VA/MD SF4 Fridays @ gamepad

I’ve got a place to stay in the area, given I still have my apartment.

I am in for Gamepad ( if I get off work early enough). I’m not too sure for Richmond cause I am REALLY hating on SF4 right now, plus I tole Renegade to take me off the list.

I’m not that good at SF4 and don’t really want to waste money for at best 2 games, but I do want to play some of these people though…

Gamepad Fridays - worth the trip

That was a lot of fun.
I found this threat at 10am on Friday and decided to blow and evening checking out Gamepad. It’s a great setup for general gaming, and had a dedicated SF4 station as well as a MvC2 and KI cab. The later were hardly pristine, but they felt like cabs worn form play rather than the ancient boxes you occasionally find taking bowling alley abuse.

There were some good players there, and everyone was friendly and chill - no drama, and even the obnoxious 8th grader was handled well by the more responsible and sensible folks.

The tourney was very casual but showed some great matches and a bunch of guys who had real knowledge and love for the game. Saw some solid Chun, Gen, Abel and 'Sim play all night long. I’m very much a player for whom that’s a bigger draw than a supremely talented pool that treats everyone else like trash.

I’d love to see more fighters get exposure in this window - open up the $10 Friday deal to any fighter, provided that all players are open to challenges.

Can’t wait to finish moving to I can head back down for another night.

Oh, and I drove down from Fairfax and managed the 95 traffic. Left around 2 and it took me an hour+, compared to a speedy 40 minutes back up at 9:30.


Someone please go to gamepad today. I need offline practice for civil war tomorrow :o

Gonna take a raincheck, fucking traffic on 95 was garbage until 146.