Universal (Char Specific) Chun Mixups and Combo info :)

Over the last few days, I have been documenting Chun vs. specific character information, and have a general idea now of how to apply these tactics universally.
I play chun/sent/psy and chun/sent/capcom, although I tried to make much of this apply to any team choice you may have for chun, high or low tier. If anyone would like to add or dispute anything let me know and I will edit after testing. I hope people find this useful. :slight_smile:

Universal Chun-Li mixups:


Type 1: call assist, n.jump stomp, AD, short, (slight pause) RH, (land) s.jab, s.RH, Upper Shom

Type 2:call assist, n.jump short, stomp, AD, short (slight pause) RH, (land) s.jab, Hazan Tenshoukyaku

Both types work with CapCom, Psy, and Cammy AAA. Combo can be slightly altered for Cyke, just wait untill you land from stomp and SJ into the upper shom. Tron and Storm -projectile types also work to continue combo with the proper timing on assist call.

Type 2 is used to break super armor. Ironically enough, the characters Chun cannot upper or lower shom as of right now are the same ones with super armor; we call them the big 3. (Juggernaut, Sent, Hulk) Other than these three, Upper Shom works midscreen and Lower shom works in corner and close to corner on all characters.
Type 1 therefore works on all other characters. The only exception to this is if you are using psy in which case kobun and roll will not be picked up after stomp. In the event type 1 connects, your best damage option is as follows.

IOH — Assist hits — upper shom to wall — lower shom — TenshoukyakuxxKikoshou xN (lower shom in between to build meter) — DHC or Reset — Guard break incoming char

Once again, this works on everyone but the big 3, remember some characters must be hit with the 3 hits in the air during upper shom instead of 2 to be taken to the wall. I use sj.short, sj.strong, stomp.

Lower Mixup

c.lk + capcom, s.mp (SJC) upper shom
c.lk + capcom, s.mp (SJC) AD (pause) lk (pause) RH lower shom

c.lk + psy, c.mk , s.lp, s.RH upper shom
c.lk + psy c.mk , dash in, lower shom

c.lk + cyke, c.mk , (pause) SJ, upper shom


Try calling your ground zone assist (Sent drones, Storm typhoon) when or before you c.RH. If c.RH connects, SJC and homing AD toward your opponent. Good opportunity for mixups, crosses, and mind games. For example with storm, no roll = launch or super, yes roll = pin down on wakeup with you on top of them.

Wall Reset

Many people dont seem to know this, but a wall throw with Chun can reset many combos into the lower shom. This can be done on anyone but the Big 3, with some degree of difficulty on certain hitboxes such as cable. (on characters you find it difficult to lower shom on the wall, you can always do one rep to Hazan) Methods are as follows:

  1. wall throw, s.lp, s.mp while opponent is falling (works on 80% of the cast) lower shom

some opponents push you back to far to get the s.mp in after the throw, here you have options;

2a) wall throw, s.lp, walk up wall throw (faster than you think)

2b) wall throw, c.lk (juggle not rollable) s.mk (SJC) lower shom

some opponents push you back to far to get even a s.jab in…for many of these you can:

  1. c.lk (juggle not rollable) + psy, dash up, lower shom

Some opponents push you back to far and fall to fast for a juggle. sent is a good example. Are these characters safe from high damaging wall resets? Hell no. Call the drones before you throw and immediately start TenshoukyakuxxKikoshou after the last drone hits.

So what does that leave open for discussion? Teching throws. j.lp + psylocke and tech hit guard break the fool that tried to escape a chun li wall reset.

As mentioned before, lower shom on wall leads to;

TenshoukyakuxxKikoshou xN, (lower shom to build meter) DHC or Reset, GB incoming char.

Midscreen Reset

There are many options here, just be creative. Lower and upper shom can both be reset all over the place, use assists like drones, rocks, and typhoons to your advantage. My personal new favorite reset as previously mentioned in the vid thread:

Ground inf, or Shom dash under cross into:

Launch + Drones SJC AD under opponent

 at this point you will either see them blocking (drones onscreen), not blocking, or mashing jab or short

Blocking: Throw into drones (land) Kikoshou
Not Blocking: Neutral RH into drones (land) Kikoshou or Hazan
Mashing: Neutral RH into drones (land) Kikoshou

If the opponent has alot of life left and is not a member of big 3 you can go to upper shom instead of super out of this reset. If the opponent techs the throw you can tech hit guard break with j.short (land) Hazan.

