Using Spinning Backfist to Bait DP

I haven’t really used this in a match but I think it should work

vid: [media=youtube]rWvAGZ22cVQ[/media]

Not so sure about the timing on my reversals, I was controlling the other Char. Cammy was on playback.


Are you really using the spinning backfirst to bait it out? Why not just block and save the meter?

Maybe bait is not the right word but the reason behind using the meter is you eliminate their ability to FADC and get a free combo in the process. Also in guy’s case it but you in better position to punish because you don’t get pushed back.

I say it’s good because if you tried backdashing instead, you’d still get hit by certain DPs. You’re also making weird movement right next to the opponent in which case some people might just mash that DP.


Haha, nice… Never thought of using EX SBF like that… Interesting…

It only works if they mash reversal SRK/FKs right afterwards, if they just wait then SRK/FK, the invincibility frames of EX SBF will run out and you will still get tagged with SRK/FK -> FADC ultra.

Sounds good, I’ll try that in my matches and tell you what’s the reaction of my opponents.

Sounds good, I’ll try that in my matches and tell you what’s the reaction of my opponents.

it’s very interesting, I’ll try messing around with it too and see what happens.

looks like a lol tactic to me. EX SBF loses to throw, but it’s an interesting move to try after a drill knockdown and dash forward. I know a few Sagats that’ll mash DP if I dash…

I find a normal SBF into a grab works well on a lot of shoto users.

You know what I do after SA knockdown sometimes I do a Lp spin knuckle to trade with a reversal Lp dp on Ryu. probably only works on Lp dp version didnt test it out with with anyone else. Now that I think about its only useful if you have the lead cause Im pretty sure it only does 80 when it trades.
As for ExSBF I guess it would be good if you know its coming. Lol I do the same thing against dhalsims that try to use ultra on wakeup when they have low health except I use EXSA Just before they wakeup cause I just know they re going to telport the wrong way or wake up ultra

Keep in mind that if you do this and the opponent just holds down-back, then you cross over to the other side where you can be hit hard.

looks like a cool trick. i will test it out online. a good place to test it ^^. what happen against vega, and blarog ? i will test it later this week i guess.

neat trick… but can be dped out of if they wait… (faux is right)… or they can mash c.lp into combo…


This could be a life saver if you’re in a situation where your opponent is going to chip you out with a dp. Other than that though, it seems pretty risky, because it loses to so much.

The good thing is a lot of people may not know about it, so it could catch someone off guard if they haven’t seen it used that way before.

i think it’s useful for one time use again people or in tournament

Yeah, I agree with this. It may be a nice trick to use to catch them off guard, but it could get you killed easily if you use it again.

Tried it out last night…

Definitely worked in this situation, especially when they had meter, I won a few matches because of it.

Ken and Ryu’s had a tendency to block more but a lot of times they didn’t punish because they were caught off guard. Did eat a jab DP FADC ultra but that was because I was using it in situations where it clearly wasn’t warranted just to see what the reactions were

Definitely should be used sparingly but was very useful at times

ooh delally… not a bad trick… it’s kinda unreliable in the fact that your opponent has to reversal DP for the fruit to be worth the squeeze… definitely a trick worth putting into one’s itinerary tho… like Eileithyia said prolly more of a pocket one time trick…