Using Super Mario Brothers to explain Quantum Mechanics

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Pretty interesting read, and a pretty crazy video to kinda explain.
Although I suck at physics, it explains stuff kinda well in layman’s terms.

This is probably going to be moved to the video thread, but cool shit nonetheless. :tup:

damn, the video itself deserves more than 1 reply


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My bad, it wasn’t this vid, it was just the mario thing in the back, without the explanation.

cool video, pretty stupid theory though

maybe that’s why people experience deja vu–their other self already did it :razzy:

I am seriously in love with Quantum Mechanics.

I can understand why you think it is a stupid theory. But once you actually know some of the actual science behind it, it makes alot of sense. And every year we prove more things which lead to this as the actual answer. Basically for every action or result which could happen at every given point in time, all of those results happen. We are just limited as 3D beings to not be able to see changes.

We cannot see the 4th Dimension (Time) directly, but we can see the changes it causes because of how it changes our 3D environments. We can see changes in the 5th and 6th Dimension with special equipment, but cannot directly experience it.

First ; The double slit experiment. One of the first proofs of the idea of matter existing in multiple forms until observed.

Second ; A very easy to understand video on String Theory/Multiminensional Physics.

Wow…thanks for posting.

Isn’t one of the ideas of quantum mechanics that the universe “created itself” due to something with the particles? I can’t remember if it’s the same thing, but I remember hearing something about that in one of my ethics classes, how the energy from particles (such as people, plants, planets, etc.) in the present can also exist in the past and thus willed the universe into being.

I wish I remembered how it went exactly, it was really interesting.

Great find, its really interresting.

I liked the simple way they explained it, but the wave particle duality is actually more confusing than what was depicted. The implications stretch even more far, to the point where it borders on the absurd.

I find it hilarious that this is the cornerstone of which we base reality, and yet the macroverse still functions in relative order.

Nice find, thanks for posting.

Now gimme some chips and smokes, let’s go.

what exactly does this interpretation of multiple-dimensions, with all possibilities being actualized, explain?

It means every action taken by a subatomic particle is genuine, only that when we observe these actions, only one possibility is actualized in our dimension. Conversely, this can also mean that all the actions we have retains this invisible actuality to the extent where every moment in time branches off to another action potential.

So even as I type this, another version of me could be scratching the itch I currently feel on my shoulder, or wiping the eye snot from my eye. Every action is done, but only one is accepted for our reality. Quite an overwhelming concept, but based on the wackiness of quantum mechanics, entirely possible.

I’ve also been thinking this might actually be the answer to unlocking the mystery of consciousness, since choice and the deterministic way our brain handles it, seems a bit eerie.

That at each instance, an infinite number of other realities which are all completely different are spawned.

They are currently working on Quantum computers. Where normal computers deal with Yes/No variables, Quantum computers deal with data which can be both Yes and No at that same time.

While not religeous myself, my favorite result of this theory is how it effects Christianity. One of the big arguments against Christianity is that nobody gets equal oprotunity to learn about and accept God. Quantum mechanics shows that we have an infinite number of versions of ourselves, each making different choices and with different options. If you are Christian and believe Quantum diversity then you understand what we do in this world means nothing in the end, because while we may be the Pope in this string we may also be Hitler in another.

From a Christian point of view, things make more sense. We have had equal chance at good and evil. When we finally come before God we suddenly see it all and at that point can make a true choice on accepting God or not. Alot of stuff in the bible can lead to this interpretation.

God tried just flooding the world and starting fresh from good people ; but it failed. So he had Jesus die for ou Earthly sins. now all that matters is the big picture.

Myself ; Being Taoist, Quantum theory is perfect. It is almost directly Taoist philosophy made science. All things come from and are made from one source and in complete balance.

Understanding Quantum Mechanics even in the slightest can drastically change how you view life.

Suicide becomes pointless, because you know at the point you kill yourself an infinite number of yourself continue on just as miserable. You cannot technically die.

It becomes easier to be happy even with less than perfect parts of your life. Your SF game kinda lacking, its fine. In another reality you are as good as Daigo. The fact you have that possibility is reason to keep trying. There may be some drastic element in this reality which makes it harder to get that good (better diet in your youth in one set of strings could mean you developed better mental acuity or coordination) it is easier to be happy knowing that somewhere you are the best, and knowing that also shows you how much in control of your life you really are.

It also means there is no real free choice or creativity sadly, not in the sense we understand anyways. Everything is just random interaction of particles, with more common results being the result of particles acting in a more common way. If in the end we have done everything, our apparant uniqueness and free will really means nothing. that can be sad to some people.

It also destroys most/all arguments against time travel. Say we go back in time and kill Hitler. The “normal” realities continue normally because those results still happen. The changes due to time travel were always possible, and only impact the strings they create.

  1. this doesn’t explain anything

  2. this can’t make any predictions

  3. this can’t be verified

  4. I think it is a big assumption to extract the observed behavior/properties of particles and transfer them to the things they make up. Actually it’s the fallacy of composition.

Quantum mechanics and general relativity, while they are both important to modern day physics, are not the same thing and have each their own theories and equations that contradict each other’s. This is a lot like how General Discussion and Video Gallery are both part of SRK but have their own respective content that don’t belong in each other’s forum.

Funny how that works.

If you think you understand quantum mechanics, you don’t understand quantum mechanics.

I sure don’t. And I’ve been formally studying it for something like 4 years.

Anyway, Sak, I like that you at least posted a reference to an experiment.

edit: just thought I’d mention, it becomes a whole lot less “cool” when you really study it. I’ve had friends want to look at my notes, only to be sorely disappointed.