Utica NY... Looking for a fight

Anyone in the Utica NY area? I know there’s folks in Rochester and Buffalo and Albany, but Utica is pretty much in the middle. Thinking of starting up weekly fights, but wanted to see if there was anything going on here before making an attempt.

Yeah i live just outside of utica, i would like to be a part of weekly fights. I can never make it to places such as buffalo or albany.

Utica Fight Club Interest…

Would love to have weekly fighting game battles against local foes in our Crown of Jeweltica!

Although i would have no clue where to hold the weekly fighting game matches. Start asking around, although a friend of mine in rome is trying to start a weekly gaming club there LAN Mob - LAN Gaming Center in Rome, NY

Im in Rome I’d definately show up to a game night in UT or if you guys wanna come down to Rome and play casuals thatd be cool too. You guys on Xbox or Ps3 if youre on xbox add me baronvondavis

If any of you are motivated enough to travel, Buffalo is having a tourney this weekend at UB. Check in our thread for details. If not, check out more local events in Syracuse and Albany as well.

From Rome also, always down to play some more local people psn/gt:Foozie22. What games you guys play?

Considering that I’ve shown up to most of the SU events, having anything going on in the utica/rome area would be easy stuff to get to.

I’ll be routinely checking back if anyone wants to get something going

I also know that gl0ry would probably be happy to hear he doesn’t have to drive out to SU as well to get a scene going :rofl:

If Rome is a better option for people maybe we could work that out. I’m going to check on a few places where we could possibly hold a weekly meeetup, but we would need to establish games and fightsticks and whatnot. I play on 360 (SSFIV and Tekken6 primarily, but also enjoy older PS2 fighting games, KOF98 etc.) I have 1 wireless fightstick.

XBL: Dankind79

Didn’t even notice you were from vernon, my whole family went to VVS except me, moved to oneida in junior high and graduated there.

cool to see players from around my more local area

That’s cool Landon. I see you’re on PSN, no xbl?

I play on ps3 but i also have an xbox360 stick. My xbox hard drive died on me and i cant recover my account for some reason. Also there will be a tournament saturday april 16 at 2:00 pm in Oneida at mind games the address if your interested is 114 Madison St., Oneida,NY 13421

thats fucked just seen that post about that tourney had to work all day anyway what was the turn out like?

wow I am sad as shit that I missed this, I live right up the street from wal-mart, are they planning on doing any other tournies? I work graveyard at the savon at 31 and 13 and get saturdays off, would’ve been easy as shit to go if I saw this :[

also at the earlier question: i’m PSN only, sorry


if anyone wants to do some kind of weekly scheduled get together somewhere, let me know asap, I’ve been around playing games at syracuse for about 6 months now and can gladly make it to anywhere around the rome/utica/oneida area.

If your wondering there wasn’t much of a turnout at the tournament, no one was experienced even slightly. I ended up winning, and they made it a round-robin thing. Im up for a weekly thing too at anytime.

are you from the oneida area? i’ve lived here 7+ years now and have been looking for people interested in FGs

Im from the utica area kind of, i live 15 minutes from the city. in clinton

:360: Good evening, ladies! Bringing you all best wishes from Rochester!


My friend heard there is a marvel tournament in Herkimer Saturday 4/30 at noon. Here’s a link to the website there isn’t much information on it.Replay Games

Yeah five dollar buy in over 300 dollars in prizes supposedly. Anyone been playing Mortal Kombat on here? I’m addicted to that shit.