Use the f*cking roundtrip glitch

It’s the best thing since sliced bread. Vergil wouldn’t even be that good - if he didn’t have the effin’ round-trip glitch. Seriously people, wtf are you even doing. This is what propels Vergil to GOD-FUCKING-TIER, yet noone of you mofos is using that shit. What gives.

Could you post a proper tutorial on how to use it? would help a lot since the infomation is kinda sparse

Not Sprial Swords, not his giant ass normals, not his ability to put you into put you into a string of mixups for 10+ seconds. Nope, it’s the round trip glitch. Yep.

i would say that LMH -> stinger, call assist (magneto disruptor to be precise), teleport, LMH, Rapid slash is much, much worse

What gives? The RT glitch is extremely difficult to get the hang of and the chances of screwing up a far too high for it to be a viable option. Thats what gives. And lol at it “propelling him to god tier”. I really don’t need to say what JediLink already has. If it weren’t so inconsistent It would have been an amazing tool. But even without it, he would still be #2 easily.

I’ve seen cj (showstopper) do it extremely consistency. All I got from this post is “I’m too fucking lazy to learn it.”

That too.

Edit: Actually…damn. I was just doing it wrong. It’s actually not as hard as I thought.

Laziness just plagues Marvel 3 in general. It’s a sad fact in all cases. From not wanting to at least half-ass optimize combo’s, and all the way up to tech that is extremely useful while being unbelievably easy once you actually sit down and learn it.

The other sad part is that cj is probably the only person that’s done it on stream as well.

Padtrick did it at Aftershock.

He chipped the living hell out of his opponents w/ it. So godlike. I’m trying to figure out the best time to call plasma beam during a block string to ensure that opponent can’t do diddly squat except raw tag.

Yo since its that godlike can somebody please explain how to do the RT glitch then?? I know OF it but i have no clue how to do it. Thanks.

What TPH AgeofPage said…I’m not understanding this thing

Release round trip and begin charging it again during the hitstop of a normal (hitstop is the freeze frames that occur when a move makes contact with something). You will throw round trip, but you will not lose the charge.

What this means in simpler terms.

when a normal makes contact, let go of whatever button you’re charging round trip with, then IMMEDIATELY hold down a button (same button is easiest) again.

This can be done with any normal except st.S (which is not special cancelable), helm breaker (which is not special cancelable until after landing, well after it’s own hitstop), or high time (which is not special cancelable).

It’s retarded easy because some of Vergil’s normals have ridiculously large amounts of hitstop frames, giving you a really large window to do the glitch. It’s most easily done on st.H. stinger, and upper slash. Please make sure that you are waiting for the normal to make contact before letting go of your charge. It’s VERY reliable once you understand how it works (it’s honestly much easier than learning sword loops guys).

Round trip glitch opens up ridiculous block strings, more flexible assist extensions in combos, and overall helps you keep your opponent’s assists off the screen by just having round trip out a lot more often.

Have fun guys.

This man speaks truth.

So please learn this shit so we can continue to dominate the game, and learn as much as possible about Vergil. :smiley:


It’s not hard. It’s definitely viable. I wouldn’t say it’s always practical.

But no.

Of course my backwards ass has a much easier time doing it with a move with LESS hitstop than a move with more. Sooo maybe that’s just me (shrug … tighter inputs feel easier to me than looser ones for whatever reason). Took me about 10 minutes to perform corner to corner sword loops =/

for some reason I can’t do it… I don’t know why, I just cant fucking do it. I’ve tried so hard because this would help immensely, but I still can’t do it.

Boy howdy I’ll tell ya what… I have noticed that it’s much more finicky when I play using my wireless controller. So if you happen to be doing so and have a wired option available, try that out. It’s honestly just about the only thing I’ve found that truly becomes obviously finicky when I’m not wired (yeah yeah, wireless is always bad, blah blah, I’m not going to go out and buy a wired controller just to play shooters when I’m too lazy to walk across the room to get my stick) -.-

Granted, my controller is about 1/2 broken itself so it could just be due to some other issue I’m yet to be certain of.

I could also just suck much more with my pad these days. Who knows. It doesn’t help that I basically do it “just because” since my team has no real use for it that I’ve found.

I play on stick. I can do sword loops like it’s nothing, I can do a lot more difficult things then ‘release a button, now hold it again’. But this incredibly simple act seems impossible to me and it’s so frustrating.

Too imprctical. The chances of you messing up are too great. Vergil is fine as he is.

The rapid slash glitch is very useful and also very easy to do IF you just practice and stop being lazy.