Unique Ways to store Arcade sticks

Lately, I’ve been having some trouble finding a way to display or store my arcade sticks, i have 2 of them, a hrap 3 sa, with custom art. & a full sanwa hori fight stick 3.

This is when i really regret not buying a TE, cause i’m having a hard time organizing the super long cable. I was wondering if someone knew of something that i could put in a bedroom, to store my arcade sticks. if anyone has any ideas on other ways to display them. Maybe you have a cool display of arcade sticks in your room. Maybe you can even post pictures? If anyone could do that I would really appreciate it.

Please & Thank You

As for cables, just get some velcro wire ties.




That is some sick shit mang.

Now that’s what I call furniture!!! :slight_smile: Awesome display!

One time, I accidentally a whole arcade stick.

“Hmm, which stick should I use today … so many choices!”

That’s awesome AntieAnt!

Somebody really should start selling stick cases. A briefcase with some foam padding would work fine. Something similar to this would be great:

Like d3v said you can get a velcro wire tie. they sell them in all office supply stores and at radio shack ect.

I keep my 2 arcade sticks on top of this big ass cardboard box that my hrap ex-se came in lol and a blanket over them to keep the dust off :lol:

My HRAP.3 is on my desk ready for use. The TE is kept in the box, since it’s such a nice looking box.

I was thinking about getting this shelf at Ikea:

It’s cheap, minimal, and I can put my arcade sticks and games on it.

I keep all of my sticks, pads, dance mats, a Logitech wheel, and games organized in a large external storage closet. It helps keep them from collecting dust but it doesn’t have transparent glass doors that would allow them to be put on display.

While it isn’t as nice as the cabinet AntieAnt posted, I found an old record player cabinet with glass doors in a thrift store for $20. I’ll take a pic once i get home. It has my racing wheel on the bottom, 2 PS2 fight pads (chun and ken), 2 Agetecs, 2 Namcos, and 2 SEs in it and an Ascii SNK on top of it. I figured it was time to stop collecting sticks since I can’t store anymore in the cabinet.

The velcro straps are a must, thanks for reminding me to go buy some more.


I have one, I think it would be rather cost prohibitive though. Mine cost around 110 bucks.

i can find some cheap briefcase at local flea markets, but I can also find aluminum briefcases like that for a relatively low price, but they aren’t anywhere the size of a stick, the can hold like 2 small sticks because they are pretty tall.

The foam definitely won’t come to fit your stick specifically. I might check out art stores or hardware stores for some raw materials when I get a stick in the future.

Here’s something I used once.



that’s exactly what I was describing. The space in the container isn’t fully used up, is it?

I have this, has enough room for all my accessories too, like detachable cables or alternate gates and balltops…

You can always just use a regular bookshelf. They look pretty nice when you have a couple of sticks. The only problem is that it intice you to buy more sticks to fill in the the shelves…

Here are some pics of my bookshelves:

Excuse the mess, im still re-arranging my man cave a bit.