Vampire Community Thread: GGPO Hitbox Overlay. Dustloop Tutorial #2 and Why You Lose To Me?

In light of the recent announcement that Vampire Savior will finally get its chance at a major event (

The vampire savior community is trying to find out ways to draw out players from across the nation as well as gain some new ones.

Some ideas we have on the table right now are: run a weekly ggpo stream, make a community workshops on ggpo with our players teaching new players, and make a street fighter players guide to vampire savior.

To get some of this started-


VS Wiki- Main Page - Vampire Savior Wiki

SRK VS Wiki-

Youtube match vid page links- Neojinbe’s page- YouTube - neojinbe’s Channel

Orecom’s page- YouTube - orecomchan’s Channel

DDSasquatch page- YouTube - DDsasquatch’s Channel

Shimatuya’s page- YouTube - shimatuya’s Channel

CalamityW’s page- YouTube - CalamityW’s Channel

Psychorarity’s playlist-

Frenzy Botsu Battles (Japan; 26 files):
YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

-Frenzy Kuradashi Battles (Japan; 26 files):
YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

-Gekitoh Battle Festival (Japan; 152 files):
YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

-N.T.S.C. Ranking Battle [10-22-05] (France; 10 files):
YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

-Nagoya Stories 4 (Japan; 8 files):
YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

-Night Game Match (Japan; 62 files):
YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

-SBO2 (Japan; 61 files):
YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

-Umehara vs. Video (Japan; 137 files):
YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

-West Winners Cup (Japan; 8 files):
YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

Tournament Footage- Club Sega’s Darkstalkers Event Part 1 Part 2 Part 3. Games- Vampire, Savior 2, Hunter, and Savior, in that order.


Nohoho blog- super nohoho fighter ii x

KeikoMars blog- ?? ~ Darkstalkers Data Base ~ ??

Character Basic Combo Videos courtesy of youtube thru

Morrigan Basic Combos- [media=youtube]xtbUTHxSIkg[/media]

Jedah Basic Combos- [media=youtube]ulh829dnXJE[/media]

Lilith Basic Combos- [media=youtube]9tPB1hVAR9w[/media]

Sasquatch Basic Combos- [media=youtube]_YeNUMNqiNc[/media]

BB Hood Basic Combos- [media=youtube]DeP6QbHTk2c[/media]

Q-Bee Basic Combos- [media=youtube]eDIBZN5Q0B4[/media]

Anakaris Basic Combos- [media=youtube]PxDR4dYWz6c[/media]

Bishamon Basic Combos- [media=youtube]49O1V-P_Z-k[/media]

Victor Basic Combos- [media=youtube]RqIG-GHH4jA[/media]

Lord Raptor Basic Combos- [media=youtube]xm8m1SqDo8U[/media]

Hsien Ko Basic Combos- [media=youtube]SQpjNg0jzeQ[/media]

Jon Talbain Basic Combos- [media=youtube]VvsmrACc0-8[/media]

Rikuo Basic Combos- [media=youtube]Alf4GL7kmxs[/media]

Felicia Basic Combos- [media=youtube]QCcjxzS10ZU[/media]

Demitri Basic Combos- [media=youtube]UC5nQDCRN_s[/media]

Netplay options- You have the following options as far as netplay goes- GGPO, Supercade, and NFBA via Kaillera.

Each scene runs differently I can only speak for two of them. GGPO is where I normally frequent at and usually has people at all different hours (Japanese players in the morning, North American/European players in the evening).

NFBA and supercade are usually used for people whom can’t use ggpo. Most #poverty players utilize NFBA as the main client for running games.

We usually talk to each other on IRC or AIM so start sending out your screen names if you want matches.

IRC channels- #poverty, #srkvampire

Console Version Calamity*-

So their are like fifty billion versions of the same game (vampire savior mostly) and you don’t want to be left behind playing bad versions of the game look no further then here.

Arcade- 1st game Vampire: Night Warriors (aka Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors), 2nd game Vampire Hunter: Darkstalkers Revenge (aka Night Warriors: Darkstalkers Revenge), 3rd game Vampire Savior: The Lord of Vampire ( Darkstalkers 3 for USA psx port)

Shit “Upgrades”!*?_?- Vampire Savior 2 (aka crap attempt at an upgrade that has less characters and nerfed engine mechanics). Vampire Hunter 2- ( Crap attempt at making vampire hunter into vampire savior with vampire savior 2 engine mechanics). Both of this games are pure shit omit them from your memory.