Ground Infinite

No Go:

Spidey, Venom, Strider, Roll, Chun, Kobun, Rockman, Wolvie, B-Wolvie, Son-Son, Marrow, Jin

-N.jump/SJC AD, lk, FP, (pause) neutral RH (works better on short ppl):

Bulleta, Ryu, Hayato, Morrigan, Sakura, Ken, Dan

-N.jump/SJC AD, lk, FP, (forward) RH:

Everyone else =)

Ground infinite hits Sent and Juggernaut while they are crouching. If ground inf connects a few good options are as follows. Keep in mind this does alot of damage untill around 20 hits, so don’t stop the infinite too soon.

-Ground infinite — reset midscreen ---- super

-Ground infinite — reset wall throw ---- supers

-Ground infinite — call drones ---- QCF + KKxxHSF

QCF + KK invincibility

Activating this super will net you several frames of invincibility as you are moving forward rapidly. This can be used to bypass alot of stuff. You can go through Shockwave, Drones, and ground typhoons to name a few. Get familiar with recognizing a good situation and you will find yourself punishing typhoonxxhail, and sent chip attempts.

Hazan Tenshoukyakuxx…

When sent is trying to chip you with HSF, keep in mind you can not only go through the super with QCF+KK, but also DHC before the first wave hits with Hazan to make the DHC character safe while punishing sent. HazanxxHail works just like tempestxxhail in this regard. HazanxxProton Cannon comes to mind.

…xxKikoshou invincibility

Dont forget you can DHC to chun with this super to completly negate chip from many sources. Storm trying to HS your capcom when its just capcom/chun left? Negate the chip and get chun out there with a quick Captain Sword xx Kikoshou. Many other ways to use this to your advantage if you use your noggin’.

Guard Breaks

-j.jab + psy ,launch, upper shom to wall, lower shom, kikoshou xN

-s.jump/n.jump AD, lk, (pause) (Guard Breaks) RH, (land) s.jab, s.RH, upper shom to wall, lower shom, kikoshu xN

I hope this is enough to get many started on Chun. If you have any questions feel free to PM me about specifics, or if you want the actual list of what works on every char in the game. I tried to make it where no one would need to wade through it, but some ppl like to have stuff like that on hand. Other than that, there is still much more to be discovered with chun, Shin Chan and I are working on ways to upper shom the Big 3, which could change her game plan significantly against these characters. There are an untold number of wonderful midscreen resets to discover, even though the wall throw one is pretty much broken as hell if you get the tech hit guard break down. People need to play with chun more! She has one touch death! She is good! More in depth look at vs. Top tier coming soon!

can you explain the timing of the infinite vs character sizes? the air to ground infinite to be exact.

dope thread by the way.

Thank you sir!

My notes are as follows:

No Upper Shom:

Sent, Juggernaut, Hulk

3-hit upper shom (I use short, strong, stomp) :

Doom, Blackheart, Jin, Shuma

2-hit upper shom:

Everyone else

Only other thing is that I found it is easier to relaunch some hitboxes (for me) with s.lp, s.mp, s.RH instead of just s.lp. I found this to work well on omega red and in some situations cable.

I pretty much use the same timing for all char, only thing that changes is the delay on the sj.RH. There is a sweet spot on the hitbox for this normal that you will get a feel for, instead of changing the timing for ppl such as doom and blackheart where it is hard to get to this spot, I just add in the strong punch before air stomp to put them higher above you.

You need to try out that c.lk + capcom, s.mp (SJC) lk, stomp, AD, RH, starter…that shit is too dope looking.

just thought i would add

When meeting air to air, sj.lk (sj.mp) stomp, (short pause)AD lk, (short pause) RH (land) s.lp

Also getting directly under opponent and doing j.(neutral) RH + psy , land, s.lp is good.

Sooo…2 things.

Lower shom works 100% on sent midscreen all the way to wall. Try to shom him higher than normal and do the lk to cancel the AD a little sooner than usual. This means shortly, air to air hit confirm on sent or psy on flying sent = death or at least 60-70% before reset. Just need to mess around abit. I will test on Juggs and Hulk today.

Maybe im just slow to notice…but chuns j.short hits almost anyone crouching. I mean mags, psy, storm, anyone. This really opens up her game, cause now we can:

j.short + (capcom, psy, cammy, cyke, whatever) stomp, AD lk, (pause) RH, s.jab, s.RH into upper shom midscreen.

2 piece IOH that is pretty damn safe on block. Pretty hard, but worth the effort imo. :wink:

More stuff later…lots of resets, and talk of a corner unblock on sent (AD to apex of wall pinned sent), as well as a unblock for other chars (hitbox cross up on forward.FP anyone :o). lmao. not even kidding.



