Upstate SC: We're so good we don't even have to PLAY. And out-of-towners post FOR us


i like the new name,im not going to lie :slight_smile:

i approve this title =D

They win for us too. =)

Case in point :lol:

Wow just WOW

That’s what’s up!

No one is posting because they were waiting for someone from out of town :slight_smile:

Filldoh: you don’t happen to have any 360/PS3 compatible bat-top sticks do you? I don’t like the jap style.

yea i am making one right now it is metalic sliver with traditional hap stick and buttons. the stick was already done for another system and i am just hacking the 360 pad to get the buttons right but is should have it soon. or i could do it on ps3 if you would rather have that.

also guys the finals from quantum x are up on quantum x
here is the link.
Quantum X Game Center – Where Gaming Evolves!
can anyone convert it to youtube? he said he would take it down after this week.

Who was that in the finals? Much repect to the Honda player!

That would be Druseph from Augusta.

There is actually a way to mod it so u have 2 in 1. Ps3 and 360. It has a better resale price and is fairly logical to having in this gaming era. Its less to carry.

Hey. Is the Tilt in North Myrtle Beach still open? I’ll be up there for a week.

^ Wrong thread. I believe you were looking for this one. They are a little closer.

Whoops. Yeah, I don’t geography good.

Heading to Miami in the morning. Really, I am… I wanna be like LeBron.

Pics? I would want concave buttons though. And 360/PS3 compatible. How much? Already put specs together for AIAB.

me too! miami is godlike though man. i love it down there.


there any tourneys coming up in the area? =\