Console Ports: Only the ps2 port matters (Vampire Darkstalkers Collection-

Within this port includes all of the arcade games including the 2 shit games vampire hunter 2 and savior 2. With dipswtich settings on the games can all replicate the arcade versions perfectly. Also arranged vampire savior is the shit cause of all the extra characters added (pyron, dee, phobos, donovan, oboro bish, etc).

*It has been reported by that the emulation of the game maybe off by about a frame or two for player 2 in this version.

Vampire Chronicles (Dreamcast/PSP)- This is a stand alone game in itself. The game is much like hyper street fighter without all the badness of hyper street fighter in it (horrible matchups). Much is not known about this version and it is not on my priority list to figure this game out. Not a bad game at all.

Training Mode- The only way to train for this game is to get beat up online, or offline training via emulator/console ports. You can use emulators with their cheat functions to make a ghetto offline training mode (you can use FBA RERECORD- top tier emulators, PSPs, MAME 32, Whatever; as long as it supports cheats).

You can use the ps2 collection version, or the dreamcast vampire chroncles as well (some stuff will not transfer over to arcade savior if you use vampire chronicles). Vampire Chroncles has a rec function in it, the vampire collection disc does not.

Take a match vid and analyze it. Kinda like what I did [media=youtube]r-HPh2DE0rI"[/media] although I’m still working on perfecting the format.

I really wish you best of luck with the event.

Well thanks to SB5 you can add me to the list of new players.

I had no idea this game was so fun and technical!

I really hope this tournament does well! :smiley:

Can’t wait to show this game off on stage/stream to everyone. Keep up the good work everyone.

Hey that sounds like a good idea. How do you record your stuff for your page?

I play at CTF. Any good VS players there? Looks like a fun game to master.

There is a player named Hard Bread that plays at CTF. Also twelve is also a very beastly jedah player over there. loves joo

Tataki- I’ll get on it. :slight_smile:

I’m going to clean up the anakaris wiki in mizuumi tomorrow. I will also start doing the stream from now on unless someone has better equipment to do so. RAWR CURSE!!!

We’re having a tournament for this in Vegas on Saturday. Probably get six people for it. Hopefully some others get interested.

lol "I think he was waiting for the burst"
Please don’t do this :expressionless:

Most of the annotations in that video are terrible and provide little insight and literally tells what is happening in the video.

A better example is [media=youtube]oXl-cbNgLkU[/media]
Annotations by sp00ky. With this, I can read on my own time without the forced annotated pausing.

Good stuff. Keep it going guys, I got nothing but love for this game.

I didn’t record that specific movie. I downloaded it from youtube and reuploaded it.

You guys have my support. I won’t be able to go to this event but I’m always on GGPO, I can spread the word about this though. Let’s make it happen and show Capcom we care about Darkstalkers.

I’m all up for streaming and helping out in any way possible. My little guide thread was closed, so I’m in the process of talking to the mods about it.

But yeah, I’m up for helping anyone who wants to know more about the game. Hit me up on GGPO (SN: Korey), AIM (KoreyKore), or Skype (korey_kore).

Thanks for mentioning us Mar. I usually go to CF on fridays, the sticks there are horrible for VS but I’ll play matches if someone asks. I’ve been helping the guys in the Guilty Gear scene get into VS and we’re going to be playing a lot more VS at sessions and even try to start tourneys if turn outs permit. We both live in BK too so maybe you could come through and get some matches in. PM me and we can exchange numbers or something. The sudden interest in this game is making me so hype :nunchuck: !

Have any GGPO players confirmed they’re going?

I absolutely am in support of this, but since I live in Ottawa, Ontario, no chance I would be able to be at the event itself…

But still, if there can be a tournament of Darkstalkers 3, and raise interest in it, that would be exactly what the series needs. ;]

I love this idea, and look forward to the GGPO workshops.

Is there anyway to practice on an infinite life dummy on GGPO or Supercade? Probably interested in picking this up.

Download vsav.ini for free on

put this file inside of your cheats folder for ggpo. Open up FBA offline, click the misc tab, enable cheats. All the good basic training mode stuff is there. Infinite life\meter, and infinite timer.

Great info. Thanks a lot!