Unpopular TV/comic/anime/music/general media opinions -NO POLITIC TALK

Inspired by @Specs great unpopular opinion thread (and various others) I’ve decided to make one of my own, only this time it’s a bit more loose on what you can talk about.

A few rules:
-Do not flame others for having an unpopular opinion you don’t like. Accept it.
-Opinions that are intentionally made to flame/troll other posters are not allowed (example: “DBZ sucks and you suck for liking it”)
-No they don’t have to be the MOST unpopular opinions, they could just be something you want to rant about
-Realize how pointless it is to click that disagree button in an unpopular opinions thread
-No gaming opinions, that goes here: Unpopular gaming opinions SECOND IMPACT (video game movies are okay though)
-I know this is the general media thread but no politic talk, there’s a billion other threads for that.

Okay, I’ll start

-Youtube sucks but that doesn’t matter since it’s so popular. The copyright strike system is severely flawed.

-If the pacing wasn’t so bad, Hunter X Hunter would be my favorite shonen anime/manga
-Berserk sucks, it had potential to be amazing but it has the same problem as hunter x hunter. Shoutouts to being on a boat for like 10 years.
-I liked the overall style of Samurai Champloo, but it felt like it sometimes didn’t go anywhere and didn’t leave a big lasting impression on me like Cowboy Bebop did
-Anime generally has a dumb problem voice casting characters with someone who doesn’t sound as old as they actually are. (Example: Goku, Kurapika)

-I liked Man of Steel, in fact I liked the superman in that movie more than any other Superman I’ve seen (I haven’t seen that many, so don’t hate)
-Twitch should allow you to stream movies with your review/commentary over it
-The first MK movie isn’t that good, if you take a hard look at it without nostalgia glasses, you’ll see why.

Comics/comic shows/movies:
-I’m generally not a big fan of superman, but watching allstar superman made me like him a bit more.
-Justice League > Batman TAS but both are amazing

-Not all dubstep is bad, some of it sounds pretty good if it’s done right. I like a lot of the music in Tag 2.

Dark Knight Strikes again is the greatest graphic novel of the 00s

Bleach is horrible right now and has been for the longest time. Naruto may be bad right now but I enjoy it way more than bleach and that’s saying something. I honestly feel like bleach fans are in denial.

…I think that’s the point of this thread.

Let me try,

Macklemore is a great rapper
The Raid 2 is overrated bordering on garbage.
Oblivion is one of the best sci-fi movies in the last couple of years
Prometheus is a great movie
Shawshank Redemption is overrated, and is not the greatest movie in cinema history, it is not even close.
Dana White is a good guy
The Zonda is one of the ugliest supercars to grace tarmac

DBZ has aged horribly. Too much screaming, all fights amount to are rapid punches and ki blasts, Gohan, Piccolo and Vegeta are the only character that got any meaningful character development in the entire series, refusing to put anyone not named Goku over (Gohan has his moments).

Static Shock was the greatest show out of the DC Animated Universe Era.

  • Most original and creative characters
  • Great character development, Virgil is completely different between seasons and maintains this.
  • Crossovers
  • Robert Hawkins (Static’s father who I felt had a great presence in the series.)
  • Dream Crossovers “Static X Shaq” “Static X Hoop Squad”
  • Great cast of Villains that weren’t tide down to stereotypes
  • Season 1 & 2’s Theme Songs are the God Tier way to start your Saturday morning
  • Future Static appearing in Justice League Unlimited.

Original and creative characters? The show was urban X-Men most of the time.

Hawkingbird how old are you? Your always saying some ignorant shit that I’d expect from a 10 year old.
And that’s a very stupid description, it was far from that.

Why even make this shit? The other unpopular opinion thread went to shit like page 2.

Batman & Robin is the best Batman movie.

youre too much of a fanboy to get it

Bleach is actually the most trash shonen series. Naruto has been trash since after chunnin exams ended

EDM Music sucks.

Dark Knight Trilogy movies are mega trash

Earl should have stayed in Samoa.

I think Jim Carey would have been a better Patrick Bateman than Christian Bale.

Mark Ruffalo is a better Bruce Banner than Edward Norton.

Matrix sequels had a logical plot, bogged down by bloating the sequel into 2 parts (and the anime, the video game, etc). Even if the sequels never existed, Neo only learned to see the Matrix as it is, including killing agents. The ship only killed a few squids, like it was always able to. The optimistic ending of the first movie was a facade.

I find Fan service and glamor shots to be tasteless.

Kill la Kill was great but the plot points were very predictable.

Steins Gate is the worst thing I’ve ever seen.

I find Cowboy Bebop to be a good anime, but I’m sick and tired of people overselling that series for More than it was.

It’s good but it shouldn’t be set as an anime standard.

Outlaw star and Big O did it better In My opinion.

I finally got around to watching Cowboy Bebop and I have to agree with you. It’s pretty good but I feel a bit misled.