VA/MD SF4 Fridays @ gamepad

At my local LAN center ‘Gamepad’ In Fredricksburg,VA which is located in the Spotsylvania Town Centre (
(predominantly for halo and other FPS games) hosts regular Street Fighter Fridays special. $10 For a whole day of games. I am interested in going every week from now on because school is out, but I am curious to see if anyone out here in the area is familiar with the whole gig and wants to come out.

As far as Lan Centers go, Gamepad is one of the best I’ve been to. They’re really enthusiastic about fighting games since SFIV and they can run tournaments extremely well (provided they aren’t hosting that GG Circuit online lan center battle bullshit). The guys are really cool, I used to go there often but “real life” has a funny way of making things work out. I’ll stop by there every now and again, but unfortunately I can’t remain in Fredericksburg. I might be able to stop by on the 19th.

Either way, as far as the competition goes, everyone there is basically learning the game, but they’re getting better as time goes on. If you’re new to Street Fighter or experienced and I guess just want to body people/teach, it’s not too bad of a place to go.

Is this going on tomorrow? What time?

it runs all day apparently… But ill be there along with a couple of buds in teh afternoon; I got exempt from senior exams tomorrow, so I’m deff going to give my Balrog a workout.::rofl::

mmm…I might have to make a trip down there. It is a lot closer than X30 in Rockville. I might be down there on the 19th also…

Friday special sounds cool. They stay open late I’m assuming? Next Friday might be a possibility for me. This place any bigger than X30 Corrosive?

IIRC, they have a MvC2 and CvS2 cab!!!

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a CVS2 cabinet in person. Not that it looks any different from any other cab. MVC2 is wuz up. Hopefully it’s got functioning controls.

BTW this sounds like a good way to transition from X30 on the weekends. 10 dollars isn’t bad considering what the regular hourly price would be. 5 would be better but if the venue is nice I’ll deal with it.

Open late? No, not usually, but I’ll get to that in a second so don’t dip out just yet!

Gamepad has more set ups and a bit more physical space than X30. Given that they have MUCH more set ups, also know that they have a lot of 360s and about 7-8 PS3s if memory serves me well. The televisions they have are designed with gamers in mind and the staff is enthusiastic about Street Fighter as I said. They have a few TEs just for folks who go if that’s any indication. Do take note that it’s a bit more of a family oriented environment so swearing isn’t tolerated, so unfortunately we can’t do our usual yelling and swearing at all times, there’s your trade-off.

So, about the “not open late” thing. Gamepad doesn’t stay open late since they’re located in the mall, it’s just an all day thing if you go to play Street Fighter. They’re open until like 9:30pm, but I can give them a call and see what’s up… okay, done with that. All right, as I said they are open until 9:30pm but they’re hoping to start lock ins if interest can pick up. And not those Treasure Troll Gem rubbing C3 laffo lock-ins that you folks like attending.

Another lan center in the area that IS open late is Sage Mantis. Sage Mantis is larger than both X30 and Gamepad. They stay open until 2am, I don’t know about pricing but I’m sure if one place is trying to have competitive pricing for Street Fighter and fighting gamers, then they’ll be bound to try as well. They also don’t have a rule on obscenities, there’s another advantage for potty mouths such as myself. Though I liked going to Gamepad more, so take that for what it’s worth. They’re both really good places, excellent TVs and a lot of set ups for play.

If anyone wants to case the places out, let me know. I have business cards with numbers and I personally know the staff of Gamepad. I realize this is more “pay to play” Street Fighter, but most people in the mall at Gamepad who were walking by and saw the game in action thought to themselves “Man, I gotta get in on this.” This is a chance to help with community growth and shit.

There’s a CVS1 cabinet and Marvel vs Capcom 2, but they need maintenance badly.

see yall at the lockin

What time does it start?

Yeah I see a bigger deal than the money we are paying to play. It’s a much bigger investment to get new people into fighting games so that we can get the exposure we need to grow the scene and find the next greats of the scene. SFIV has done a lot to advertise fighting games as a genre of games that deserves a prominent place in the next gen of video games. We just need to get more people into the face to face competitive aspect of it so they can see the uniqueness of a competitive fight between 2 players.

Hey Corrosive, you didn’t say where this other place is!?

Jin, you’d be willing to travel down to Fredericksburg, VA? Well if that’s the case I will more than likely start hosting sessions at my house on the weekends ( maybe once a month to start off with). Its about 30mins UP from GP (near Potomac Mills Mall). If Some MD’ers would come I most certainly do some session at my place.

I got a good set up(s) (ask Corrosive, Rugi, Upas, Portoman) of 360’s(4), a PS2 (with MvC2, Annv Ed., CvS2, Alpha Anth.) and a PS3. I am willing to go to GP just to help out the scene, but I would also like to host soon…

It is a bit of a drive but I could try to map out when I’d like to go. I’ll probably go next week just to check it out.

Sounds like it could be a good gathering but I usually work till mall close here on Fridays, so kind of sucks they close at 9:30.

Well if it means anything to you, Protoman and I drive about an or so to get to x30…

I am willing to go almost wherever the game is being played, but not on a consistent basis.

Eh this place seems kinda far for me. How’s the traffic on I-95 south on fridays?

Sage Mantis Game-Haven
1817 Tidewater Trail, Suite 125
Fredericksburg, VA 22408

Anyway, traffic on I-95 going south on Fridays? If you haven’t left already, it ain’t worth going now. You either go early or don’t go at all in the face of that nonsense.

Yeah, going down 95 on Fri anytime after 12noon is a death wish.

The good thing is that it seems to be an all day thing at this place (I think?) so if you come down, you won’t have to wait for the place to open…

Once my job situation works out I could do this. I’m thinking I’m not going to be able to unless I get a retail job. I would like to try this place out and see what good with it. Maybe next Friday?

19th. Going on the 19th. Ya’ll should be going on the 19th cause it be all convenient for me and shit. Plus, we can go to Renegade’s on the 20th afterward.

What’s this about hitting up this gamepad joint then Renegade’s? You doing an all nighter or you got a place to stay?