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San Antonio’s LSG Fightclub was robbed early this morning 4/3/11. They can use any help and/or assitance in recovering what was lost.

Donations will be accepted in any form. Fight sticks, spare crts or hdtvs, paypal, etc…
Paypal link=

Please check out the linked youtube video for further informations:
YouTube - TheLSGfightclub’s Channel

Linked article/news:

LSG Charity Tournament Event:


This really is a shame. I hope Chris finds whoever did this…

I heard about it this morning, this is a giant shame. Someone who has helped many people with the scene in San Antonio to grow.

I will try to help personally the best way I can whenever I get a good opportunity. >_>

Any way you guys can compile an exact list of everything taken? Would make it easier to see what you guys need.

This is a really shitty situation and I really wish I could help more. Once the paypal link goes up ill be sure to shoot you guys some money.

Ok I believe you guys but for the rest of us that aren’t familiar with your place it would be kind of hard to take this video into account. For all I know I can make a video, go to youtube and say to donate me money and items. There’s no pictures, no break in videos and nothing mentioned as far as things that were taken. Just for the record if you ask me, I believe somebody that you guys know was the person who broke in and stole stuff. You guys fail to mention how we can help for those of us that aren’t from around the S.A. area???

im pretty sure rotendo wouldn’t have posted this had it been fake, i really hope this doesn’t set back games in SA for too long

It’s supposedly going to be on the news later tonight for the people in the S.A. area.

I talked to Chris who owns LSG and he mentioned setting up a paypal later in the week. Let’s try to help them when we can!

That’s really messed up. I’m sorry that happened and hope that y’all are able to get back on your feet. I’ll try to donate when I have the flexibility to do so.

I hope something really bad happens to the people who robbed that place. I’m so sorry to hear about all of this. Is there an exact list of what was taken?


The location that this happened is a computer/video game repair shop that the owner lets gamers from SA play there on their setups. So there are lots of people that enter and leave the store aside from just us gamers. Plus its next to a pawn shop and people can look in and see TVs. It’s not even on a bad side of town though, it was probably some assholes who were customers or looked inside and saw all of the TVs.

Please Donate to Lone Star Gaming
thanks Johnny for setting up the paypal

Crooks clean out gaming store | WOAI.COM: San Antonio News

Chris has done so much for not just the SA fighting game community but for all of Texas. This is a true shame and I hope everybody helps support Chris and LSG FC.

I’m proud to say that we are friends and I hope all of this blows over quickly.

just saw the video on the news…my dual modded stick got stolen… Does anyone have any video editing software to enhance the brightness/contrast of the video?..it may help the clarity a little.

That’s not going to help at all with the video. CSI, movies, and other shows that shows technology like that are all fiction… it’d cool if stuff like that is actually possible, but no.


Update first post with paypal link, video, and shadowloos article about this please. And Ty you rotendo for making this sticky!

Thank Jan! :tup:

The shadowloo article isn’t much of an article… just an sentence or two with the youtube footage.

We’ve decided to move our tournament to April 16th to help out Lone Star Gaming. We’re asking that a $10 donation is made at the door that will go to help LSG out. Here’s the SRK thread and Facebook Event Page. Hope to see you guys there.

Link to tournament added to first post.


I sent Keits a PM to see if this story can get on the front page. No promises because I don’t know what qualifies as front page stuff.