Utica NY... Looking for a fight

lol wait the Buffalo tourney? All of our Mahvel players went to the Rochester tourney instead since we didn’t think anyone was coming lol. Shoulda just gone to the Roc one. =p

Think he was talking about Oneida tourney don’t think anyone from this area went to buff or rochester tourney its quite a drive.

the fuck

yeah i’m probably gonna see if I can make it to herkimer

Oh ok didn’t see anything posted about that one, must have missed it. Posted about ours earlier in the thread, but even our own players just skipped it when we found out nobody was going haha.

actually i was referring to the oneida tourney. And i will be at the one in herkimer this saturday, ill probably be the only one there with arcade sticks (except for any of you guys that attend). There will probably be people there because of the halo reach tournament that will also be there.

just learned i’m working saturday because someone requested the day off wooooooo

No psn sucks, MK would be the one game I buy for ps3. Anyone playing or is everyone still on Marvel?

Hey, I’m from the Utica area as well. I just noticed this thread, as I was browsing the forums. I’ve been mainly playing MK9 as of now, but I play some HDR and SSF4 too. Waiting on AE, until I start playing more SSF4 again.

Weekly fights sounds fun. If anything like that ever gets started, I’d attend some, when I had the time to.

I saw there was a MvC3 tournament at a local store (I didn’t even know a store like that existed around here!). I hope they decide to do an MK9 or SSF4 one sometime. It’d be fun to go there and get my butt kicked by real people, like the arcade days!

In the meantime, if any locals want to try and play some laggy MK9 (hope they improve that soon), just add me to xbox live.
GT : Kumite Champion


I only throw time into marvel and a little into super/blaz, waiting for AE so I can go hard on marvel/AE strictly

Looking for Super casuals in Utica. Definitely need some good local competition. If I keep getting better, might start heading down to the city for tourneys if people are willing to make the drive along with. I live right on Genny and just need someone that’s half way decent at Super to knock heads with. Look me up on xbox live (Predasus) or pm me here if you or a group of people are down for some solid training sessions. My Akuma just needs more offline training to be absolute beast mode.

I live in South Utica and invite anyone to play with me and my friends on the weekends. We all go to Proctor High School and are hungry for some New Comp. Pm if your interested

We play SSF4 and MvC3XD Live right off Genyy:D


Hope you guys can make it!!
U only like what 30 mintues away from cuse town ha
Come win some money and have some fun!!

Yeah. Damus, me and semiskilled always try to make it out to the Cuse tourneys so if everything goes right well be there.

I hope so brother :slight_smile:
I’m putting my own money in it for u guys
This is made for all the ny players

Predasus you drop marvel already? Shoot me a text when your on super ill hop on. Got to get back in to the swing of things before AE drops. Thats goes for anyone else also,I got super on both consoles

Hey, I’m from Binghamton, and I work in Cortland… If I get a free weekend, I could drop in Friday after work. It’s about an hour and half drive from there.

What’s good with PSN players? Add me: m1x4h

I’m from Union Endicott (20 mins from Binghamton) Any players from around here? I know BU(Binghamton University not Buffalo) has a small amount of people but i have yet to find any of them on this site. Scogz, know any place around here that have get togethers? Id rather not drive an hour and half+ to get to SU and such.

I know nobody around this area.
What do you play? We can get together, and I do know one person from BU, but he’s gone after June. str[e]ak is there.

Mikeomak whats games do you play and on what system. Right now i have super, and marvel on xbox and super, and mk9 on psn.

I play on Xbox. I play MvC3 and Blazblue(SSF4 disc lazerd). GT is same as username. It’s hard for me to plan things right now as work schedule is switching a lot. Once it settle though i’ll be down.