Using the computer for practice

Just as the title says. Does anyone consider the AI on arcade mode to be a decent way to practice the game when there’s no human competition availiable? I have my doubts because the computer pulls a bunch of stuff that you’d never see in a real match. Also take into account the reading of inputs and its kind of impossible to break defense. And I’m sure everyone is aware of the supid habit the AI has during a match - sit there, do a few things, then when its low on health go batshit crazy on your ass. I’m wondering because when I do arcade mode, its conditioning me to play differently then I usually would.

This is assuming its on the highest difficulty level.

doesn’t matter. yo ucan’t accurately practice resets and strategies. you can practice combos, which isn’t much different than training mode… better off using training mode though.

I’ve gotten worse by playing computer too much. It’s a bad idea since the computer has no concept of zoning or lock down, and can block damned near anything when you’re RTSD, but then it won’t block random stuff.

Bad practice makes for sloppy play. Just use training mode.

:tup: to N_paul :slight_smile:

btw: mixup learned to play in practice mode… and he came in top 8 in his first evolution… :slight_smile:

Yeah that’s what I thought. Now I know what they meant when they called the AI retarded. Still, I need someone, *something * to practice against or I’ll lose the feel of it. Can’t get a decent human opponent until I return to Dalton on Tuesday: the infamous Black Horse.

Ok are we arguing against playing against an AI vs practice dummy?

Or AI in arcade mode vs training mode that offers you combo practice + the option of battling AI?

In the first case you can get some practice off the computer. Such as things like gaurd breaks or starting situational combo starting. (punishing things on reaction midst battle) which is an important part as well as dummy practice for combos and combo starting on stand, crouch, jump, or super jumping characters, etc.

In the second case, the only plus to an AI is that the characters die. Which is only good for a limited amount of things such as kooky glitches, fancy snap combos on last character, etc. All other things you can just go to training mode and turn AI on if you wish.

I think what people’s problem with Arcade mode is that they treat the AI like they are playing a person, rather than using it as a training tool.


fighting versus 3 cpu rogues is good for practicing reaction blocks on cross-up attempts/trying to land hits on moving opponents, but other than that i agree with whoever said it’ll just make you dumber.

mvc2 probably has the worst cpu of any of the capcom games imo

Yeah, but how the hell am I supposed to get them to do that? The asinine AI only pulls that berserk shit when they’ve got a foot in the grave, even on highest “difficulty”. And since training mode has immortality, I don’t see how it could work.

Actually I heard it activates not based on actual health but a little but more damage/combo, like after you get done with some big combo the AI acts up and start trijumping the shit out of you.

Would be pretty cool if we could change out the AI and put in some programmable pad shit in there to practice. With people to changing colors and trying to change stages who knows.

practice combos/setups in practice mode

then practice combos on cpu (hey, at least it’s semi-real of a match. and if you can’t do it here, then you def won’t be able to pull it off in any type of match)

then practice combos on people you can normally beat with your good teams

then practice combos on good competition.

Practicing against the cpu has it’s uses, because if you try to practice against competition right away, you could be wasting some time/money in the process.

I use the training mode outta the simple fact that it’s the training mode. I figure if I can practice on somebody sitting still it’ll become all too familiar to me once I got everything down. Then, of course I’ll attempt to challenge the cpu or a human opponent…preferably a human opponent. If I don’t like my execution, then it’s back to the training mode. With more practice, I’ll get a familiarity on what I need to brush up on.

Well I decided in the end to drop arcade mode for awhile, unless I feel the urge to fight abyss or something. I went into training mode after I got home today and I found its a lot more useful. I practiced on the dummy for awhile than turned it on CPU (ridiculous how it makes you go back to select screen, though) and while its still pretty stupid (the CPU never blocked my random Soul Erasers, barely tried to retaliate against my overheads and air combos) it did help a lot by at least giving me an idea of a moving opponent; got in some zoning and Morrigan air-dash overhead practice. But yeah, human opponents are best as far as experience and becoming a better player goes.

does soul eraser have zero start up, or do you often spam it in matches? I know this is off topic but thought i’d ask

No. It has start-up, similar to Iron Man’s proton cannon, but like the PC when its out, the lasers are instantly full-screen. Its start-up is faster than proton cannon, though, so it can be used to punish mistakes. That’s what I use it for, or I try to combo it in the corner. It is counterable if blocked up-close. Not a move you would want to spam. And the chipping sucks.

I actually disagree somewhat.

Playing against the computer AI in arcade mode has its perks for actual practice, because often times the most effective strategy is to limit your opponents options.

Although you cant be 100% on something that works on the AI every time, you can find holes in your blockstrings, and work on safe methods of attacking; just because the AI didnt kill you in one hit doesnt mean it didnt show you a weakness in your attack pattern.

You also find lots of character specific stuff on characters that people dont play with all that often. Like when you play against VDO, you want to know the glitchy angle that n.jump AD/DF jab crosses up standing Ken.

Its not anywhere near as good as an average human opponent, but it is better than nothing, and keeps you on your toes a little more than training mode.

Well said.

I like playing against the computer because it gives a sense of doing things “under pressure”. You aren’t sure when they will block stuff, so you learn to execute better.

Nice quotations around the ‘under pressure’ part. If they weren’t there, I may have laughed longer.

Hmm, I guess you fellows have a point…and it is better than nothing. I did practice a Ruby Heart trap I made using her and Morrigan (which later worked in a real match) so it has its uses. Just wish the CPU were better.

Oh, BTW I was reviewing Kao’s MvC2 FAQ earlier and remembered he found out the CPU characters take a lot more damage than in versus mode, but he didn’t have the exact percentage. Something to consider when Storm and Rouge go into Berserk mode and you’re wondering why they just won’t die. :sweat: