Urien VS Characters

Would normally post this in the Urien thread, but since no one ever goes there…

In 3S:OE there are a handful of characters that I routinely see played (shotos primarily) and then there are those who I rarely see and when I do I get demolished because I’m unfamiliar with the matchup.

What are some general strats for Ibuki, Hugo, Necro, and Yun? Those are the characters I struggle with the most, like with Hugo it feels as if his normals control the match and I have a hard time applying pressure. I can’t even build meter without getting clotheslined lmao. Against a good Yun (I hate you Soapy Donuts) it feels as if all I can do is bait and punish dive kicks and try to red parry target combos

Pls help

Ask for help maybe more specifically or read the general thread. There’s not much to say about the match that can’t be answered better through a direct approach. From here it sounds like you just don’t understand that when the other character moves it’s because he has a good idea. Clotheslined? By Hugo? Maybe Gill but not Hugo. How about transferring the rhythm you used in the red parries to push in against him, using the red parry as a blue parry? I know it sounds crazy but just try it and when it doesn’t work try to quickly figure out why. If you can’t see it, then try and use a different red parry timing. Unless you meant try and fail, in which case only God knows.

Watch match videos. YouTube is your best tool for matchup help. Stick to high level Japanese videos.

did you dig into the older urien threads at all? i know its near impossible to get discussion in the character forums but a lot of them have some good threads from years back.

Just remember not to focus on unblockables. I spent years learning those when I couldn’t ever set them up vs a good person. You need to develop the strong ground game and defense skill.

like Ryan said focus on your ground game… and stop spamming random ex headbutts. .l.

General strat against Necro is don’t play against online Necros

I don’t actually get hit by his clothesline often lol I was just exaggerating, if there’s anything I always get hit with at least once every match, it’s his standing strong. It has retarded priority and can beat or trade with everything Urien’s got. I actually watched a couple of matches already and what it looks like is basically zoning Hugo until you can get some meter and trying to land a knockdown. Some tricks I’ve seen frequently work on him are early J. Roundhouse, jumping in his face then jumping back out and early J. Fierce, and dash-in headbutts (I used to reset him after jab headbutt and dash in for pressure but after getting 360’d a few times realized it probably wasn’t a good idea). It’s not even that I struggle with Hugos in general, it’s just that I struggle against sandybags

Pretty sure sandybags is the only Hugo a lot of Xbl players struggle with. I can’t think of anyone else.

In my experience vs sandy you want to play the ground game well, stop him from jumping in, and don’t get predictable in the up close RPS part of the game. For example with ken if I jump in rh (blocked) then go high a few times in a row sandy is willing to risk and red parry and guesses right more often than not. If you’re going to get involved in the up close game at all you can’t go into autopilot imo.

It’s not that easy of course. I probably still lose more than I win vs Sandy and chun/ken should beat Hugo if you go by matchups. That’s just a few things I remember.

Ground game is the most important of those. If you’re getting owned over and over vs sandy I suspect having a weak ground game is at the root of it.

Yeah, I guess I’m really gonna need to improve my ground game and footsies in general… Thanks lance and everyone else I really appreciate the tips

use this! it can be kinda vague advice to just say “improve your ground game” but if you read that and then think about the ground game in those terms I think it helps.

also it really helps to play sets with people who are better at the ground game than you are. takes it out of the land of theory and into actually experiencing it. online isn’t ideal for learning to play the ground game well, but there’s a few guys on xbl who are pretty decent in that area I think. find people who when you play against them you think “it’s really hard to land damage on him” or “he punishes my mistakes and controls the space better than I do” or however you experience it and play them regularly.

training mode helps too. there’s a bit of r/p/s at work in how the ground game works, but also a part of it is being able to mechanically punish things. if X character whiffs something in range of one of your pokes but you don’t have the conditioning to see it and react appropriately to punish, you’re making the ground game harder than it needs to be for yourself. I usually pick a character per day, go to training mode and experiment with punishing everything they can do as reliably as I can get it from a variety of ranges. if you cycle through the characters like this for a few months I think it can only do good things for you.

FUCK sandybags i beat him all the time with Sean and you cant beat him with Urien… wtf .l.

clap clap loooooooow

just practice in castle crashers or go into final fight training mode

Yeah I’ma see if I can find some decent peeps to practice with, GT is ITSTONYSANTANA if you ever feel like runnin some sets

sidewinder, dander: wut


against yun/yang divekicking…

try to space them out. online it can be pretty challenging to parry a divekick, its hard enough against a good yun/yang offline when they start messing with the timing/spacing.
in my experience against them i usually just let them have the space (backdash/walk away) or if you’re feeling really lucky try to make them divekick or whatever they might do so they hit you very high up (so move towards them, into the divekick and block or get hit even). as long as its high enough they can’t follow it up and you recover before they do i think. that part of the game is always confusing online, i don’t quite understand the timing with divekicks if they hit something and then land recovery wise. it certainly feels like you have time to do something before they can block but i am honestly unsure off the top of my head.

it’s not the end of the world to be cornered as urien since you can get one throw in and you’re in a great spot. sort of like necro, hugo, denjin ryu or makoto.

urien low and standing forward have stupid range. standing fierce is also awesome for slapping limbs if you’re feeling confident.

From what i know, hugo vs urien is very bad for hugo because of aegis setups! They cannot deal with 3x unblockables in a row, and im sure if everyone looses to him, he has some strengths… Its probably a game skill issue

You don’t need to use ub vs Hugo. Just put him in the corner and sweet spot to death.

sweet spot -> jump over Hugo to get yourself into corner is also really effective against Hugo.

Hugo can beat Urien in the ground game with his strong normals so it’s not as much in uriens favor as you would originally think.