Valkyria Chronicles Thread

the game is coming out to the states too and i’ll have to say its the coolest looking jrpg thats coming out. the new canvas texture, cell shading graphics and the advance war rpg-ish style looks good. what you guys think? looks hype or retarded?

Been looking forward to it for a while now. Only thing is I don’t have a PS3 yet =/

This game looks amazing.

I have one question though… Seeing as this is an SRPG game, is the only gameplay in this game the battles or do you also get to walk around towns and interact with npcs (Like some of Shining the Force, Growlanser, etc games…)?

Yes to this game, especially since it’s like the only PS3 rpg for the rest of 08.

Bumping this thread since I just downloaded the demo and got a few mintues in on it. Its pretty sweet but man Im not good at all when it comes to stragety type games.

I read that on November 9 circuity city is gonna have the game on sale for $44.99 too

I did the Tutorial battle in the Demo… Seemed interesting, but if the entire game is nothing more than a bunch of those fights i don’t think it’s worth the buy…

I need to see more info before I throw money at it. I think SRPGs are alright, but Im really waiting for a nice JRPG to come out for the PS3… If this helps me pass the time and is fun, then i’ll be glad to pick it up - but the demo didn’t sell me… at least, not enough to make it a must buy on my list…

I’m more interested in The Last Remnant due out in like 3 weeks rather than this right now. I wish I saw what everyone else did, but the demo wasn’t that good for me.

here is the video review from IGN. They gave it a 9/10

After watching that vid, I’m not really that impressed. I’ll try out the demo, but I don’t think I’ll pick this one up.

I’m hyped for it. For some reason, I’ve gone through the same skirmish battle in the demo at least 5x now. Game just clicks w/ me.

Collision detection/hitboxes need work though. I tried to snipe a shot through the rail posts on that little bridge…bullet hits dead air as if something was there.

This game is all kinds of weird. I’m a sucker for cel-shaded graphics and sRPG types. It’s unique and I like it. I’ll definitely be buying a PS3 for this game (and Disgaea 3, which has been sitting around my house since September being shiny and stuff.)

IGN giving such a title as this anything over 7 is shocking, though.

I played the demo and will be purchasing it.

It reminds me of Front Mission and Rainbow Six’ baby.

Played the demo at a friend’s house, REALLY looking forward to it.

Not quite, it’s STILL an RPG, so you see the orange dashed circle around your reticle? That’s the area your bullet will hit in, that is to say your aim is general, not pinpoint. Still, they can zoom in(snipers anyway) so they’re still more accurate, plus I would guess that later on you gain skills and what not that make the circle smaller.

Man, I can’t wait for this game.

I’ll probably be picking this up.

I called gamestop and they said the game comes out on the 5th.
Are some stores getting it today and others tomorrow?

Today is the shipping date.

who did this game?

SEGA did.

sega making a game that isnt shit?

maybe i am just thinking sega of america with all their movie licensed games