I’ve done that already, but check your pm in regards to that.


Its really hard to get on the front page…

If it was daigo gettin his wallet stolen , First Page For Sure .


I confirmed with Chris that Saturday’s event is cancelled. I’ve deleted the SRK thread for it.

You can’t just cancel it… can you at least move the location? I made so many arrangements so that I can make it… this sucks [sad face]

PM the details if you could. We were down to support SA.


I agree, see if Gamelot can do it again on short notice

I have removed the tournament from the tournaments/events thread. If it is confirmed reinstated I will add it again but until then it will remain off.


Sorry dude. I didnt think something like this would happen so I didnt have a backup plan. All the usual venue places need at least 2 weeks notice for me to get in there not to mention dealing with paying with the venue. There’s simply not much I can do in this case since it’s LSG that had to cancel.

Let’s rent a party room at Chuck E Cheese and have it there!!!