Vega Beginners Thread

You’re just starting to learn Vega, and you don’t know where to start. Well, this is the place to pick up on the beginning concepts for the character.

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So does this guy have a reversal


At best he has EX ASE which is supposed to evade throws - but it’s a risky options because it has slow startup and *will *get counter hit.

And considering you can just jump if you feel a throw is coming, and won’t eat a reversal counter AND waste EX meter in the process…

Can I get a rundown of our primary pokes in each stance, like what they do.

This low-profiles him, this beats lows, etc.

I studied the hitboxes a little in this game…and it doesn’t look like there’s any low profiling as such. You have a crouching hurtbox that remains static while the normals come out.

V-Reversal is really Vega’s only option.

So do people prefer to use v meter for v reversals to escape pressure? Or are there situations where you’d really prefer to have v-trigger?

How do you fully utilize his V-Trigger? I’m in the lab testing it against Ryu and I get beaten clean every time by his fireball. The AA version and air version are great.

neutral V-trigger for cancelling out of pokes
crouch V-trigger for Anti-air
jump V-trigger for beating fireballs (and situationally air-to-air/air-to-ground)

Here are some extremely simple combos for people just starting out and can’t Claw Switch reliably yet.

Claw attacks:
cr.MK, cr.LP xx LK CT (Hit confirm.)
(s.HK CC) s.HP xx s.HP xx VS (Punish/Jump-in combo.)
(s.HK CC) s.MP, cr.MP xx VT, CA (Critical Art hit confirm/Punish.)
(s.HK CC) s.HP xx HK CT xx CA (Critical Art punish combo.)

Bare-handed attacks:
cr.MK, cr.MP xx MK CT (Hit confirm for crouching opponents.)
(s.HK CC) cr.MK, s.MP xx s.HK xx VS (Hit confirm/Punish/Jump-in for standing opponents. Replace the V-skill with an EX FBA for more damage.)
(s.HK CC) s.HP xx HK CT xx CA (Critical Art punish combo.)

CC = Crush Counter
VS = V-skill
VT = V-Trigger
CT = Crimson Terror
FBA = Flying Barcelona Attack
CA = Critical Art (Super)

Super beginner, here. Do we have anything explaining the basics of how to play Vega effectively (what the claw switch is for, how to defend pressure) yet?

Raises hand how the hell do we deal with cross-ups? Just slide/dash under, or do we actually have something to dissuade someone from jumping in 50 times?

I think vega, more so than characters who have solid reversals, relies heavily on controlling space. If someone is constantly jumping in you should be spaced to throw out a cr.HP (both stances) s.HK, qcb HP (claw) or anticipate and air throw them. If they’re too close to anti air, slide under, back dash, or neutral jump-haven’t played with his air to airs as much so I won’t give advice as to which button is best. As far as getting crossed up after a knockdown… block the mixup, or v-reversal. Blocking is really the best option, pressing buttons usually doesn’t go well. I would advise against mashing tech when you suspect an emtpy jump grab because people will abuse you with neutral jumps. Those are just my methods for jump/cross up spam… looking at you nash.
Tldr: If you’re getting wrecked by cross-ups your problem is in your neutral game, not your wake up game. Best way to not get crossed up is to not get knocked down.

You can use normal one as anti air also

sorry but could any of you decode this for me? cr.MK, cr.LP xx Light CT (Hit confirm.)

heres what i understand…cr MK, crLP. what does xx light, mean? and I understand hit confirm but I need a brief explanation to apply it. Thanks a bunch I know im n00bish.

xx means cancel from the previous move and light means the light version of the special in this case.

The comma between cr.MK and cr.LP means “link”. A link has to be timed. So there is a specific window where you need to press the cr.LP for it to connect after cr.MK

xx means “cancel”. Cancels don’t really have to be timed, you can basically press them however fast you want.

Light refers to the version of Crimson Terror like @ensane said. It would probably be better if I changed it to LK.

Thanks for those. especially the last one. This should be in the combo thread!

i cant hit this combo to save my life, i just keep dropping the CT. What is the problem with me lol. cr.MK, cr.LP xx Light CT (Hit confirm.)