UW Hub Tri Weekly Tournies! SF4. 3/7 (Tentative date) @ 1pm

**When: **
Sunday Jan 10th @ 1pm… shit will start on time this time. If you are late to the roll call, you will not be able to enter. Hopefully we finish before 4pm.

SF4 tourney AND Blazblue Tourney!

University of Washington HUB game room. Directions- http://depts.washington.edu/sauf/hub/directions.php
Parking is free in the Padelford parking lot.
http://www.washington.edu/facilities/transportation/commuterservices/parking (quick select N16, N18, N20, N21)
There’s a lot of food on the ave!

$10 buy in per game. When you pay, you’re in… no IOUs or "put me down now and I’ll grab the money later."
Pot split is dependent on how many entrants show up. Normally it’s 75/25/10
Money is taken out of the pot to cover the room rental fee ($48).

**Setups: **
FUCK THE LAGGY TVS! WE’RE BRINGING OUR OWN SHIT! - Let me know if you can bring a setup.
Bring your own sticks/pads.

**Format: **
Double elimination
Rounds are 2 best out of 3

How to register:
RSVP in this thread or in the facebook group http://www.facebook.com/groups.php?ref=sb#/group.php?gid=204620365700.
Register 1 hour before the tourney in person. Registration ENDS PROMPTLY 30 minutes to 1pm. Hopefully in the future we can do all of this online.

If you RSVP and do not show without notifying me or an organizer in advance (anytime BEFORE THE DAY OF the tourney would be nice!), you will receive a strike. Three strikes in a period and you cannot show up for future tournaments. This is done to organize shit beforehand and hopefully speed up the preparation process.


  • Be ready to play whenever. We will call your name once, run through whatever we need, and then call you again. If you are not there the second time, you will be disqualified. NO JOKE!
  • If you pause anytime during a match, your opponent can choose to disqualify you.

What we need:
TVs/Setups/Copies of the games/Memory cards

If anyone wants to help with anything, that’d be great so send me a pm. If someone is proficient with making tourney advertising posters, hit me up so I can set them up around UW.

Tag/id your stuff

If any of this shit bothers you or you want it changed… HOLLA! We can worry about recording matches/commentary/fluffing it up later! If anyone wants to step up for that ish, lemme know because I dunno jack shit about it!

For those that are hungry, let’s go grab some grub. For those that wanna have a good time, let’s go… KARAOKE?!? Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll make a reservation for a karaoke room up on the ave! We’d all need to pitch in for it however.

Jan 10th
List of Attendees (Updated every so often, lemme know if you don’t see your name and you’re coming!).


  1. ejdge
  2. Duggish
  3. Beikoku Taichou
  5. Riki-oh
  6. RAFA
  7. Gieft
  8. mike
  9. Hyre
  10. snow
  11. Shin Sheng Long
  12. bokkin
  13. hindumagic
  14. joe d
  15. tony d

WTF is the community at? Ya’ll were bitching about tournies and here’s one!

I’ll be there but I will be a little late cuz I got to work till 1.

Sounds sweet ejdge - I work so I can’t make it out but good luck with this.

put me down. drdoomkills aka jeff

Put me down too.

Emperor Pat

You hope to finish in 3 hours with 2 xbox systems? In street fighter FOUR? kekekek

Could we in theory bring setups

They have more setups available Elias, and depending on turn-out I am sure he’ll arrange for more, I think the max is 8 though (which would be plenty for a decently sized singles tourney).

@edjge: My only concern is that you might get some people having disagreement on 2 out of 3 @ 3 rounds or 1 @ 5 rounds. I suppose the default is 2 out of 3 @ 3 if a decision can’t be made?

@ Elias
Yeah I can rent out more setups (there’s up to 8 360 setups), any recommendation on how many we’d need?

@ FuriousJodo
Oh yeah I assumed it would be that way but I’ll go ahead and clarify it. If both parties cannot agree, 2 rounds, best out of three is the default rules.

but we have to pay money to rent the setups rather than being able to bring em? >:D

best of 3, 2 round battles is how singles tournaments go. this ain’t tournament wars.

Yeah we have to pay and rent em. We are using their space after all.

And I’m leaving the option to choose which format to play incase people want to do it. It’d save time and if one party disagrees, they’ll be forced to use the default rules.

I’d say maybe 1 setup per every 8 people entered would be a good starting out point since it’s double elimination.

Kk I’ll try that for this first one. As soon as we get over 16 people, I’ll grab another setup.

I agree with you on that, with the EX meter carry-over and such I don’t think I’d ever choose 3/5 over 2x2/3.

Good shit Ed. I’ll be there. Lemme know if you need any help.

Update: JWO over at TZ says he might run a T6 bracket at this if he can make it. If there’s enough interest and someone can run T6, the entry fee to enter will be $8 per game.

Again, there will be AT LEAST 2 setups per game if T6 is included.

Speak up if you’re dual interested!

Tekken goes MUCH faster than SF4, just an FYI.

sounds good. put me down.

i can bring a memory card and a copy of SF4

I’d love to attend! Here’s hoping it won’t be snowing! I was going to throw this up on the SeattleVersus event calendar if thats okay with you Ejdge…that cool?

Yeah the more publicity the better!