*Call drones, launch, HCB + RH
*Call drones, s.jab, launch, HCB + RH

Cancels the delay on launcher, pins opponent between you and drones, or on contact sets up a mixup game.

Delay the cancel on RH to cause the HCB + K to cross up (and still hit high xD) while the drones keep you safe + give you a hi/lo/throw relayer…stupid. This method works perfect on c.storm…mess with the distance abit to get some other chars…im on this believe it. SERIOUSLY TRY THIS ON ALL BLOCK C.STORM. You will get an idea of where chun + drones is headed.

*Launch + Storm (SJC) lk, mk, (forward) RH, land jab

Jab can be canceled into Hazan, or you can dash under and mix it up.


*s.lp + psy, s.mp (down + back) RH (land) throw

Good simple reset into wall throw…can be done out of ground infinite, or the upper and lower shoms if you still have your assist call.

*s.lp + drones, reverse throw, (pause) wall throw

Good reset out of ground inf, does significant damage, and leads to the shom.

   *Risu Signature Chun combo*  (i love doing this shit out of guard break so much I have to TM it) xD

*GB, launch, upper shom 1 rep, land, s.lp, s.mp, (SJC) AD, lk, FP (pause) neutral RH (one hit) {OTG}, c.jab

Sooooo much damage, sets up for a dash under cross up or a really quick throw (back into more nastiness) reminds me of 3x fierce c.jab…so much damage into good reset. If you end c.lp s.mp you break FS back into lower shom.

Remember if you end with c.lp, throw and they tech the throw to guard break with j.lp + psy, or solo GB.

More stuff later…working on sent corner unblockable…so far the most ive gotten from (forward) FP is that in corner as a meaty (timed correctly) it goes directly into lower shom and has zero recovery time. Excellent meaty.

So…messing around with ai on all block. You can do

j.short, stomp, ad lk, mk, (forward) RH on standing mags, cable, and several others characters. Crouch blocking at any point in this sequence will leave you open to launch.

So…5 piece overhead into infinite midscreen anyone? :amazed:

You can call drones, do this, and relayer off the bat…pushes opponent to the wall too damn fast which is just where you want them…this is getting more and more interesting people.

dude this is pretty sick stuff. Your chun has got to be pretty good, even if you can only do 1/4 of these things in a real match.

Any chance we could get Magnetro in on this to make a tutorial vid showcasing all of this stuff?

It really looks like you took Shin’s stuff to the next level, the applicability level, and I have to admit, if anything, now I know you can do all of this stuff for sure (rather than just theoretically speaking). There’s no way to come up with these resets otherwise.

See [media=youtube]_p5eMYtSruI&feature=related"[/media] for an example of a great tutorial that showcases everything.

I’m sure Magnetro would be down do to this.

Haha…All this stuff is very doable in real match.

Ive been playing with chun vs. some really good GA people and getting results better than I had expected, this has driven me to play her more.

I have been talking to Shin alot, and we have been collaborating alot. He still has alot more tricks up his sleeve than I do im pretty sure, and i never even wouldve started on this if it wasnt for him, so yeah I dunno about taking it to the next level. Not alone at least for sure. Shin is the Chun-Li master.

If anything, ill get a combovideo on youtube soon, and showcase the blockstrings and that risu combo…those are really the most impressive things to me about her right now…

I have to thank you as well Jaded, a big part of my execution level up came from trying to prove her stuff was match doable…training mode on wall I can lower shom to dizzy like 6/10 times. Upper shom I get 3 or 4 reps almost every time. That is enough to take them to the wall the way i see it. Anyway… I appreciate the kind words.

One thing I do need Magnetro’s help on is the sent unblock…

We need to test this on a programmable pad to take some of the randomness out of it. It catches sents turn around frame if preformed perfectly, and if you don’t catch the turn around frame, I get random blocks holding either direction. You can get into this many other ways…but for now I will just list this one, it is rollable obviously xD.

sent pinned on wall

c.RH (SJC) air dash when you get to the point right above where sents head would be on wake up. As sent wakes up, preform a heavy attack (to break super armor on first hit) I get really ambiguous glitchy shit when doing neutral RH or forward RH…

Sent holding back on wake up
1.) Sent gets hit, no block from holding back
2.) Sent turns around 2 or 3 times and blocks facing opposite of chun
3.) Sent turns around and blocks other way even though no direction change for block applied :\

Sent holding forward on wake up
1.)" “
2.)” “
3.)” "

the kicker is…If you call the drones with the c.RH…I cannot imagine any person blocking this xD. You can recreate this situation with no roll chance by doing a forced roll combo on sent close to the wall.

