

West coast America time yeah? If so, I’m going to watch it.

Already said it to Rugal (And bashed it into your brain!) and Joz but good luck to all of you guys repping Vega at evo. Give 'em hell guys!

Remember Pees
Vega Strong Point
Run Away
Life Lead
Mix Up
Back Dash
Back Flip
Kara Throw
Focus Attack

Vega or Hakan to win Evo have fun guy not too much :badboy: :rock:

Show everybody the true meaning of street fighter with Vega:

“Handsome fighters never lose battles.” I dare somebody to buy a rose and tape it onto the side of their stick. I’ll be doing that at the next tourney i’m at. :wink:

Lol vega vs dudley rose battle who wins get chun-li

My friend from Ireland Azza, who mains Bison will be there, he’s in Edma and Marn’s pool…ouch.

If you meet him, be nice to him guys!!!.

anyone know whether bebop is still playing and or attending?

Just remember SIT.

S- Scarlet Terror FTW!
I- Intimidate your opponents! (Which is done by…)
T- Taunt!

Lol, I can’t make it to evo this year :annoy:

Saw a “Bebop” in Pool J(subject to change) in one of the EVO threads but I’m not sure if that’s the SoCal Vega Bebop or just some other Bebop. Last I heard of Bebop he was playing Blanka.

You should all link up and have someone filming you. lets hear it for a Vega player documentary!!
don’t forget to share whatever u guys pick up from other Vega mains with us :smiley: If EVO ever comes to NYC I’ll b there, Best of luck guys, make us proud!

Just read the Bebop in the pool is the one and only and he now mains Deejay.

Where are you guys seeing the pools at?

I was pulling info from:

Good luck to Joz, CruelRazor and the rest of you Vegas…er… out in… Vegas. We’ll be cheering you on hard. :slight_smile:

claw out a victory! : )
wish i was there haha

Chillin hotel room

Tryin to get guy to come so we can hook up 360,

about to go grab some grub then probably turn in, long day tomorrow

EDIT: This is joz

joz what room you in. lemme come down and hang out with ya for a bit. i only got ps3 controller so i cant play on 360… unless you wanna hit up my room and play on ps3

damn. good luck to all vegas. i be watching on that stream.