USB Joiner Laser Cut Into Arcade Buttons

Whould many people out there be interested in a laser cut “Arcade Button USB Joiner” ? USB Pushbutton (Front) 400x400.jpg USB Pushbutton (Side Angled) 400x360.jpg Cable (Male A - Male B) 400x360.jpg


I think there are better solutions now, take a look at Jaxel’s sticks…

If it wasnt a button but mounted the way a button would… id be all over it

Did you just kill a perfectly good KN-14 button?

This would actually be pretty useful on a cabinet that has a J-Pac and MAME. It’s quicker and easier than driller holes and mounting USB connections your control panel.

The only thing is that it looks backward to me. If I wanted to plug something into the USB port, wouldn’t I need the flat end to be the top of the button and the other end on the bottom?

Or is this just for extending cords from the front of sticks? Cause I don’t think that would be as useful, other than it’s pretty easy to fit into an existing stick design.

and how much?

lol I was thinking the same thing :nunchuck:

I was just glad it wasn’t a PS-14-K :sweat:

poor button, but atleast you’re trying and I can respect that.

>So you can use an external 5m lead

KabaL:I think there are better solutions now, take a look at Jaxel’s sticks
>TheRealNeoGeo has one of the best looking sticks around, and Jaxel’s stick is cool too.
>If you knew the work that went into these two sticks to achieve a clean USB connecter then you would realise
>that cutting an extra recessed hole and fitting a button is ten times easier.

“Did you just kill a perfectly good KN-14 button? lol I was thinking the same thing
I was just glad it wasn’t a PS-14-K poor button, but atleast you’re trying and I can respect that.”
>Being the first time I ever created a thread, I’ll know for next time to expect a bunch of sarcasm, lol. :looney:

And here’s mine :karate:

Yeah but damn! Those looks nice!

How much of the bezel or plunger length is it relying on to hold it in place? I don’t know how much more difficult it would be, but I’ll venture a guess that some people might prefer having it cut into a button hole plug. It’d be cheaper to make too.

Its the Nausb panel mount port. They have been in use for a while now. :wink: I think I used them first a year or two ago. They also fit in a 24mm hole and they are like 5-8 bucks


why waste a button for something like this?

no sarcasm intended either i just dont see a point in this even if its easier or whatever…

and it doesnt look that good either, to me at least

it’s for a clean consistency that also would save time and energy for mounting a usb. easy removal as well. I like it and would buy one if they’re cheap and if I need them. the others are harder to mount that requires more work put in. using 1 button for this is not that big of a deal nor is it a waste since you’re putting it to work. you can also save the cherry switch to replace an existing button when it goes out. saving yourself the trouble of buying 1 button with the cherry switch attached. there’s also the LED appeal too.

I like, gonna get some of those for my cabinet.

I have a Jaxel so I’m all set :stuck_out_tongue: but I can see this being really useful if you want to retrofit an older chassis with usb and only have 30 or 24mm holes available. When I was looking at buying a chassis I noticed a lot of the prefabs are made with PS2 in mind, but if you don’t mind sacrificing the select/back button, you could use it for the usb instead to make a wireless 360 or PS3 stick.

Don’t let the naysayer’s get you down, I think its a decent idea.
I don’t trust Jaxel’s method of mounting the USB connector; its just doesn’t look like it’ll stand up to too much abuse. The connector like in TRNG’s gorgeous Vewlix stick is the absolute best way possible; very rugged and solid connection, and will last forever. The problem is, mounting those can be difficult; I think it required 3 holes to be drilled if you are going to bolt them.

Using this button connector should make a nice compromise between the two. You know you’ll have the drillbit for that size so mounting in a recessed hole on the back should be doable by most builders.

AMX, its a good idea and a novel approach. I don’t have any interest in using them personally, but I look forward to seeing how the design changes over time. When you get a design that I feel confident is roughly as rugged as the connector in that Vewlix stick, but still looks like it blends in with other buttons nearby, I’ll be all over it.

We got the sarcasm in spades, yo. :rock:

Lemme whore mine out too…

Neutrik brand and the documented 1st one to do so