USB Joiner Laser Cut Into Arcade Buttons

could you please tell me where you got that USB-B panel mount. I’ve been looking for that exact piece for a long time now and I can’t find them without a cable attatched to the back side of it. Your help would be greatly appreciated.


almost the 1 in that link is USB-A. I’m looking for the same type of panel mount but with USB-B connector on the outside and spots to solder to on the inside.

Oh got you. Sorry don’t know anything about those connectors

They’re reversible:wink:

I don’t want it to have ANY USB-A connector on it. I need the female/ USB-B on 1 side and the 4 pins to solder to on the other side. Like the USB jacks that come with Toodles boards but have a way to panel mount it not solder it to a board.

I believe there’s no such panel mount. Why not just hack-up a usb cable?

yeah the ones I linked and used are the same that NeoGeo used and NotANoob81 also has in that pic. They are reversible.

that’s what I was afraid of, the piece I wanted not existing. The cost is too high to buy both that panel mount & a USB cable to hack. That’s why I was looking for what I was. K since this is the only option. The 1 in that link is made of plastic, while the 1 on that grey stick is made of metal. Where can I find some of the metal ones that are reverseable?

Got mine from Markertek

Thanks for everyones feedback.
I think I will just get these usb buttons laser cut for my own custom sticks.
As I don’t live in the USA and only cutting a few at a time, the cost goes close to $11usd.
Keep an eye out and you will soon see one fitted into one of my new laser cut AutoCAD designed custom metal arcade sticks.

I’m interested. Those are 30mm, right?

Yeah, I am definitely interested as well. The design looks great, and since I usually use the clear Seimitsu buttons, it will match the rest of my buttons. Also the fact that I am going to use a Cthulu board on the inside of the HRAP I am about to start, this would make a clean way to have it connect, instead of trying to flush mount a USB cable on the outside.

The metal ones may look more durable, but the open hole look is just a turn off, seems like it would really break up any arcade stick you could build.

If you make extras post a thread up in Trading, I am sure a lot of people would grab them, myself included.