Using assist button to fast fly

anyone notice that you can call an assist instead of pressing a direction to fast fly?

ex. launch, sj.lp,, fly, assist+lk, blah blah blah and it all comes out.

ignore me if you already knew, but there you go for people who didnt know.

somethin cool with team rapesquad

launch /\ sj.lp,, fly, IM AAA+lk, f.hp, / AAA hits a couple times then you’re set to do anything you want.

just a little bit easier to do because you press one less button

i always thought that i had to both call the assist and move the joystick to a certain direction for the fastfly to work. thanks a lot tech master :tup:

LOL…Infact I never knew you had to hold a direction to fast-fly…Thanks Tech Master :tup:But can you go more indepth as to exactly why you have to hold a certain direction in order for it to be considered “fast-fly”

Because pressing a direction cancels the end lag on flight activation (and apparantly pressing an assist does too-- I never knew that before either, though :smile:)

try it you guys, it makes combos so much easier, like the sent and mags combo

launch, lp, mp, fly, mags proj assist +lk, hp, light rocket punch.

SUPER easy an basic fly combo that takes off i think like 80

another variation of that combo (but you cant use an assist to fast fly)

launch, lp, mp, fly, lk, light rocket punch, lk+mags proj assist, hp, light rocket punch, takes off over 90

cool thing with that combo, after the hp do the PUNCH super and wait just a split second for the assist to hit and DHC into another super. i personally love DHC to PC or hailstorm, does 120 damage

i dont know but that( the assist+lk thing)aint working for me, i think that i keep doing the directional way since i can do it pretty consistently.

well, try doing the assist a bit earlier. but yea i know what you’re saying. it took me getting use to. i kept pressing the damn direction anyway when i didnt need to. but once you get use to it, its sooo much easier for those specific combos

I’m kind of reluctant to relearn all my FF combos :frowning: It does sound easier, though.

I’m a bit worried about getting out of practice when I need to do an FF combo without an assist-- as long as I can do it consistantly I think I’ll stick with the fly~direction method.

All that said, this is definitely a good find, I’d probably rather use this method if I were learning Fast Fly for the first time.

I’m just getting use to the directional thing…But I guess I use to FF alot seeing how I always used to call assists when I fly. Instead of that i’ll use the direction since i’m using Sent/BH/CapCom :tup:

I don’t think that a fast fly without the direction being inputed will work. I’ve tried it several times, the point is to cancel the lag on your flight activation and thus have your jab or short come out faster than it normally would. Hitting your assist earlier would make little difference with that, since they’d recover and block before the laggy short/jab can come out.

Yo Mat how the fuck did you get this to work for you!

I tried with my stick and it wont work, then i tried with my Pad and still didnt work for both stick or pad…

sounds nice and easy but in reality tapping a direction works better for me… good shit for the fast fly info maybe others like you can get the timming right. and others like me will stick with tap a direction shit… :tup:

you guys are doin somethin wrong, unless its only do-able on ps2 version. i do it CONSISTENTLY and easily, WELL aware of myself NOT pressing a direction

you guys might be doing it too fast, even with a direction if you do it too fast it wont cancel the lag, or just might be doing it too slow

TRUST me its do-able, i’ll even try it at the arcade today.

tips: try doing the assist a little earlier. IE making apart of the combo

launch, lp, mp, fly, assist, lk, hp

mike, you should come over sometime and i’ll show you this shit. then you can vouch for me.

btw, has anyone SUCCESSFULLY done this besides me?

YO MR MAT, i think youre the only one who has done it so far. also i think i might have to come over and vouch for you lol when is a good time to come by give me a call. also tomorrow is the pre evo tourney you comming out to play?

tried it in the arcade, and at home, and in front of scrubkiller… IT IS POSSIBLE PEOPLE!

Yeah i witness Techmaster do the damn thing on console, but not quite on the arcade because i wasnt there to see that. next time i see him bust it out on arcade i will confirm that. but for now i think its a bug on the ps2 version unless it works for fagbox dc and arcade then its possible.

doesn’t work on dc and arcade. end of story

YES IT DOES DAMMIT. not sure about DC, but i did it on ps2 and arcade. i admit, it took my a few tries on arcade but it worked. unless i accidentally pressed a direction but im pretty sure i didnt.

instead of trying the combo i said. try this.,, fly, assist,,, l.RP

worked for me… i’m on DC version… what i did… step by step…, sj, lk, fly, neutral, assist ~>neutral + LK, hp, dp rp (with commando)

i slid from the assist wo the lk, like piano style kinda sorta… just make sure that you’re completely off the assist before you LK or it wont work…

not as reliable IMO as the normal… shk, sj, lk, fly, neutral, b+lk + assist, hp, dp rp

What does “dp” and “rp” mean? And is it possible for someone to describe how the assist can work? Because now that I think about it, the directional way would make more sense since you’re stopping that little lag at the end with the movement. I’m not trying to say that the assist method doesn’t work, I’m just asking for an explination. :rofl:

dp rp = dragon punch rocket punch… the diagonal up one

it works in the same way… you’re just using the assist command to cancel it… but it’s unreliable…