If you have the time to test this at any point, maybe we can find a way to 100% either an unblockable or a really ambiguous cross up…Many ways to put sent in this situation out of her infinites…so maybe Ground Inf = sent death if we work this out. We need to get on this temporarily people.

You should talk to mixup. I gave him a capture card for this very reason. All you guys making long posts about MvC2 stuff with lowtiers need someone (not me) to capture it on video. Talk to mixup or shoult who visits mixup a lot, they can record stuff now.

FYI the capture card I gave mixup was 10 bucks. It’s on newegg: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16815100120&Tpk=capture%2Bcard

Thank you very much for noticing this post…I have been talking to mixup actually, maybe I will go down to Florida soon.

After speaking with mixup, and some more testing, I have concluded this attack is not at all “unblockable”, just a very ambiguous cross up. Depending on the timing of attack, + the normal you use, + the timing of AD, this attack will hit on front or behind, even though with proper timing you will always appear behind sent.

Doesnt seem to be any way other than proper timing to make it always hit one way or the other…still testing.

Thank you again for posting Magnetro.

Just as a note, I noticed certain frames in qcf+kk may in fact be invincible just after it starts, momentarily, as you posted, but there DOES appear to be a startup time prior to that where Chun is NOT invincible. When you speak of going through HSF, I think you are able to pass through when the drones are not hitting chun during this startup period.

I did s. jab, s. strong xx qcf+kk to try to finish off a point blank Sent with no life left, but he actually c. fierce’d me before the super came out and I lost lol. I was pretty amazed, but I did see the frames where you can see Chun is about to start her kicks… it’s conceivable there’s a startup (you can plainly see it).

In retrospect, I should have qcf+pp, but I thought (and he might have had enough life to) push block out of it and kill me.

s. jab, s. strong qcf+p cancel qcf+kk would probably have worked a little better

indeed, when he is raising her leg, before the flash of the super, she has no invincibility, but after that she do have. an example, if u r 1/2 or closer and sentinel do HSF, u can do c.hp no the first drones then xx hcf+kk. the super flash make the super goes invincible throu the second row and then hit sentniel =).

if u were sure he was blocking, u could do s.hk, 100 kicks xx 1000 kicks super.

I have a few questions: Is there any guaranteed way to combo into the QCF + KK super other than of a cr. RK OTG? Because since this is tech rollable, it is punishable since this super lasts awhile.

Also, my team consists of Chun, BlackHeart, and BB Hood. Generally I start of with Chun and use her on point. Sometimes I start out with BH and use him to build meter. Of course Chun’s AAA assist is used to relieve pressure after landing.

My assist types: Chun: B
Blackheart: A
B.B. Hood: B

Generally, I try to rush down with Chun, using BH’s ground assist and BB Hood 's projectiles to zone because Chun is lacking in the long range department. If I have meter, and BH’s ground assist hits, I combo into the qcf+KK super (not sure if its rollable). The aerial rave is my bread and butter, which can reach 10+ hits if you master the triple jump air combo with her, and I use j.Short > j.Forward / d.c.Jab > c.Short > c.Strong > c.Fierce as a ground BnB combo.

My problem is how to get more mileage out of this team, and also I need tips on how to super jump cancel in to her air dash for a brutal mix-up game.


Does IOH mean Instant Over Head? Also, please repost the Shoms here to keep everything together.

Yeah, I think that’s what IOH means.

Aren’t the shoms already included in the original post?

Upper Shom;

s.RH, (sjc) lk, {mp}, down + roundhouse, AD/F lk, RH(second hit only) land, s.lp, repeat

use the mp to control height

Lower Shom;

s.lp, s.mp, (sjc) AD/F lk, RH (second hit only) land, repeat

this one you want them about the same height as sjc cancels with Iron Guy, you can set it up from a wall throw, upper shom, or guard break.

there is tons of talk of the timing for these combos in Shins Video Thread, this thread is/was more for what works on which sprites/hitboxes.

You can combo into DP+KK out of launch, and you can shom to DP+KxxQCF+KK, though it doesnt hit clean. Most of the time i would suggest DP+KxxQCF+PP.

Her mixup game doesnt need sj. It helps in some situations, but for starters, like beginning chun use:

n.jump AD/F…RH (long range overhead)

n.jump AD/FxxFP (medium range overhead)

n.jump lk + assist, down + RH (close range overhead)

c.lk + assist (low)

c.RH + assist (mid range low) can be xx to HCB + K on block or whiff

wall throw into launch

mid screen throw into assist


Have any tips for the team chemistry?