Underrated/Not Well Known PC Games

Let’s share some old school PC games.
Because we all know that back in the day is when PC games had the most depth. And I want something to play on my days off. Stuff like Fallout 2, X-Com and Deus Ex 1.

I’ll start from the company that brought us X-Com, Civilization, Mechwarrior and Master of Orion, the greatest company of all PC-Gaming, MICROPROSE. I present you…

Master of Magic

One of my favourite PC games of all time. Top 3 most likely.
Imagine Civilization + Lot’s of magic. Some might imagine Heroes of Might and Magic, but this game actually predated it.
A classic 4X game that has undeniable depth and replay value, which is why I still play it to this day. You pick a wizard, pick out his books from different schools of magic as well as other “bonuses”, and a race. You build up cities, collect heroes, learn powerful magic spells, and try to rule the world. And funny thing is, there are 2 worlds, an overland and underworld type. You can travel through both using green towers found on the map. You can also create items and equip them on your heroes, to toughen them up even more.
Battles are done on an isometric view like this http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/d/d1/MoM_Node_Battle.gif
Overworld play looks like this http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/4/46/MoM_Worlds_Overland.gif (both the underworld and overworld is shown in this picture)
You have to press next turn after you do everything to watch it proceed and some spells take several turns before they are cast, but instant if in battle.

There is much more if you check here…
Master of Magic FAQ

Magic/Heroes/Troops/Creatures are shown here
The translated Russian Site of Master of Magic

If you do want to play it, it’s really easy to find online and just download. The game is 10MB and has to be run from a DOS emulator, like Dosbox.

If you played it, you know how amazing it is. If you haven’t, I do recommend it. As it does focus more on comabt/magic casting then it does on building up cities like Civilization. Although that is also important.

The 7th Guest.

snood Games :: WOM Games

marathon The Trilogy Release

Quest Of Yipe 3 Yipe! Software – Yipe! III for Windows

Commander Keen I-IV

Winged Warrior III

Secret Agent


Vampire the Maquerade: Bloodines.


I didn’t play this little gem till well after it’s release. Besides the great controls I really dug the dank look of the world and fear it instilled in me. Hearing the creatures lurking behind a wall and then BAM! They coming charging out in a swarm from every direction. I miss that feeling of dread.


Best stealth series ever

Heavy Metal: F.A.K.K.²

Ninja Rabbits

Rodger Ramrod (actually i’m pretty sure i’m the only person on SRK that has ever played that one. it’s an FPS, but instead of a gun you’re holding your dick. you bust nuts on enemies. if you shoot too fast or too much you start going flaccid and you have to find porn magazines to “reload.” also you can pee and fart. i’m not making this up.)

Europa 1400

A decent economic simulation game.

Shadow Warrior. Duke Nukem 3D with an Asian Stereotype. Great game!

forgot about killing time Killing Time download - PC Game

Oh man, good selection.
There is something special about playing a game with shitty pixelated graphics that makes it so wonderful.
I think it’s the same feeling as watching a horror movie from the 70s and finding it creepier than one from the 2000’s.

Abuse seems so awesome.

I’d like to throw in Alien Shooter 2: Reloaded.
It’s only a few years old… But it looks like its from the turn of the millenium, and for that, it is awesome. It is also on Steam.


Axis Arena was a pretty fun game during my downtime of playing Quake 3 back in the day.


ya this was dope. did you ever play the 11th hour?

im outi



Wizardry 8 + the Flamestrike mod.

Best goddamned tactical party FP-RPG ever made.

is it weird that I felt HORRIBLE for stealing all that shit in the game? Weird :frowning:

anywho, Syndicate

that game is fucking INCREDIBLE in so many levels. Why hasn’t Peter Molyneux made a new one?

also, when I read this title I immediately thought of X-Com lol.

If this thread were made this time last year maybe but it picked up a lot of steam towards the end of 2010. :wink:



Abuse reminded me of Crusader: No Remorse/No Regret


Also a great classic.

^Oh that’s pretty cool but what is with the lack of scrolling? It’s like an isometric megaman.

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