Using the computer for practice

Different handicap maybe…? Otherwise, that doesn’t make any sense…

i don’t know about you guys, but whenever I play the computer, I know when they’ll block and when they wont.

If they’re in block stun, they wont block another direction…

eg. dash up with magneto, call storm and do,, as the typhoon hits and they’re blocking low, just tri jump…

also, if you tri jump and call typhoon, when the typhoon hits, do, c.hp, and it will hit all the time.

CPU is super predictable.

and the rogue / storm berserk crap… my ass… storm does the SAME shit, up down up down. sometime she crosses you up, but you have to know distances. it’s the same tri jump, so just make sure you know if you’re in range to be crossed up…
with rogue, almost every character’s jab will knock her out of her ‘berserk’ mode.

the only CPU character I have a hard time with (and some are combinations), omega red, anakaris and akuma assist, felicia and bison assist, and bb hood with akuma assist…

omega red seems to ALWAYS know where you’re going to go…

anakaris will BEAST that akuma assist. how many times, i’m getting this random tri jump shit with anakaris, he gets a hit, calls akuma, and does the cobra super. fuck you anakaris, taking 70% of my life

felicia with bison just bothers me… i feel like i’m always blocking. it’s not a difficult match, but just an annoying one…

bb hood is annoying when she gets her double jump combos off… add in an an annoying assist and happy hunting, and you’re eating 70% combos off of one hit…

Good looking out on the Rouge and Storm info; I didn’t know that. I’ll certainly have to remember it.

I really agree with you on Omega Red…I hate the CPU. He always jumps up, throws down a coil and its always aimed at your exact location. Use AA assists. My Ruby stands quite well against him.

I agree on Bison and Felicia as well. But they’re predictable too…Bison always tries to use his projectile; hit him out of it and it will dissapear. He also abuses the Dive attack; just wait for him to come down to a certain height and AA him. Even launchers will work. Felicia is fast but her abuse of delta kick is easily punished by use of push-blocking.

Ha ha!

lol Cpu characters that play pseudo smart:

Guile, Chun Li, Cyclops, Blackheart, Psylocke, Wolverine (dunno which), Tron, Sentinel, Anakaris, Magneto…for the most part.

That about it for me, I guess. What I mean by ‘pseudo smart’ is that these are the characters that don’t often leave themselves open to get hit and these are also the characters that have a higher tendency to try and punish your openings.

Once the CPU goes into blockstun, if you have a semi-consistent block chain, they will NEVER leave blockstun until you decide to let off. lol

Full-screen, standing buster shots are teh sickest lock-downs…EVER!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I wonder why I keep coming back to this thread :slight_smile: Marvel AI is weak

i meant felicia with bison assist… it’s just annoying that she manages to triangle kick with the bison assist, timed so perfectly that she gets to keep me in block stun for a while…

and war machine is annoying because every time i go to guard break, i get thrown as they come in. so random.

Yeah there is something for sure to what Mixah said about CPU blocking. They dont seem to change block type while in blockstun almost at all.

But more important is getting hit out of blockstrings. Practicing not ever getting hit by the computer is still good practice.

Spacing on blockstring to typhoon to mixup can change alot, and even something basic like that can be made alot more solid by playing the AI and watching the spacing specifics.

felicia + bison damn I hate that CPU combination. Whenever I fight omega red he just stays in the air sometimes, but he’s kinda annoying too.

jugs loves to super abuse the headcrush, with great prediction too - also servebot will just spam helpers near death. Every time I jump in if feels like Iron Man would R.Blast…there’s a lot of noticing things while in 1 player.

lol, the same thing pisses me off too. Its just not right!

arcade training over training mode. at least you get different stuff in arcade mode. despite turning on the ai in training and setting it at max difficulty it will still just sit there and wait for you to attack. it does not move forward whatsoever then the only time it does supers is when it has enough for thc’s thats it.

I’ve found that a mixture of both is best for me. Practice new combos and tricks in training mode, then take it over to arcade mode, then onto human opponents.

What I’ve found about the computer is that the only reason its useful (and not a total pushover) is because when it decides to ‘get serious’ it knows when you’re open, when it can attack, and can block damn near everything. That’s something at least.

Of course, during a session when I raped the computer down its last character and they decided to block every punch, kick and cross-up. I just said, “eh”, stepped back and released a soul eraser. Didn’t even attempt to block it. Umm…okay. :rolleyes:

Heh, the computer does have it’s uses…but doesn’t present them too often. Try going to Training mode and setting your CPU opponents as Magneto/Storm/Rogue and try to piss them off. There’s ya defense practice right there till you need to face human ops.

I usually just freestyle combos on the computer, just to see what works and what doesn’t…but in the end don’t expect just the CPU to make you good.

Last night’s CPU Mvp:


He was determined to not be my bitch, but only tired himself out after a while. Gene splice at the precise moments I let go of block. Wow. Reminded me of XvSF Cyclops a bit.

Yeah, I hate it when they pull that shit. Just like Kyo pulling his dp+P move in the King of Fighters games at just the right moment. So aggravating.

After playing much more competitively now, I think training mode is much more helpful for becoming good. As mentioned previously the computer tends to block and not block the same things over and over. If only there was a way to have 24/7 opponents on Mahvel :frowning:

The computer never fights intelligently, regardless of difficulty or the version you’re on. Only thing the computer is good for is an “ok” sparring opponent, to practice combos, tricks, and execution. Also to have fun a bit and kill time until someone steps up to the machine.

Otherwise you won’t learn much of anything from beating the CPU.

That’s what i feel too… When you don’t play competitively, training mode is boring as shit, but once you get into higher level play, you go into training mode with the mindset of KNOWNING what to work on… Whether be your hit confirms (assuming the game has a “random” block option), your overall combo execution, learning your distances (knowing throw distances in ST IS SUPER important), intelligently looking at all of your attacks and figuring out where hitboxes are, and just overall, learning how to be comfortable with your character… I still say, no matter what, execution is VITAL ENOUGH that you should always practice your basic hadokens, sonic booms, dps, and half circle motions (even if your character doesn’t have them). seriously, this might sound fucking stupid, but learning what it takes to do a DP on reaction, you’ll learn when it’s safe for your Blanka to jump and when it is not.

does PS2 marvel have random guard?

I know DC doesn’t, need a PPAD to set that up i guess.

Nah, it doesn’t.